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    Urban Slang Stigmatizing

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    Join Masala 5 and Ericka Young in discussion on the slang, the negative stigma and the hype that makes a neighborhood a negative source of behavior. The launguage that is all to easy to become a part of us!
    We Encourage Callers on This Show!
    "Out of the Box Radio Where You the Listner Bring the Conversation"

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    The N Word..Does It Have any Meaning these Days?/Or Is It The New "Slang"

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    Join Us Thursday Night @ 8:00pm Eastern Time!!!  With our hot topic for tonight..."The N Word...Does it have any Meaning these days/or is it the new "Slang"....Why is this word used so Frequently & Freely by All Races these Days???? We would love to have your input on this hott topic tonight!! Also Join Us Tonight as we get get into the minds of Mr. NFerno.....Hip-Hop Artist from Atlanta Ga..Also Mr. Michael Atkins..Christian Hip-Hop Artist from Vidalia Ga..Call In at (646) 716 6674 or click the link to listen In!! Also Join My Team & I...Ms. Island Gyrl, Ms. Keenya Noel, & Me...Ms. KandyKisses!!  So Much coming at cha...With Ms. Island Gyrl (The Hottest Interviewer/Co-Host) We got Keenya Noel's Segment "Oh No They Didnt" (ONTD), She will be discussing the weirdest & craziest new/ gossip thats going on in today's society.  I will be doing my segement "Kandy's Secrets", which I will be giving helpful hints on ways to save & improve your lifestyle, with home-remedies, and great advice from love, to fitness, & savings!! Join Us You will be glad that you did!!  The only place poppin with Great Music, Entertainment, Laughs, and Real Talk..Crunktown Radio...ya know!!

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    EMS Language | Professional vs. Communication

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    This week we discuss the language of EMS. Using profesional communication as a standard vs communicating amoungst each other with common EMS slang. Is there a place for EMS slang or should we do away with it and focus on a standard of communication that leaves no room for error?

    We also plan on talking about EMS Facebook pages and the culture of negativity as well as answer a few questions sent in by listeners.

    Join us for another live episode and give your opinion via toll free call in or n the chat room.

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    SLANG/Quotes to live by Words that Inspire and used often

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    Word of inspire or is it just play it out slang  like TURNUP/

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    Old School and New School

    in Self Help

    n slang, "old school" or "old skool" can refer to anything that is from an earlier era or anything that may be considered "old-fashioned". The term is commonly used to suggest a high regard for something that has been shown to have lasting value or quality.

    That was the it was , we don't do that way any more. Question is what are your outcome compared, to the Old School way?

    Are you happier? Is there any joy in that life? Are given more than you recieving? Are you disapointed in your out comes? Why?

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    Whoa Whoa Whoa: The Aunt May Movie?

    in Pop Culture

    Who the hell asked for an Aunt May Movie?  Not me!  Not you!  Was it Johnny?

    We review "Olympus has fallen", talk about Justin Lin rejoining the Fast and Furious Franchise, Go over The Suicide Squad News, Johnny reviews "Dracula Untold"  More like Dracula Unwatchable amiright? A cult series is coming to Starz and of course our weekly flashback, airring of grievances and british slang of the week.

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    1st Fam Radio Monday Nite Barz with Special Guest Slang

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    Tune in tonite (9:30pm til 11:30pm Eastern) with Chill Gizzy and Turner Boy as we play the Hottest Joints Online with Special Guest Slang of  Trenton NJ's Slang N Doc along with Lil Chuckee's Dad of Young Money Entertainment from around the world listen at www.blogtalkradio.com/1stfamradio  or call in (917)889-8297 1stfamradio 

    email Music chillgizzy08@gmail.com 

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    Ms.P Welcomes Back Author Steven Van Patten

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    Steven Van Patten is a native New Yorker, raised in Fort Greene and currently living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  ‘SVP’ describes himself as an insomniac with an overactive imagination and a lover of things that go bump in the night. He’s quoted as saying that, “I love horror movies, but I am not always crazy about how people of color are depicted or handled within the horror genre.  My list of complaints goes on forever, from the stereotypical slang-talker who is dead before the credits are over to the fact that Blade goes for an entire trilogy of movies without the main character attaining a true love interest.”


    This is probably why after coming home from his exhausting experiences stage managing various TV shows throughout the New York area, he was motivated to stay up all hours of the night writing the Brookwater’s Curse vampire novel series. Because of his extensive work in both the television and literary fields, he’s now a member of both the Director’s Guild of America and The Horror Writer’s Association.


    The Brookwater’s Curse books are a combination of many things the author loves, all pulled together to create a very dark, very adult, supernatural vision. He is currently working on, “The Genius” a somewhat futuristic, multi-cultural take on the serial killer genre.

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    Up Top vs. Down Bottom: Who Got More Game

    in Self Help

    Tonights show on All Access Radio will be hosted by none other than the Peoples Champ aka The Kid With The Rose Gold Voice, Tone Denero.  We will be discussing "Game" and who has the most of it.  We will get an understanding of the different cultures of each region and a lot more.  So make sure you tune in and voice your opinion because, as always, this is sure to be an interesting show!  Shout out to the A.W.O.L. (Another Way Of Living) Group and all of its supporters!  

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    Christians on the Down Low

    in Religion

    Christians this is a powerful word it has been know n as the people who follow the Savior of the world, those who follow the son of God, and those who walk like him in their daily lives. However, many have been decieved by this word when the wrong people use it or call themselves a Christian and they are no where being like Jesus Christ. Today we want to talk about Christians and being on the Down Low. Meaning they are doing things that are not right behind the church back but in church they appear to be Christ Like.

    Down-low is an African American slang term that refers to a subculture of men who usually identify as heterosexual, but who have sex with men; some avoid sharing this information even if they have female sexual partner(s).

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    The Federation is a hip-hop group from Fairfield, California, part of the San Francisco Bay Area. The group consist of Doonie Baby (now Doon Koon), Stressmatic, and Goldie Gold, along with their producer Rick Rock. Rick Rock and Doonie Baby’s friendship and collaborative work dates back to the early ‘90s inAlabama, where they recorded as two-thirds of the group Cosmic Slop Shop along with Big Lurch. At age 16 and using a wheelchair after being shot, the Nevada-born, Fairfield/Vallejo-raised Federation member Goldie Gold met Rick Rock at a local mall, impressing Rock with his rapping skills. In 2002, Rick Rock recruited Doonie Baby, Goldie Gold, and Mr. Stress to form the group.

    Their first single "Hyphy", which featured E-40, debuted in 2003, the title soon becoming an established slang term in Bay Area hip-hop music. The group's self-titled debut album was released under Virgin Records to good critical reception. In 2005, Rick Rock signed the group under Reprise Records, releasing the group's follow-up album It's Whateva in the summer of 2007.

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