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    Part 1 10:00 AM PST Dr. Jessica Hayman "Post-partum Wellness:  Understanding the root cause of a mother's symptoms" It is common for health care practitioners to brush-off and mis-diagnose mothers who are going through post-partum difficulty. Many practitioners chalk it up to lack of sleep, but most of the reasons are due to a physiologic imbalance.  These imbalances are usually from nutrient deficiencies, thyroid balancing, and adrenal insufficiency.

    Part 2. 1100 AM PST. Steven Isham  is a Special Education Teacher and child advocate for 39 years. He has developed and APP CALLED SPED MOBILE TO ASSIST PARENTS IN UNDERSTANDING Special Education vocabulary.  Parents rarely understand the “full” consequences of these life altering decisions. This app is integral in this process.

    SpED Terms Downloads: Apple App Store  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sped-terms/id787814044?mt=8 

    Android users https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spedmobile 

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    Ep-2 App Or Crapp? The Best And The Worst Apps

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    TOnight we review 4 more Apps that are going to either be APPS to get or CRAPP to avoid. 

    Featuring the team of Dylan and Kyle O!


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    Wanna Make a Documentary? There's An App For That

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    A brand new app makes it alright to have your smartphone out at the dinner table this holiday season -- by interviewing your family and officially preserving its history. WSJ's Geoffrey Fowler explains how you can become a professional documentarian right from your own phone.

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    Entrepreneur Psychologist Dr. Tena L. Malone Introduces Girls Almighty App

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    Tena L. Malone. Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and president, is committed to improving the psychological health of individuals, GIRLS, and families. She holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Howard University in Washington D.C., and has worked with children, adolescents, juvenile offenders, adults and families. Dr. Malone is a teacher, advocate, and speaker to and for those can achieve, for those can achieve, and for those who can achieve but who need some assistance. 

    Dr. Malone has appeared on Atlanta’s V-103 radio show, “Love & Relationships”, KGRM’s “Good Morning Grambling,” Grambling, LA, hosts HEALTHY, WEALTHY, & WISE Health Fair annually and acts as a panelist and speaker for various conferences and organizations across the country. Dr. Malone is also available for workshops and keynote speaking on topics that range from early childhood education and psychiatric disorders to teen pregnancy, depression, domestic violence, sexual abuse and ADHD in children, adolescents and adults. 

    website: www.girlalmighty.com
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Girl-Almighty-Mobile-Tutor-App-427704967335080/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/gogirlalmighty

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    Mobile App Bootcamp for Non-tech Entrepreneurs

    in Technology

    The use of mobile/ Wireless technolgoes are fast becoming a critical element in the growth and productivity of comapnies in every industry. Often, there are entrepreneurs with exciting ideas of ways that they can use these technologies to faciliate growth of their firm or serve their customers more effectively, but they don't know how to access the expertise.

    The Michigan Small Business Development Center (MI-SBDC), the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM), Logic Solutions and Automation Alley are partnering to host a "How to Build a Successful Mobile App" Bootcamp on Thursday, December 3rd, @ 7:30 A.M to 1:00 P.M at Automation Alley in Troy, Michigan. Designed to help non-technical entrepreneurs in any industry who want to take advantage of the functions and features of mobile. 

    Please join Melissa Bernie and Keith Brophy, the Michigan State Director for the SBDC @1:00 P.M on November 13th as they walk us throught the Boot Camp Workshop and its importance to Michigan. Want to grow your business through use of mobile tech? This is the show for you!

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    Crowd Engagement with an App

    in Technology

    Deb Evans, President of Franchise Foundry and Jack Monson, Global Director of Manalto are joined by Sean Holloday, co-founder of Crowd Mics. A new app that turns your smartphone into a microphone!

    How often do you hear, "please turn off all electronic devices" at a conference? Why? Don't you want the audience to text, tweet and share? With the app Crowd Mics the audience can now engage with the speaker and audience!

    Join the conversation on Facebook and connect with Deb and Jack on Twitter.

    Visit www.socialgeekradio.com for previous podcasts.http://www.socialgeekradio.com

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    Meet Mbye Njie- CEO of Legal Equalizer this App aims to counter Racial Profiling

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    Meet the CEO of Legal Equalizer~ when you are stopped by the police, use the LegalEQ app to capture the entire interaction,know your rights and make sure your loved ones know where you are.  Meet the creator Mbye Njie. Tune in and support our conversation.  This Application has hopes to proactively Combat Racial Profiling. Lets support this young man.

