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    Interview: Shane Stapley - GPS Governing Board Candidate

    in Education

    This is an interview with Shane Stapley. He is a Conservative candidate running for a seat on the Gilbert Unified School District Governing Board. We will examine his principles and reasons why he is running for the school board.

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    GLOW WITH THE FLOW: Angels To The Rescue Part 2 with BTR Host Matthew Stapley

    in Spirituality

    Just in time for the Holidays, Glow With The Flow continues its two-part series in celebration of one of host Sheryl Lynn's favorite topics: Angels! Take note of the special time: Sunday, November 30, at 8 pm Eastern Time, to accommodate holiday travellers. Psychic Medium Matthew Stapley, host of Blog Talk Radio's popular show, Cosmic Consciousness, will call in from Ottawa, Canada, to discuss how angels can take human form to bring us messages, offer assistance, or teach us necessary life lessons. Matthew will also offer brief readings during the second part of the show; call 646-649-1981 to get in queue. Matthew's website is www.divinity-now.com; he's been offering readings since the age of 12 and is known for his empowering, loving interpretations of the energies he experiences when reading for people. You won't want to miss an hour with Matthew, so mark your calendar to be with us LIVE! And join the gang typing away in chat by registering before the show. We'll be looking for YOU!

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    Athena 96 Jewellry

    in Spirituality

    We are pleased to present two of our sister starseeds from Canada, Klaudija Troskot and Vania Pavlinovich of Athena 96 Goddesses Jewellry.  We had the pleasure of finally meeting them in person on our first Crystal Quest to Arkansas.   When Klaudija and Vania met in 2011, they had an instant Starseed Kinship. Together this duo started creating harmonically infused, energetically charged jewellery with style.  What is different about this business partnership, are the sum of their experiences and gifts. Klaudija is an accomplished Master of several healing modalities, a multi-dimensional communicator, intuitive artist, gifted numerologist and now, metaphysical jewellery designer. Vania is a Galactic Channeler and Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Master and Certified Quantum Vortex Healer, intuitive artist and now, metaphysical jewellery designer. Both Klaudija and Vania reside in Canada and in 2013 each of them have been featured separately as guests on the very popular, highest rating local Canadian show - Psychic Insights with Matthew Stapley. Their mission is to let the world know about Starseeds and to help awaken and empower Starseeds everywhere. Having recently launched their official website http://www.athena96goddesses.com in Spring 2013, the dynamic duo have brought their Higher Frequency, Higher Harmonics & Higher Vibration Jewellery to the masses.  
    At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News segment with Anastasia, bringing topics of interest to starseed, and sharing emails from our listeners.

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    Join Canadian Psychic Matthew Stapley on Heavenly Whispers

    in Spirituality

    SEE WHATS IN THE CARDS FOR YOU! Join us as we interview Matthew Stapley as we find out the who, what, where and when mixed with alot of information on How he does what he does, not to mention insights for you. Together we will validate what your hearing, seeing or feeling. We will also give you more information on your Angels and Spirit guides. Matthew also does private readings check out his site www.transdimensionalbeing.com

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    Angels & Free Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

       Angels & Free Psychic Readings! Your hosts Psychic Matt Stapley and L are hosting a show about Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.
    What are Angels? How do they help us? What are Human Angels? These are only some of the questions that tonight's show will hope to explore.
    As per usual we will be offering free psychic readings throughout the show.  To have a live reading done by Psychic Matt please call in at the start of the show.

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    Free Psychic Readings With Matthew Stapley and Andree Lortie

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Planet Botanix Radio. This is our very first segment and we are excited to be here! This show is broadcast from the store Planet Botanix in the heart of Ottawa, Canada. We will take callers from around North America for free psychic readings as well as interview another international psychic-medium Andree Lortie, of www.lightofangels.com, on the importance of finding happiness as a path to natural health.

    **Please call in at the start of the show to reserve your space for a free psychic reading**

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    End Of The World and Free Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    Your hosts L and Psychic Matt will be exploring end of the world prophecies (including May 2011 and December 2012).  We invite you to call in to discuss your ideas and opinions.
    As with every show we will be providing Free Psychic Readings...
    *Please call in at the start of the show to reserve your place in line for your free psychic reading.  Our toll free number is: 1-877-497-9931

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    Grounding, Centering and Protecting (and free psychic readings)

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to What The Shift!? Tonight your hosts L and Psychic Matt will talk to you about how to live a centered life. What does it mean to be grounded? How can being centered help me on my path? These questions will be explored. Also there will be free psychic readings throughout the show - so don't forget to call in! Want to add your input to the show? Join us in the chat room. We regularly read user comments as they add to the discussion!

    **If you would like a free psychic reading please call in at the start of the show to reserve your space.** WE HAVE A TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1-877-494-8122 - this will connect you with the blogtalk switchboard.

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    Self-love & Trusting Yourself (& free psychic readings!!)

    in Spirituality

    L and Psychic Matt are taking their show to a new level! This week's episode on self-love and self-trust will give you sound advice for an expanding universe.  The world has shifted and as we move into a new paradigm knowledge of the self and the crystalline existence moves to the fore-front of the expanding world consciousness.

    This week's show will discuss the importance of these concepts and will contain a channeling by Psychic Matt.  As usual psychic reading are available to each caller throughout the show!

    Your Hosts:

    L is a Registered Massage Therapist and energy worker in Ottawa, Canada.

    Psychic Matt is a psychic-medium with clientele from around the world.

    They bring to you a show which brings the mind into alignment with the body and the Spirit to formulate an energy that is uniquely inspiring.

    **Be sure to call in at the beginning of the show to reserve your place for a free psychic reading!**

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    in Spirituality

    L and Psychic Matt will be having a discussion on different types of empowerment. They will be speaking about what true empowerment is, how to achieve it and how to inspire others.

    As usual psychic readings will be apart of every show so at any time feel free to call in and receive a personalized mini-reading on air.

    There is also a possible special guest for this show. We will update with information as we receive it.

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    Conscious Living

    in Spirituality

    Your hosts L and Psychic Matt are going to bring you a show on conscious living! What does it mean to live consciously? How do we remain grounded in our life path? How does our mindset effect our physical life?

    These are all questions that will be explored on today's show. There will also be free psychic readings at the end of the show. Feel free to call in and discuss our topic!