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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes's TNB Spotlight!

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    Hello Everyone welcome to IndieReview Behind The Scenes segment The News In Books Spotlight! Tonight the TBN Editors Author (s) Rebecca Sweeney Graf and Jamie Alluisi... the discussion tonight is to aide writers with tips and techniques for better writing!

    The News In Books: The News in Books is a site dedicated to communicating to you about books and anything that has to do with books. You can find out the latest releases, book tours, freebies, bargains, and events.

    Contact Website: http://www.thenewsinbooks.com/

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    Behind The Curtain: Alyne Pustanio Talks The Dangers Of Paranormal Research

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    This week on "Behind The Curtain" Brad Hicks and Tony Ridlon will be speaking with Ms. Alyne Pustanio on the dangers of paranormal investigation and research. Alyne Pustanio is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the fields of paranormal research, the supernatural, and the occult, and is considered an expert in the folklore and haunted history of her hometown of New Orleans. A sixth-generation New Orleanian, Alyne is a descendant of the family of American classical composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk, and many of her ancestors were present for some of the most famous events in New Orleans’ haunted history. In addition to sharing the legend and folklore of New Orleans, Alyne also strives to educate paranormal researchers and the public at-large about the risks involved in paranormal exploration.

    Alyne is the author of “Haunting Tales of Old New Orleans, Vol. 1: History, Legends, and Lore” and “Purloined Stories and Early Tales of Old New Orleans.” She is co-author of the annual “Hoodoo Almanac” and a creative consultant/contributor to “Hoodoo and Conjure New Orleans” magazine, and “Gumbo YaYa” magazine.

    As an expert in the paranormal field, Alyne has been featured on the popular “Ghost Hunters” television series and in the History Channel series “Haunted History.” She has also contributed as expert consultant for numerous other productions appearing on the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Destination America Channel, the National Geographic Channel, BIO, and the Golf Channel. She is a popular and frequent guest on radio and online talk shows exploring the occult, the supernatural, and all things unexplained.


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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes's TNB Spotlight w/ Author Rebecca Sweeney Graf

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    Hello Everyone welcome to IndieReview Behind The Scenes newest segment's debut!! The News In Books Spotlight with Author Rebecca Sweeney Graf!!

    The News In Books: The News in Books is a site dedicated to communicating to you about books and anything that has to do with books. You can find out the latest releases, book tours, freebies, bargains, and events.

    Contact Website: http://www.thenewsinbooks.com/


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    The Spotlight Studio Presents Double Play Saturday

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    It's a Double Play Saturday on The Spotlight Studio! Join us as we feature the music of the SugarHill Gang and Jimmy Ruffin. We pay tribute to both of these great artists. We go live at 10:30am EST on Blogtalkradio.com!

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    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.....

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    From the famous scene in The Wizard of Oz when he is exposed as just an ordinary man, keeping everyone in fear so as to control them.  Very much like the world we live in....there are things you need to know so that you can take back control of your quality of life, and your wealth.

    Did you know??

    Your birth certificate and your social security card are considered "bank notes"?

    Did you know that you are considered a corporation and that you are worth millions?

    Did you know that you can take control of your corporation and discharge much of your "debt"?

    Dollar bills are useless to you - learn how to create and leverage credit - just like other big corporations.

    Join my Guest Hope Elliott while she while she pull the curtain back.

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    The Spotlight Studio Presents Halloween Hits

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    Join Sam C Smooth for the Halloween edition of The Spotlight Studio. It'll be a howling good time. The fun begins this Saturday at 10:30am EST, live and exclusively on Blogtalkradio.com!!!

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    Behind The Curtain: Steffany Barton of Angelsinsight.com

    in Spirituality

    RN Steffany Barton of Angelsinsight.com is joining us tonight for a special edition of Behind The Curtain. She is a pshycic medium who will be attending the Arkansas Paranormal EXPO this weekend. We can't wait to hear what she has to say.

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    The Spotlight Studio Presents 80's/90's Weekend

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    Join host, Sam C Smooth for a new episode of The Spotlight Studio this Saturday morning at 10am, exclusively on Blogtalkradio.com. This week, we feature some of the greatest songs from the 80's and 90's...straight from the playlist of Sam C!!!

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes Cultured Shocked!

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    Hello Everyone! Welcome to Culture Shocked with Culture Shocked host Author Jamie White!! 

    About Jamie White:(Culture Shock) I’m an author and music addict who also loves a good book and classic TV! I also enjoy talking about it and getting other people’s opinions on everything pop culture. I also moonlight as a pet servant. Sit back, enjoy and feel free to comment about anything and everything here.

    If you have any questions, suggestions contact me at JamieBMusings@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you asap. Looking forward to getting to meet everyone! Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and check out my website for even more information :) Let’s connect.

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    Behind The Curtain: Lynda & Viktor Salazar

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    Tonights guest is Lynda & Viktor Salazar......

    Viktor Salazar To whom much is given…much is required. Viktor Salazar, Corpus Christi, Texas native has been characterized as a Clairvoyant/ light mediumship/Paranormal researcher with a keen sense of spiritual discernment rooted in Christianity. He was groomed for evangelical ministry and recognized by elders of the Church as his spiritual path developed earning him an ordination as Deacon, not teaching condemnation, but the power of love through demonstration. Continuously dithering between two worlds of spiritualism, he eventually journeyed beyond the four walls of the church to further his knowledge. Born into a family of Cuanderos (traditional Native American healers or shamans found in the United States and in Latin America) intrigued his interest and passion to understand his calling and face the darker side of the para-spectrum. He quickly learned through personal supernatural experiences that not everything is as it appears. Viktor’s journey led to one of the most terrifying experiences of his life-a story featured on Travel Channel’s "Ghost Adventures" and Bio’s "My Ghost Story." Although this was just a glimpse from others perspective, he has chosen to share his experiences along with his wife Lynda Salazar through speaking engagements and in a forthcoming book detailing his journey. Viktor now devotes his time to scientific understanding of paranormal exploration to help others who remain in a realm of domination by supernatural oppression.

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes with Author Jo Cattell

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    Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan one of your hosts. My co-host Jamie White is also joining me and today we are VERY excited to have with us the very talented Author Jo Cattell!

    Jo Cattell lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters Amber and Jade. She has been writing most of her life, often getting into trouble at school because she would rather write than do her schoolwork. Often, when she is working she makes a soundtrack to help with the mood of the story line. She finds writing to be a way to escape and relax, and hopes to inspire others with her work.

    Contact: https://www.facebook.com/jcattell


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