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    Sojourn to Starvation Episode#1

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    Marv Nelson has decided to go on a Sojourn to Starvation where he will only eat 3/4 a cup of rice a day for 31 days.  This is so he can raise awareness to global hunger, particularly of hunger in Burkina Faso Africa where the average poor person there eats roughly 3/4 a cup of rice a day.  Today we will learn more about this venuture as well as the resoning behind the logo design done for free by David Hardie!  David will share his design idea as well as a bit about his thoughts on the sojourn.

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    Sojourn to Starvation and Aletheia Updates

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    On today's show, Marv will take time to give updates on Sojourn to Starvation as well as the upcoming launch of weekly services for Aletheia, don't miss this exciting episode of Getting Real!

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    Ego Starvation - Why Black Men Fail

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    Ego Starvation - Why Black Men Fail

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    Kayla Viall..Medium and Writer of her new book Between two worlds

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    I will talk with Kayla Viall about her new book and Class A  Evps she has captured as well After leaving Her CT home and arriving in Georgia, She felt refreshed that She would be In a home that wasn't haunted. After getting settled She didn't expect to find that she was being watched, by native Americans or visitations by children who had died from starvation and sickness that swept the island long ago. She knew it wasn't the house, She was going to have visitations for the rest of my life.

    Can you please check out her Like page about her book its new but give her time she will add more in the coming days


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    Govenor Over all the land of Egypt

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    Have you been isolated, cut off and even dispised by your family and loves ones or wrongfully accused and held accountable unjustly? Joeseph was sold into slavery and then imprisoned because of envy and jealousy, but GOD had a plan. Even what was meant for evil God used and turned to good. Sometimes what we go through in life is very challenging, never forget GOD has a plan. Can we love, praise and put all our trust in God during these times? God wants to know.

    For Joespeh to be made govenor over all the land of Egypt God needed to know Joeseph would be faithful and would trust GOD even in the most trying of circumstances. Joeseph did not complain when he was thrown into prision. In fact he even helped those over him in authority and in prision, even when they were in the wrong. God saw he was faithful and raised him up to be a govenor over the land of Egypt. God restored Joesephs family to him and saved the nation from dying of starvation.

    Today and from this day forward let God hear your prasies and thanks especially in the circumstances that are hard to bear and prasie GOD for his preparing you for what HE wants to give you. God is sovergein. What HE has spoken will come to pass.

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    Hebrew Bible Reading and Interpretation

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    If your learning the scriptures and need scriptural guidance than your at the right place.I teach the tanakh it the original version of the bible that the king james version from the original scrolls was interpreted from.Full of factual down to earth information that has not been reinterpreted over and over again.It brings you to a full understanding of what God or Good wants us to do with our lives.To love and lead a clean and holy life filled with rauch hakodesh or holy spirit.Yeshua taught us to live in accordance with Gods word not the devil.Which is currently the ruler of this system of things.We as christian are looking forward to the New Kingdom.A rulership under Gods government alone not mankinds.A New World of love,peace,security and tranquility.A government that provides for its citizens spiritual needs as well as physical needs.A place were death will be no more.A place were you dont grow old and die.Youth forever and ever as promised by our lord yeshua or jesus.No more crime,starvation,murder,rape or mob pillaging.A totally righteous government with righteous citizens.Who have proved themselves worthy of everlasting life.

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    Starvation and Nourishing the Planet

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    Dr. Carolyn Dean, The Medical Director for the Nutritional Magnesium Association and Danielle Nierenberg the Project Director for the World Watch Institute Nourishing the Planet project go Onlinewithandrea to discuss hunger and starvation around the world.  Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    The Holodomor - Strategy Session

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    The death toll of Eastern Europeans in the Holodomor was over 10 million.


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    World Population Problems

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    Roughly 4 million people are born on the street and die on the street in India every day.18 million people starve to death every year in world.

    There is a net gain of 9000 new borns per hour over the number of deaths.

    Bangladesh, a country the size of Iowa, has a population of 167 million which is more people than live in Russia. The Islamic leaders in that country do not allow birth control.

    10 million children die every year from starvation or starvation related diseases.

    The world population grows by 77 million people annually.

    The United States is the third fastest growing country in the world because of immigration.

    America will add 100 million people by 2035 because of immigration.

    Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California don't possess enough water for their residents. The largest user of water is agriculture which uses 70% of the water.

    The depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer. The Ogallala Aquifer is a shallow water table aquifer located beneath the Great Plains in the United States. One of the world's largest aquifers, it underlies an area of approximately 174,000 mi² (450,000 km²) in portions of eight states: (South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas). Depletion is accelerating, with 2% lost between 2001 and 2009 alone. Certain aquifer zones are now empty; these areas will take over 6,000 years to replenish naturally through rainfall. The Ogallala used to have an average depth of 240 feet; however, today its average depth is just 80 feet. There is Texas town called Happy which has lost all of its water because of the depletion Ogallala Aquifer so their farmers can no longer farm the land there. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says that in 60 years the plains will be uneconomical to farm. We have built cities towns and farms around something that is unsustainable. About 71 percent of our water is used to irrigate our food

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    Walter B. Biondi - The Promiscuous Puppetee

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    I had a hidden secret history that I am now revealing for the first time. How does one go from being hunted to becoming one of the hunters, from a wretched homeless street kid, and a jail cell to unimaginable success, becoming one of the heads of two Federal law enforcement agencies in Washington, D.C., and then on to becoming a successful author?

    My name is Walter B. Biondi (Walt Biondi, pronounced Bee-on-dee) I'm the author of best seller Jeremiah's Tale and my newest suspense novel, The Promiscuous Puppeteer (released by Tate Publishing 8/12/2014), along with it's compelling human interest section about the author. 

    As was written in the "About The Author" section of The Promiscuous Puppeteer, ". . .  this is the incredible, and previously unknown, story about a one time destitute, homeless, street kid, and petty thief, one who became a self made financial and career success. . . " I was in and out of jails, facing starvation, illness, violent beatings, robbery, and hypothermia. I had become a total failure who was on the brink of human existence. I had nothing, and no more left, to loose except life itself. 

    This link is to a video trailer for my new book. If desired, for advertising an upcoming interview of me, it can be played on air for it's audio voice over, or placed on a website for both audio-visual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmg5x9HIDls 

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