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    Netflix and Chill and other Slang teens are using.

    in Romance

    Come relax with the Queen of Wetness as she discusses new slang that these young people are using today.  Its important to keep up so that they aren't able to pool the wool over our eyes.  

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    "IT IS, WHAT IT IS" slang or truly a life philosophy?

    in Self Help

    "IT IS, WHAT IT IS",  is popular saying these days, but what does it mean? What is it really saying?

    Could the term be just another way of saying, "I give up." That one either feels they cannot or choose not to, deal with the situation?

    Is it a way of saying a thing simply "can't be fixed or changed"?

    Or, is there something much more profound about this statement?

    Join(Listen, Call in and/or Chat) as we go live to hear the suprising results we got when placed this clinche in the light of THE REAL!

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    RunDat Radio Hosted By Nate NySe

    in Entertainment

    Join me Nate Ny$e, this Friday on "Run Dat" Radio I will be discussing hip hop's effect on the swag and the slang of the culture. In particular, we will be discussing the two BIG words that somehow can affect anyone. Bet you can't guess those two words. Got an opinion, love Hip Hop, or just want to give a shout out, hit up my line (516)531-9334 this Friday with a new time 11pm-2am Pacific Standard. Czech us out on "Run Dat" Radio. You can find us a www.blogtalkradio.com/diversityoftheminds what up gomfu!!!!!!!!
    Gomfu.com #dontmissit 10-1mount. 11-2 central. 12-3 EST
    Presented by The Diversity of the Minds Network

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    America: The Realest Nigga in the Room

    in News

    If someone were to define, or give you examples of what makes a real nigga a real nigga, here are some of the things you would hear:  "A real nigga gets money."  "A real nigga represents for his hood."  "A real nigga doesn't snitch."  Many people view those that slang dope (sell drugs), tote pistols, rob, and even kill, as "real niggas."  When you listen to some rap music, and particular rappers rap about violence, drugs, guns, women, or as they would say, bitches, and they live the life that they are trying to sell to you, they're viewed as "real niggas."  For example:  Deceased New Orleans rapper, Soulja Slim, lived his life just as his lyrics suggested.

     Therefore, he is a certified "real nigga" in the eyes of many.

    If these descriptions match what a nigga is than you America are the biggest nigga/thug/goon on the planet. 

    "A real nigga gets money." How much public funds are being funneled into privatization? How many under-privileged minorities have been sold into the prison industrial complex system? Who benefitted financially from the so-called War on drugs? Who  is benefiting from treating the sick instead of curing them? What happened to the CEO of Turing after increasing the price of the AIDS pill from $1 a pill to $750? What about oil? The goon called American foreign politics strong arms African nations into petroleum and other mineral contracts crippling the autonomy of those countries. Uncle Sam gets money while living day to day in debt.... just like niggas right? Horrible credit? Check. Massive debt? check. Selling dope? Check. Spending large sums of cash on unnecessary things? Check. Sounds like a nigga to me!

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    Urban Slang Stigmatizing

    in Podcasting

    Join Masala 5 and Ericka Young in discussion on the slang, the negative stigma and the hype that makes a neighborhood a negative source of behavior. The launguage that is all to easy to become a part of us!
    We Encourage Callers on This Show!
    "Out of the Box Radio Where You the Listner Bring the Conversation"

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    Real Talk

    in Religion

    The words that come from our mouths can help or hinder - build up or tear down - encourage or destroy.  Let me ask you this question, How are you communicating with your family and friends?

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    Thursday Night Live

    in Music

    Music,Interviews and open discussions..


    Dee Wile Interview...Dee Wile is a underground hip artist that is originally from Mobile,Alabama but currently lives in Nashville,Tennessee. Starting off in poetry Dee Wile brings southern slang and soulful instrumentals mixed with intelligent wordplay. In today's era of "Trap based' and "twerk" music, Dee Wile differs the norm and offers substance and meaning in every song.



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    Co-Creators of Italian American Slang Word of the Day – Stevie B & Joe Basile

    in Radio

    Marone! It’s me and two handsome Italian men – meet Stevie B and Joe Basile, the co-creators of the internet phenomenon known as the Italian American Slang Word of the Day. The Italian language has its own natural charm and beauty, and also includes some of the most passionate and expressive words, and many of them have made their way into English. You don’t have to be Italian to appreciate what Stevie B and Joe have done, but if you grew up in an Italian household, or married into one like I did, you’ll love these short daily YouTube videos. Each provides a quick peek into the life of Stevie B and his extended family including parents, Down the Block Donnie, Fluffy, Medium Petey, and of course, Josephine. It a great cast of characters and we can easily relate to the family dynamic. Each video features an Italian American Slang Word of the Day which is used in context by Stevie B and then translated to American. Learning Italian has never been so easy! Here's what is remarkable about this: there are over 15,000 LIKES on Facebook, and each video gets thousands of views. It seems Stevie B and Joe have struck a nerve. They found a way to perpetuate the language they grew up with and share it with a generation of younger viewers who may not even be familiar with the words of an old-world traditional Italian household. These words are the common connection to our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents; and it’s worth the effort to keep them alive. Get ready for some fun! After the show, please check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.