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    Are consumers getting what they pay for When it comes to Internet speeds?

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    When it comes to Internet speeds, the U.S. lags behind much of the developed world.

    Clocking in at the top of the list was Seoul, South Korea, where Internet users can get ultra-fast connections of roughly 1000 megabits per second for just $30 a month. The same speeds can be found in Hong Kong and Tokyo for $37 and $39 per month, respectively.





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    Homestead Technologies Sitebuilder LPX Desktop

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    Homestead Technologies started by Justin Kitch is one of America's biggest success stories. Kitch started Homestead Technologies in a spare room while living with 5 roomates at college. Homestead technologies sold to Intuit for $176 million dollars. Intuit kept Kitch on as an adviser but in 2012 sold Homestead Technologies to EIG Endurance International Group. EIG is a giant among cheap hosting companies with 35+ companies owned by EIG worldwide. 

    When EIG bought out Bluehost and Hostgator they moved them to SERVER FARMS. The move took nearly 4 days and created numerous technical problems. EIG moved Homestead Technologies to a Server Farm on November 19th 2014 and has shut their 70k users out of their Sitebuilder LPX/Desktop. Service interruptions were mounting as an alternative to Sitebuilder LPX/Desktop was offered with much slower speeds namely homestead Techologies Sitebuilder Plus. 

    Personaly I don't blame EIG for trying to update a 15 year old product that has been neglected for years. Simply put you can't expect to design todays websites with your grandparents sitebuilders. At some point needless and outdated products need to be discarded and new and improved service needs to be added. 

    From a Flashprepper point of view this is a disaster. It's an online disaster but a disaster none the less. The disaster which is now an online super storm of sorts started 15 years ago with neglect. No money was ever put into Sitebuilder LPX/Desktop. Now 15 years later it as a breaking point. Hosted on old outdated unstable servers EIG made a bold move to update service to Homestead customers. 

    EIG was quick to call this anything but a disaster and in fact are calling it a MIGRATION. It is a migration to faster speeds, more security, and a better product. Many Homestead members call this migration  the worse upgrade EIG could have made and with really bad timing Cyber Monday 2014.

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 98: All elfroot all the time

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    Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, and that means another random friday 16Bit Assassin's show. On episode 98, the 16Bit crew takes a look at the sudden influx of comic books shows, and discuss the mid season finales of Arrow and The Flash, so if you haven't seen them, don't listen, or listen after you've watched. Also on this episode the guys talk a bit about their Dragon Age Inquisition experiences, and Tales from the Borderlands. The FCC has some new ideas on what broadband speeds should be. Xbox One sales picking up steam, Suicide Squad, Star Wars news, all this and more on episode 98, all elf root, all the time. 

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    Soft Paced Sunday's are meant to slow us down before our week speeds back up. Giving us a chance to reflect on the prior week, and plan for the new one. So, pace yourself to prepare for your future this Sunday on "Speak Truth Radio" with your host DiYAHGuRL.  If you would like to be heard live on the air or just want to listen in call (347) 426-3798 tonight, Sunday, Nov.23.2014. If you want to listen in online, then go to my show page www.blogtalkradio.com/speaktruth and click the "listen now” or “live” button. There is also a link on my page that will allow you to join the chat room if you would like. If you have a headset with a mouthpiece, you will be able to talk to me live on the air

    Hope to see/hear you on the air.

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    Getting to Know Debut Romance Author Blaire Edens with "The Librarian"

    in Books

    Join host, Tabatha Pope as she chats it up with debut romance author, Blaire Edens on The Librarian on Authors on the Air.

    Blaire Edens lives in mountains of North Carolina on a farm that’s been in her family since 1790. When she’s not plotting, she’s busy knitting, running, or listening to the Blues. Blaire loves iced tea with mint, hand-stitched quilts, and yarn stores. She refuses to eat anything that mixes chocolate and peanut butter or apple and cinnamon. She’s generally nice to her mother, tries to remember not to smack her bubble gum, and only speeds when no one’s looking.

    Blaire's debut, Wild About Rachel, is a must-not-miss read for those looking to laugh, cry and feel warm and fuzzy all over.  Oh and all of this in the midst of creepy, scaly creatures!  Her writing is fresh and some of the wittiest this librarian has read in a while. Find out more about Blaire and her books, visit www.blaireedens.com.

