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    Real Life Real Faith welcomes Rev. Najiyyah Brooks

    in Self Help

    Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies...Rev. Najiyyah Brooks was saved at the early age of nine and ordained a Minister of the Gospel in 2005 after completing her Baptist Education in Southern California. She has served as a faithful First Lady & Co-Pastor and has led several evangelistic crusades and Christian events.  Rev. Najiyyah is a true servant-leader committed to the cause of Christ inside and outside of the church walls.

    She is the founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Christian Ministries in New Jersey (formerly Najiyyah Brooks Ministries), a para-church organization serving the Body of Christ which focuses on Women's Ministry, Prayer, Fellowship, Teaching, Discipleship and Evangelism also headquartered in New Jersey. Rev. Najiyyah travels nationally to deliver God's Word by way of Conferences, Revivals, Preaching, and Teaching engagements.

    The Lord has blessed Rev. Najiyyah with a special grace and talent for Marketplace Ministry. She is a gifted Leader, Public Speaker, Television/Radio Host, and Writer. Rev. Najiyyah is CEO of Brooks Media Group, The DIVA Zone Enterprises, Founding Publisher of DIVA Zone Magazine, and author of three books. Rev. Najiyyah is a native of Newark, New Jersey, currently residing in both Northern New Jersey and Central Virginia. 

    Follow Me on FB - https://www.facebook.com/najiyyah.brooks


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    Ebony and Ivy with Dr. Craig Steven Wilder

    in History


    Join author Craig Steven Wilder for a discussion of his research and book - Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's University. Craig Steven Wilder is a professor of American history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has taught at Wiliams College and Dartmouth College.

    Many of America's revered colleges and universities - from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton to Rutgers, Williams College, and UNC - were soaked in the sweat and the tears, and sometimes the blood of people of color. The earliest academies proclaimed their mission to Christianize the savages of North America, and played a key role in white conquest. Later, the slave economy and higher education grew up together, each nurturing the other. Slavery funded colleges, built campuses, and paid the wages of professors. Enslaved Americans waited on faculty and students; academic leaders aggressively courted the support of slave owners and slave traders. Significantly, as Wilder shows, our leading universities, dependent on human bondage, became breeding grounds for the racist ideas that sustained them.

    Ebony and Ivy is a powerful and propulsive study and the first of its kind, revealing a history of oppression behind the institutions usually considered the cradle of liberal politics.

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    Keeping It Real with Cindy and Special Guest Steven Raebel

    in Spirituality

    Keeping It Real with Cindy is thrilled to have Steven Raebel as a guest on the show April 5th @ 8PM ET, &PM CT, 6PM MT, 5PM PT.

    Steven is the first one to get me on the radio years ago and so who better to have on one of my first shows?
    Steven has a long history of radio and the paranormal but moved forward in his passion of caring for people during end life. His insight on this subject is inspiring so if you are or will be a caregiver in the future you won't want to miss this show. Steven's energy is contagious and he has so much information to offer on a multitude of subjects so who knows where this show might go! As always please feel free to call in to speak with us on-air. The call-in # is (516) 418-5420.

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    Sara Robinson and Michael Brooks

    in Politics Progressive

    A social futurist, gun owner, and progressive, Sara Robinson writes about  finding common ground with conservatives and how people change their minds about deeply held beliefs and perspectives on guns, climate and what it means to be an American.  She serves on the national board of NARAL, and  writes the Future Imperfect blog. Follow @SaraRobinson  

    Michael Brooks is a contributing host for the four time award winning independent political talk show The Majority Report. He appears regularly as a political and cultural analyst on outlets including Huffpost Live, SirusXM, AlJazeera English, CCTV and France 24. His latest venture is  Two Dope Boys & a Podcast.

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    Today’s Mystery Record Joan Brooks Someday Somewhere , If You Were the Only Bo

    in Podcasting

    Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records   S3productions


    Today’s Mystery Record


    Joan Brooks Someday Somewhere   , If You Were the Only Boy in the World



    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions2 or Forgotten Music on 78 records or curthahn74@yahoo.com



    Musicraft 15019 (5206) JOAN BROOKS with Jerry Bittick & the CBS Orchestra

    A: Someday Somewhere “Billboard “September 28 1944 page 19

    Composers Segal-Miles-Brooks


    Page 101 New York City Jazz

    By Elizabeth Dodd Brinkofski


    B: Musicraft 15020 (5208) If You Were the Only Boy in the World

    Composers Grey - Ayers

    Joan Brooks and Her Radio Orchestra


    Musicraft Records was a United States-based record label active in the late 1930s and 1940s.

    Musicraft's catalog encompassed many different musical styles, including classical, folk, jazz, Latin, popular vocal, and calypso. 

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    Special Guest: Spiritualist Medium Steven Scott

    in Spirituality

    Join Rose and Laura as they talk with Medium Steven Scott from Scotland!  

    Steven WK Scott is a Spiritual Medium, Author, and a member of the Spiritualists National Union.

