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    100 Questions for Atheists Pt 2

    in Religion

    Last time I got through about 20 questions.  Let's keep it going. Yeah, someof the questions are silly, and yeah, my answers to silly questions are silly.  But that is what you get with a silly question.  If I can, I'll try to re-phrase the question, but I'll try to keep the intent of the quesion.  
    This episode will be jam-packed with science and evolution related questions!
    Call in and add to the awesomeness!!

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    In or out of the closet?

    in Religion

    As soon as I realized I was an atheist, I came out.  I was lucky.  My wife became an atheist at exactly the same time.  I no longer lived at home.  There was no threat of losing a job.  it was easy, painless, and simple.  Indeed, the easiest part of losing my faith was coming out as an atheist.
    But that's not always true.  Sometimes, people are forced to be in the closet.  They cannot tell people about this, and face real concequences when they do. Let's chat about that damned closet, and what to do with it. Plus your calls. Prepare for awesomeness!!