    Host of "The Librarian", Tabatha Pope, can be found at All For Love of the Word and Facebook.

    This is a copyrighted and trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors On the Air Global Network LLC. on the web at authorsontheair.com. Thank you to our corporate sponsors: Author Marketing Hub.com and PML Media.com

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    Over the Top Radio - US Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 5 with Benjamin Day

    in Fitness

    United Health Care Cycling Team's Benjamin Day joins us to discuss Stage 5 of the US Pro Cycling Challenge.  This stage’s serene first 80 miles hide a vicious finish and a last chance for climbing specialists to really make a move. Starting in the new host community of Woodland Park, Stage 5 heads west then north through some of the most picturesque terrain in Colorado. A quiet run through the Pike National Forest on Tarryall Rd., which was unpaved until just last year, and the riders will christen it properly with high speeds and lots of breakaway attempts. The action really starts when the race hits Fairplay and begins the long grind up 11,500 ft. Hoosier Pass, the highest point in the race. Then it is on to Breckenridge, where last year’s challenging finish up Moonstone Rd. will be repeated again. This nasty little climb can kill a break or launch a winner.

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    Six O Clock Talk: Internet Speeds, Karaoke, Traffic Jams etc

    in Pop Culture

    In this episode, DJ Schandela finally joins us, after missing the first episode due to some technical difficulties (go figure LOL)...
    In this episode, we'll talk about internet speeds in your area, benefits of drinking orange juice -- and the bad! hmmmm ---, traffic jams in manila region, and singing karaoke -- she might even sing live!!
    PLUS: "G Professor" will announce upcoming segments featuring new talents we've discovered from the growing Espiya community.
    Guess who will host the segment "Late Night with _______"
    So DON'T MISS this live broadcast, be here at 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time/ 6:30am Manila Time / 12:30pm Hawaii Time / 11pm London Time.
    Listen and CALL live to be our guest callers!
    How to join as a live guest caller:
    You can call via Skype (there will be a Skype button on this page when we go live. We'll also have a live chatroom so you can send in questions without calling)
    Register a free account here at BlogTalkRadio and login to your account  join the CALL or live chat!
    SEE YOU!

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    Marquise Walker 2019 Out of Chicago - One of America's Top Players

    in Basketball

    More recently, we see that the players who run the point may be just as much of a scoring threat as anyone else on the court, while still delivering the ball to the rest of their team.

    There is no longer a “right way” to play point in 2014. What matters most is that they are leading their team.

    They run the show. And In some cases, they are the show.  Enter Chicago native Marquise Walker; who must be considered immediately not only as the top point guard, the top scoring guard, but possibly and arguably one of the best players in the class of 2019. 

    Without question already one of the most explosive scorers in his class; Walker can play at either the point or the two and is a big and strong backcourt player who beats down defenders with his strength all over the floor. He has a propensity for hitting big, often difficult shots - a skilled scorer who can shoot from deep or attack off the dribble.  Walker is in his natural habitat when he's looking for his own offense and as stated is a big shot taker and maker who can also transform an offense with his creativity and passing ability as well as his ability to run a team and keep the defense honest with his range and consistent 3-ball.

    He pushes the ball under control and makes good decisions at high speeds and is an excellent open court passer.  With the frame to add additional strength Walker can easily be a multi-category contributor and with a dedicated effort could push consistently for triple double numbers with a focused effort.  Flat out there are not many players in the country that can do the things that Walker does – those who question the viability of youth projections at this age; can make Walker the poster boy for P2ball as we will state right now for the record that you are seeing a mid-to-high major collegian player developing right before your eyes.  

    Read more @www.p2bball.com

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    The Walkman Is Back

    in News

    Verizon boosts the upload speeds for its fiber-optic Internet service and Sony brings back the Walkman name. Tom Ortuso reports.

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    Big Expectations for Smartphone Sales This Fall

    in News

    New calls for EMC Corp to break itself apart; analysts expect a strong fourth quarter for smartphone sales and Verizon Fios will boost upload speeds. WSJ's Mathew Passy on those stories and more.

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    Vikkex Computer Talk V3N10 - Processor Speeds

    in Computers

    Researching some used PCs, I found that processor speeds can be more confusing than virtually any other system component. Join me as I discuss what I discovered.

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