    Learn more about Steven Scott:  www.stevenwkscott.com

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    The 5 Personality Patterns with Dr. Steven Kessler

    in Spirituality

    “Your experience of life is determined mostly by your habits of attention and the patterned flow of your life energy.” – Steven Kessler

    Dr Kessler's new book can be your guide to understanding yourself and others and developing emotional maturity. For all of us, unconscious survival patterns learned in childhood run our lives. Here's how to break their grip and take back control of your life.

    1. Learn about the five basic survival patterns.

    Learn to recognize the patterns in others.

    2. Figure out which ones you automatically go into when you're distressed.

    When under pressure, you probably first go into one particular pattern. Then, if that isn't handling the situation, you switch to your secondary, or backup, pattern.

    3. Learn how to tell when you've gone into pattern.

    Learn what each of your patterns looks like and feels like from the inside, so you can tell when you've gone into it.

    4. Take steps to come out of pattern and back to being present.

    Practice doing what is needed to bring yourself out of each pattern. Practice even when you're not in pattern so that you can still do it when distressed.

    5. Heal the core wounds that are triggering your patterns.

    Your patterns are fueled and triggered by deep old wounds. To remove that fuel, get help healing your core wounds.

    This will give you back voluntary control over your thinking, feeling, and actions.

    The 5 Personality Patterns: Your Guide to Understanding Yourself and Others and Developing Emotional Maturity

    $23.95, available at Amazon.com and www.the5personalitypatterns.com ### 

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    The Pit-Stop with Tim Disspain and Steven Wilson

    in Sports

    The Pit Stop hosted by Tim Disspain and Steven Wilson live from Talladega, AL every Tuesday night at 7/Eastern 6/Central covering the NSCS,NXS,NCWTS,ARCA,NK&N Series and local dirt track racing from Talladega Short Track.We also give you the latest penalties and fines for crew members and teams issued by Nascar. We are the only live Nascar talk show in the state of Alabama our guest range from drivers,spotters, team owners to track presidents and Nascar officals.Tune in and call (215) 383-3681.

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    Milling About with New York Pops Conductor Steven Reineke

    in Entertainment

    New York Pops Music Director and Conductor Steven Reineke joins host Robin Milling to talk about the upcoming Carnegie Hall concert celebrating the music of 50 Academy Award nominee John Williams from Spielberg to Star Wars. John tells Robin he culled through much of Williams' extensive soundtrack catalogue but narrowed it down to collaborations with filmmaker Steven Spielberg to honor his 70th birthday.

    Steven says the music of John Williams is so powerful and visceral that if you close your eyes it just takes you back to the movies such as his most recent score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “Even the earliest memories from Jaws in 1975, I remember sitting in a movie theater being very young with my family watching Jaws for the first time and it was fantastic. Every time I conduct or hear that opening theme, 'Baadum, Baadum,' I am transported right back.”

    Four of Williams' Academy Award winning film scores will be played by The New York Pops orchestra on April 8 at Carnegie Hall including Jaws, ET: The Extraterrestrial, Star Wars, Schindler's List and much more.

    For more information visit  The New York Pops www.newyorkpops.org.

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    The VOICE Finalist - Michelle Brooks-Thompson and Dr. Richardson

    in Motivation

    Listen in to the discussion between The VOICE Finalist - Michelle Brooks-Thompson and Dr. Richardson . . . get to know the person behind Adam Levine's choice!

    Find out who was a strong influence in helping craft her gift. When did she began singing? What is next for The Rhythm of Gospel Awards  Show Nominee?

    All this and more on Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 8 PM

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    Interview with Author Steven DeSalvo

    in Social Networking

    What's Up #Diamonds!

    Here we are together again for a new episode of the show, I hope you enjoy what you hear on all the shows. I know there are times when you can't listen live so I appreciate those times when you listening to my podcast during your lunch, workout or just relaxing. It is your support that keeps the show going. If you are reading this from Blog Talk radio please click on the "follow" button on the left to receive a friendly notification every time a new show is posted I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your #support.

    Monday's show my guest with be Author Steven DeSalvo who I met on The BingBing network we will be talking about his book  "Evolve" and it's all about relationships. Not just husband & wife or girlfriend and boyfriend this book focuses on relationship amongst siblings, parents you know stuff like that. On Monday I will be asking him about these types of relationships, questions like how do you begin the healing process when you can't get pass the hurt. Tune in and feel free to ask him some questions about hurdles you might be dealing with in a relationship, my phone lines are always open.

    Have you checked out the #Diamondtees? In case you haven't seen them look at the photo slide show above and voila! There you'll see it, or go to the shows website and check it out. Proceeds from the sales will go towards prizes for the show and administrative cost to help the show continue to offer Free advertisement to small, micro businesses, entrepreneurs, talents, music filmmakers and the list goes on. Don't need another teeshirt you say? Then please stop by the website and click one of the donations buttons donations can be as low as $3.00 every little bit helps. Well that's it for now see you in the network. =D