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    Slumlords, foolery in court, why people go off the deep end

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    Tune in as i give a run down on slumlord. the real shty that people going through when renting houses apts. etc. have you ever witness foolery in the courtroom. i also will talk about why people go off. using a couple of situations for example.

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    Dark Mantis Talk - Jennifer Harrison Author of Perverse Wonderland

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    Host Jeanette Michelle

    Co - Host Dj Jappuck

    Guest Author Interview - Jennifer Harrison will talk about her new release "Perverse Wonderland."

    Perverse Wonderland is a playful dark comedy and a romantic adventure tale for anyone who has ever loved and lost, or loved and found again. Jennifer Harrison's debut novel gives a voice to the type of women who, instead of waiting to be saved, can only rescue themselves. When our American heroine is abandoned by her English ''gentleman'' in a strange land of Pimm's and Jack the Ripper slumlords, the fairy tale is turned on its head after kissing Prince Charming turns him into an ''arse.''

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    Slumlord Apartments: Your Rights As A Tenant

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    Are you a good tenant who's been trying with no avail to get your landlord to make repairs? Maybe you've been a long-term tenant in addition to being one who pays rent on time, each month yet your landlord completely ignores you when you ask for repairs to your rental. Sometimes we will admit that certain problems can be let go for a while and will result in only a minor annoyance however, when the repairs constitute a 'material health and safety' issue, it's a different ballgame entirely.

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    “SlumLords” Take care of your property!!

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    Tonight on iCandi Afterdark we are talking about Slumlord (Landlords from hell) Be sure to call in and tell us about your story 619-393-2813

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    Take America Back 65 years is the GOP Strategy?

    in Politics Conservative

    Greedy politicians are squandering tax payers dollars. Their strategy is not to improve America. The GOP strategy is to tell enough lies and distort the truth to the people in hopes to have their way during the 2012 election. Politicians are so removed from the average citizen that politicians think they can return to pre-civil rights times. 
    According to some politicians, The 2012 election is the GOP strategy to take America back 65 years
    White only signs all across America No integration, just follow orders, keep eyes to the ground Welfare benefits based on demographics (skin) not need 3 generations residing under one roof to improve poverty statistics.  Families renting homes, while SlumLords get richer. Citizens dying from inadequate healthcare Workers being paid different salaries, while performing the same jobs, side by side.  Worker on job injuries and deaths; and tort reform to limit company fault. Companies operated with little government regulations. Government turning its head to state injustices against minority, poor, and women ciitzens No birth control, no abortions, no health care Commodities instead of food stamps No unemployment benefits Living like it was 65 years ago would be living in 1946 America.  When we know better, be do better

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    El Kuluwm - - Sister Sunday has some things to say about SLUMLORDS and Crooked Property Management - - It's a shame - - Hush and Listen - The God in Me is Speaking to The God in You - The Righteous God in You, that is - Lets talk about Right Knowledge - Right Reasoning and Right Overstanding - - There is Nothing New Under the Sun or in The Heavens - But ALL Old Things are made New - ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE - LETS TAKE ALL OUR CLOTHES OFF -  WHAT??? - It's Time to DANCE Y'all - come on - follow the Original Drum Beat of The Heart - LETS DANCE - WINNING!!! - - Amen and El Kuluwm - - Price: OPEN MIND; Location: 0 X ZERO SPACE; Benefit: MENTAL FREEDOM; Destination: THE ALL / THE ONE

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    Obama Politics for Urban Dummies: Betrayed Black People's Segment

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    The rise of slumlords in the city. Record low housing prices and overpriced rent in the ghettos. Redlining, racial steering, and housing segregation is alive and well in Chicago, just like the good ole days of Jim Crow. 50% unemployment among African American men in particular urban communities. Black wealth wiped out overnight. Single moms childcare subsidies and preschool cut overnight. Federal abortion subsidies cut at the height of childhood homelessness, overcrowded shelters, and non-existent child welfare programs. Brand new "INCOME RESTRICTED" housing projects are created to segregate low income black people and their children using policies created by black politicians. The largest money making scams in history is called JOB TRAINING FOR MINORITIES, allowing millions of dollars for useless uncertified, unaccredited, segregated classes amounting in less than 1% of job placements. Obama politics new sets of rules for minorities only, resulting in turning back time 120 years, under the guise of STIMULS and RECOVERY. The WEAK AND UNEMPOWERED Urban League and NAACP causing a diversion by attacking the Tea Party while little black children in the ghetto are reading 5 grades below reading level and dropping out of 8th grade in record numbers. Where are all these unemployed EDUCATED PROGRESSIVE BLACKS to set up 'volunteer programs to advance the community'? Where's the marches for equal employment opportunities for stimulus projects, first time homeownership for record low home sales prices in the community, and quality integrated education??? Nope the "BLACK LEADERS" are too worried about loosing their steak on their table while everyone else is starving! Not one word before election time to help SAVE people's middle class lifestyle....only more inventive ways on how more people can be taxed, and jailed for being poor. Pro-union Obama have talked Americans into taking a paycut, then helped companies turn a profit on Wall Street, who then move overseas anyway.

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    Real Money/Real Issues: How to Avoid Tenants from Hell!!!

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    Real Estate Broker/Author/and Wealth Building Columnist Carl Agard lightens up the subject this week with a roundtable discussion with landlords and investment property owners on how to avoid that tenant from hell. You know the tenant, never pay on time, has issues with every little repair that needs to be done. Also to make it fair, he will be talking to tenants that had slumlords. They lived in properties with no heat and hot water, or the landlord got foreclosed while they was paying rent on