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    The Perry Steele Show

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    This morning I had a augment with radio talk show host Jesse Peterson out of L.A. about the Trayvon Martin shooting.For years I considered Jesse Peterson a friend,but this augment cracked the foundation of our friendship.My son Perry Steele Jr was gunned down two years ago and I am still suffering from the lost.I know how Trayvon parents feel.The person who shot my son is in jail.Trayvon's murderer walked away with the police blessing.Jesse has two sons and I asked him if it had been one of his sons wouldn't he at least want a trial.So that a judge and jury can bring justice to their death.Tonight I am going to read to you the Sanford Police Neighborhood Watch Handbook.Jesse said the neighborhood watch in Florida is different.He lied,neighborhood watch programs are the same all over the United States.The police don't want citizens to take the law into their own hands,because the police could get sued for the actions of a so-called representative of the police. Plus Jesse is jealous of Al.Sharpton and Jessie Jackson,because they have a national voice and he does not.All I was asking him was too be fair about the event,and don't crimnalize Trayvon based off his school record verses Zimmerman's police record.How can Jesse call himself a man of God and not realize,the pain the parents of Trayvon must be feeling.Can anybody answer this question ?How many 5.0 plus earthquakes did the earth have this week ?I keep telling you guy's we are going to need  disaster releif training,because the next big one could hit us.

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    Happy Birthday Perry Steele

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    Today is my birthday,and the greatest present anyone can have is God's blessing for the 53 years he's allowed me to live.And I am also thankful for my co-host "Cool Mike" and our many listners and callers.So tonight join us as we celebrate the joys of life.Also,get you a cold one and join in the music and the fun.As always you are welcome on The Perry Steele Show, and it's about you, the listners and callers,not Mike and myself.We want to have a good time tonight and you're all invited to my on the air party.
    BYOB,and let's party like we use too.Tonight we take a break from the politics,and build on our friendship and our BTR network.

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    The Perry Steele Show

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    As of Sept 26,2013 The Night Shift with Perry Steele will be temporarily laid off.Due to a failure in negotiations with Blog Talk Radio which has been ongoing. I will not have another show until further notice.
    I suggest you tune into the Ron Reck Show until I can fix this problem with BTR.I in no means want to leave my callers and guests hanging but I have no control over this matter.Until then,you can still send me e-mails through my BTR mail, and I hope to be back on the air soon.
    Thank you for all of your support,and calls.I really enjoyed our time together.Also the new friends I have made since I started this show.Thank you for your help and support.
    The Night Shift

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    The Return Of The Perry Steele Show

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    Hillary Clinton dismissed the information in the newly released emails which show that the State Department and the NSC were aware that Ansar Al-Sharia was behind the Benghazi consulate attack.
      Clinton sneeringly dismisses it as “Posting something on Facebook is not in and of itself evidence.” That might be true for the average person, but when an Islamist terrorist militia linked to Al Qaeda that plays a major role in Benghazi posts something on Facebook while an attack is taking place and appears to know more about it than the State Department does, that is evidence.
    But Hillary Clinton’s point might still be legitimate if Obama and Rice had asked everyone to refrain from jumping to any conclusions until the full investigation was complete. They did not do that. Instead they decided to go on claiming that the attack was due to a YouTube video.
    This is from www.frontpagemag.com which we'll discuss tonight and other topics plus your calls and chat room.The gun debate is not DOA and states are passing new gun laws,while others say they will defile the Obama gun laws.

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    The Perry Steele Show

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    Tonight we'll just talk about the current news subjects and get your feedback. Last night's show was a good one and I hope you did not miss it.Cool Mike,is doing a great job as cohost of the Perry Steele Show,so look for more great shows like that one.We're looking for a big snow storm in Memphis soon so I hope you guy's are doing fine where you live.

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    Chuck (Smithfix) Smith with Perry Steele!

    in Politics

    Perry Steele is a one of a kind. Black? You bet your (whatever color) ass! Rough and tumble, afro centric libertarianism! Talk show host, Veteran, Realist, and a good friend who has more heart and courage than most in the “Liberty Movement”.

    But why did he stop? Why when even Blog Talk Radio was cutting him checks did he ‘Check Out’ and stop voicing his views?

    Why did my friend, Perry Steele, ‘Go Galt’ and can we get him to saddle up again and, in his own irrepressible way, speak truth to power and teach that we are all in this together.

