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    "Current Events"

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    Please Join Spices Of Life Thursday November 20th,  At 8/7 PM EST, As BIGGDADDY AYERS Discuss Today's Current Events With DrFab & TheBossLady! This Is Guaranteed To Be A Spicy Show!

    Call 914 803 4501 Press 1 To Keep It Spicy 

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    Other than paying child support, what else are you doing for your kid?

    How many times have you taken your kid to school and picked him up? Talked to his teachers about how he’s doing, socially & academically? How much homework do you help with? Do you know the names of his best friend, his best friends’ parents, the little girl he has a crush on, the kid he hates? How many playdates do you supervise every week? How many field trips have you chaperoned?

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    Who Are We Really In A Relationship With?

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    Meet Shaun Upshaw, Relationship / Life Coach / Motivational Speaker / Radio Personlaity / Author Don't Be An A.S.S. All Your Life: Uncovering The Unconscious Mistakes You Make In Relationships Do you know the real reason relationships fail? Could you recognize your part in a failing relationship? If your answer is no then this is the book you want to read and study cover to cover. Back with a follow up of his debut entitled book ?For Her Eyes Only? Rules That Place Common Sense Back Into Dating, Shaun D. Upshaw returns this time with a transparent relationship guide that uncovers the unconscious mistakes many people make in relationships. ?Don't Be An Ass All Your Life? is filled with transparency, realness, and a common sense approach on how you can sustain a healthy relationship if that is your ultimate goal. This book will force you to question, challenge, and evaluate every action you ever committed in your past as well as current relationships.

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    #THINKLIKEABOSS THURSDAY - "Networking Is The New Hustle"

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    Attention All Bosses Tune In Thursday November 6th @ 8/7 PM EST To Spices Of Life In Order To Promote Your Business And Wish TheBossLady A Happy Birthday! This Is Your Opportunity To Share Your Business With Our Listeners For FREE!! Let Others Know What You Are Doing In The Community! Keep It Spicy Network Is All About Promoting Small Businesses! Call 914 803 4501 and Press #1 To Get Your Hustle On Right Here On KIS Network! Networking Is The New Hustle!

    Spices Of Life In Conjunction With #FreshFriday Presents #ThinkLikeABoss Scorpio Birthday Bash Friday November 7th @ The PH Ultra Lounge In Birmingham, AL! Bring Your Business Cards For A Chance To Win More Free Advertising For Your Business!




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    "Trending Topics Thursday"

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    Please Tune In To "Spices Of Life" Thursday, Oct.16th  As We Give Our Spicy Perspective On Topics Trending Throughout The Media Today, From Ebola, Isis, Murdering Of Young Black Men, To NFL Players Shoplifting, WTH! There's A Whole Lot Of Ish Going On In the World Today! Come Discuss It With TheBossLady, BIGGDADDY Ayers, And DrFab @ 8/7 PM EST! Call 914 803 4501 And Be Sure To Press #1 To Keep It Spicy Only On KIS Network!

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    10 Laws of Highly Productive People

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    Special Guest: Dr. Vernet A. Joseph - P3 Expert, Motivational Speaker & Author "Extreme Productivity - 10 Laws of  Highly Productive People."  Dr. Vernet is helping organizations like yours get Fixed, Focused, and Dedicated to the cause of increased productivity!


    "Spices of Life" Talk Radio Show hosted by Dr FAB, BIGGDADDY AYERS & THEBOSSLADY on Keep It Spicy Network, Thursday 8 9m EST, Dial 914-803-4501 to listen. 

    Adult "Real Talk" Swept Under the Rug Conversations to awaken and add SPICE to life! 

    Certified at "keeping shit real" in our OWN lives! 



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    'Play Your Position & Stay In Your Lane"

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    Please Tune In To Spices Of Life Thursday Oct 30, 2014 As We Discuss The Rukes Of The Game For All Side Pieces! Being A Sude Piece May Not Be All That Bad!  What Are The Advantages To Having A Side Piece?. Is Cheating The Secret To Having A Happy Marriage? You Must Tune In For The Answers To These Questions ANd Many More! Call 914 803 4501 And Press #1 To Add Your Spice!  Hosted By BIGGDADDY Ayers, DrFab, And TheBossLady!

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    Impassioned Voyages

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    Here you will find "funny, eclectic, edgy," while getting the nitty-gritty on a plethora of current and intriguing conversations on health, environment, philosophy, and perhaps down-right other-worldly, you have found the “Talk-To-Me-Guy,” Richard Olson!

    Richard guides us to a spicy feast of whatever we really need, especially if we don't know what that might be. "Try this - I think you'll like it!" He personifies “The Art of The Conversation.” You’ll find yourself laughing out loud and nodding your head, while Richard takes you on an impassioned voyage into the realms of the “latest and greatest!

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    Pastors Ex Wife (pastorsexwife) Lynn Littlejohn

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    When I first met Lynn Littlejohn, it was after Rev Eddie Long was going through his ordeal (I'm not going to say it here, however if you're interested, google or bing it.  I thought she was his X wife, however she wasn't.  She was somebody else's ex wife.  She was on YOUTUBE.  You have to check out her channel, she has over a million views to her channel and more.  She has written a couple of books.  pastorsexwife.org tells the story.
    If you want the true, this is where you get it.  She is open and honest - she's lived a spicy life and she is willing to share it.  If you don't like the truth but are willing to sneak and get it, COME 'ROUND HERE (Smokey Robinson) She tells it like it is, and she doesn't bite her tongue.  This is the way religion should be.  If you were to hear her show over and over (like if she only did one) you would get something valuable each time you listen, because PASTORSEXWIFE/LYNN LITTLEJOHN is like a hit record.  Every time you hear her, you want more.  347-205-9366 - Are you ready?


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    "You May Be A Sociopath If..."

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    Sociopathy is a type of anti-social personality disorder, a condition that prevents people from adapting to the ethical and behavioral standards of his or her community. 

     Warning: Only a licensed professional has the authority to officially diagnose an individual with sociopathy. If you believe that you or somebody you know suffers from sociopathy, seek clinical help in order to receive proper treatment.

    Spices Of Life Are NOT Licensed Professionals.

    However We Are Certified At Keeping It Real In Our Own Lives!

    This Will Be A Fun Filled Spicy Show, Thursday September 25, 2014 @ 8/7 PM EST! 

    Call 914 803 4501 Be Sure To Press 1 To Keep It Spicy!

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    Why Domestic Violence Is Your Business

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    You probably know some of the warning signs of an abusive partner: he is easily angered or tries to isolate you from friends and family. But did you know the neighbors arguing upstairs might put your own life at risk? Or that your chances of getting slapped can be increased by your favorite reality show?   

    If you are in danger, call 911, your local hotline, or the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233(SAFE) and TTY 1-800-787-3224. Please use a safe computer to email or research help for domestic vioence issues, where your search history is safe.

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