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    Lisa Marie's Dating Lab App Update & Special Announcement

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    God Bless you on This beautiful Day.This is an Special Announcement and Update on This Lisa Marie's dating Lab Experiment. After seeking further legal Counsel I've decided that it would be in My Best Interest to not use Lisa Marie Lab Experiment as a Dating tool /App .in the event of misuse,abuse.
    The Lisa Marie's Lab Experiment Disclaimer posted was suffice.However; their is still the risk of claims.reports of possible harm. So to avoid ANY Claims or Reports that would bring legal action.I will disable certain links.that require personal information, such your location,E-mail, sign up, registration user agreement etc..Although these links will no longer be useful to the general public. I will still use it for my Personal Use." It's My Love Universe! I Created it :>) 
    I hope you will join me in Lisa Marie's Love Sphere.or create your own. I also will be blogging all about my  Love Sphere! Date's on Lisa Marie's Dating Diaries at Brides Of Christ.org. And; what better way to Start. than going beyond These Realms.The First Date Destination on Lisa Marie's Date Calendar will be at The Alder Planetarium the Star's are truly Aligned are you?

    God Bless you; But;The Greatest of these is LOVE!   

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    Iain Baird of My Talking Pet APP debuts Life Lessons from Dogs contest for 2016

    in Lifestyle

    Iain Baird of My Talking Pet APP debuts Life Lessons from Dogs contest for 2016.

    A chance meeting between childhood friends has catapulted two men into the limelight as they’ve seen a simple idea take the world by storm.

    Iain Baird, 31, of Rock Lane, Linslade, hadn’t seen old school pal Peter Worth (formerly of Cotefield Drive) since he was 17.

    But after bumping into each other at a meal with mutual friends, the pair got chatting over a curry and soon got the ball rolling.

    With Peter working as a web developer and Iain in internet Pay Per Click, the former Vandyke Upper School duo combined their skills to create My Talking Pet, an Apple and Android app that allows owners to put words in their pet’s mouths. An amazing 500,000 downloads later and Iain and Peter have quit their jobs to concentrate on their venture full-time.

    Iain said: “I was in the pub with my friends one night talking about our pets and a really funny YouTube video of a dog talking. We said how great it would be if you could have something that made your own pet talk.

    “I realised there was nothing out there that is really working, one that is personalised at least, so the idea was there. And then I met Peter and we built the app exactly how we wanted it to be.

    “It’s quite hard to be recognised in the app market because there are so many so we were making about $50 a?day, which was OK, but not great.”

    But their slow burning success didn’t last long. In October, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, stars of TV series 2 Broke Girls, were on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show when they began to praise My Talking Pet.

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    Celtics vs Sixers Post Game Podcast- Call into Show Toll Free: 347-215-7771

    in Basketball

    CLNS Radio's Celtics Postgame Show is powered by Harry's Razors (claim free trial and use promo code: Celtics) and FanDuel (Claim Free Trial here and use PROMO CODE: CELTICS for FREE PLAY).

    After facing the Atlanta Hawks on the road Tuesday night, Jared Sullinger and the Boston Celtics return to TD Garden Wednesday night for a Thanksgiving Eve match with the Philadelphia 76ers.

    Matt Rury and Calvin Chamberlain of the Careless Whispers Podcast will be tonight's hosts.

    The The Garden Report's Jared Weiss will be calling in with the Grandstand APP Celtics Locker Room report.

  • It's An App World After All - Whether for Local Communities or Transportation

    in Technology

    NewFoundry-An innovation Studio that fuses application design and engineering user experience with brand development expertise to create next-generation market opportunities, products and services to assist firms, whether they are a global automotive supplier, a healthcare startup, or an established professional services firm. In today's focus app, NewFoundry takes driver safety application streaming in vehicles and relays it to the client applications and then transforms it into an interactive map-based user-interface. The result is an engaging, educational experience that allows the audience to see the power of V2X technology and the future of the transportation industry. 

    LocalHop-It all started with three friends who needed a better way to find local events. Tired of bouncing between websites and social media pages, they decided to do something about it. Over the past year they've been working hard to make sure the residents of their hometowns never miss an event they care about. An events app that helps you find out about things happening in communities you care about. You can use the app to search through hundreds of events entered by organizations such as public libraries, farmers markets, shopping districts, hotels, and city governments. When you find events you're interested in, you can add them to your favorites, add them to your calendar, and share them with friends and family. You can also follow organizations to see what other upcoming events they are hosting. LocalHop is currently available in Southeast Michigan.

    Join Melissa Birnie when she speaks to New foundry's Rich Chang, Partner, Chief Executive Officer on Oct 16th at 1:00 P.M and Robert Bales Co-Founder of LocalHop at 1:15 P.M. on their latest Apps and their journey of creation.