    It is my honor to welcome Perry to We Resisters Radio. I spent many a challenging but stimulating hour with him and his listeners on ‘The Perry Steele Show’. Now it is with pleasure we welcome him back to the airwaves of the Net and back to the fight on We Resisters Radio.

    If being challenged to do more for Liberty will offend you; go back to ‘Dances With The Stars’, we don’t care for your ‘support’. But if you believe we owe it to our children an grand children to leave them free from Tyranny, buckle up and join us. We Resisters and Perry Steele make a powerful mix!

    Chuck (Smithfix) Smith

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    The Tipping Point with AJ Steele, Wiliams Huckaby and Ace Haven

    in Sports

    Hosted by Rachael Freeman, Larry Goodman and Stephen Platinum, this episode featured interviews with Georgia wrestling's Performer of the Year AJ Steele, NWA Continental Champion William Huckaby who talked about his ongoing single and tag success in multiple states, and how he stopped being such a fatass; and one the most improved wrestlers on the Georgia scene, Ace Haven . Eric Embry returned with another Exotic Movie Review, and we add a new segment called "Lost Promos".

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    Matrix Energetics and Animals with Marla Steele

    in Spirituality

    Marla Steele is a Pet Psychic shifting consciousness in the animal kingdom. She uses a blend of energy healing modalities including Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Flower Essences and Aromatherapy. She does most of her sessions at a distance by phone and will be sharing her insights on energy healing for pets as well as how they mirror their people.

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    Christmas Eve with WWE Hall of Famer, George "The Animal" Steele

    in Wrestling

    Its a Pipebomb Radio Christmas and what a better way to celebrate the holidays than by having on a WWE Hall of Famer... the legendary, George "The Animal" Steele! WWE has been home to some of the wildest and most unpredictable Superstars in sports-entertainment history. However, with his trademark green tongue, hairy torso and penchant for eating turnbuckles, George "The Animal" Steele might be the most unorthodox man to step foot in a WWE ring. However, while he was always seen as a savage during his WWE tenure, Steele is actually a very well-educated man. Prior to breaking into sports-entertainment, Steele received his Masters Degree from Central Michigan University and became a high school teacher and wrestling coach in the Detroit area. It was during his teaching stint that he began moonlighting in sports-entertainment, working in the Detroit-area promotions en route to the global phenomenon that is WWE where he would eventually make his legend known. We will speak to George about all that and so much more when he joins us on the final guest featured show of 2014! 

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    The CAC Show: Ep. 51 - AJ Steele For The Win

    in Entertainment

    October 23rd, 2014 - Call in (347) 884-9479 and join us on The CAC Show when we welcome independent wrestling superstar, AJ Steele! AJ will share his story, discuss the current state of the industry, and much more! We will also talk about the record-shattering second episode of The Walking Dead season 5 on our Walking Dead Zone! Our very own Malevolent Mulysa will have plenty to say about the episode as well as more predictions for the future of the survivors! We can't wait for this broadcast!!

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    Personal Empowerment with Pamela Steele

    in Spirituality

    On July 3, 2014, at 1PM EDT, Jean Maurie and Maggie Lukowski are excited to welcome Pamela Steele on Personal Empowerment for Your Soul.

    Pamela is the creator of “The Steele Wizard Tarot” and she will also be talking about her upcoming deck, “The Wizard’s Pets Tarot”! Pamela's nearly five decades of art experience and over 35 years tarot reading experience has produced a blending of old-school tarot and new-age attitude resulting in a user-friendly extended tarot deck designed for beginning and experienced readers.

    Pamela has worked as an artist, a professional tarot reader and is a registered massage therapist. She is a member of the American Tarot Association, Tarot Professionals, Aeclectic Tarot and Tarot Canada. She began showing art professionally in the mid 1980's and has successfully continued in the art business. She recently released a series of e-books for children featuring the Wizard's Pets which were first created in 1984. Recently she completed a tarot for children using the Wizard's Pets characters which will include a 78-page coloring book, a small borderless deck and an illustrated companion book. This deck is currently at the printers. The art for the deck will become the story board for the Wizard's Pets Tarot Adventure video game. Pamela has two sons, two granddaughters and one grandson. She lives with her friend, partner, and most significant other, Brian and 2 Manx cats...Mouse and Boo! The Steele Wizard Tarot deck provides a unique experience in the art of tarot reading. It is a practical divination tool specially designed for such a purpose. Whether a beginner or an experienced professional, this deck will prove to be a valuable tool for spiritual exploration! www.steelewizard.com http://www.wizardspets.com

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