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    SimNation Radio Show #75 Fri Oct 18, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight for episode 75 of the SimNation Radio show. The topic is list is simple. 3 games... 3 trailers... What are YOUR thoughts
    1. Reactions to NBA 2K14 Trailer
    2. Reactions to NBA Live 14 Trailer
    3. Reactions to Madden 25 Trailer

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    SimNation Radio Show #72 Fri Sept 27, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight as we bring you a packed Friday before release episode of the SimNation Radio Show. Topics tonight are.
    1. Game Release Traditions What rituals or traditions do you have for the release of your favorite NBA or sports games ?
    2. Online SuperStar Sim Settings Is this good for competitive gaming and will it last ?
    3. Flashy Pass Cheese
    Is the flashy pass cheese or just a successful tactic ?
    4. Do the high CG NBA 2K14 review scores mean anything ? We will discuss what if anything these scores mean
    5. No College Football next season
    Thoughts and reactions from around the nation on the effect of no more college football.

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    SimNation Radio Show Friday April 19, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight as we say farewell to a popular part time Panel Member Leftos of the NLSC who rocked SimNation many times. Leftos will be leaving the community to Join 2k sports in the making of NBA 2K basketball series.
    Also want to talk about creating home court advantage in video games and how can and should that be done in basketball video games.
    Be sure to call in tonight for things you want Czar to look at when playing 2k this summer.
    We also plan to tackle the question of why isn't there more differentiation between Average and Elite players at their position. For example Stockton and Steve Blake. In 2k these guys effect on the game is basically the same.

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    SimNation Radio Show #69 Friday Aug 30, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight as we welcome Video Editor extraordinaire @Shady00018 for his first offical visit on the big show. You can sample some of his work here youtube.com/shady00018
    We will also be discussing the information and videos gathered from the Game Stop Vegas Expo. SimNation was in the building as Operation Sports own JasonWilliams55, Poloelite, and Lid had an opportunity to play a demo and capture a few videos.
    JasonWilliams55 has confirmed he will be on the line to talk with the SimNation and answer questions!
    You can read their impressions here
    Shout out to NBA2kdailyDOTcom for posting the videos you can see here.
    At the end of his impressions Jwill55 says Ronnie hinted to a game mode with this statement.
    We will discuss of this is hype or hope.
    We will also discuss a recent NBA Live 14 article from Dimemag.com
    On the NBA front we will discuss the retirement of Tracy Mcgrady. Does he deserve to be in the hall of fame ? Will he ?
    We are SimNation... Join Us!

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    SimNation Radio Show #71 Friday Sept 20, 2013

    in Video Games

    Lots of great things to talk about tonight as we talk about the latest NBA2K14 MyTeam news.
    You can see the video here at Operation Sports
    We will be talking to key members of the community to get their feedback.
    We also want to hear from those of you who feel a certain kind of way about NBA2K14's Crews announcement last week.
    We will also discuss NBA Live 14's first in game trailer. Did it meet your expectations ? Are you still excited ? and was it a successful video release ?
    I also want to discuss the leaning layup Cheddar fiasco that hit the community last week.
    As the show continues to grow I am excited to bring in a Special Guest James Kerti @JamesKerti who evaluates Pro and Colllege players and has been featured on Truehoop and bballsource. As well as appearing with Coach Nick of BBallBreakdown.
    We will be talking rookie of the Year candidates and Strategy in NBA Basketball video games.

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    SimNation Radio Show #63 Friday July 19, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join the #SimNation tonight as we talk about all things hoop related and otherwise.
    We will discuss the Bouce Tek Blog released by Gary Paterson from EA sports this week called "The Science of Bounce Tek"
    We will also discuss @AndrewNLSC 's atest Friday 5 Article on the 5 types of basketball video gamers. Are there any types he misssed ? What type are you ?
    We will also use this article from Yahoo sports Kelly Dwyer as a spring board to talk about overall ratings, and are they a necessary evil ?
    If time permits we also plan to talk about the Brookly Nets and we snatch the ESPN's fact or fiction about their team and title chances.
    The questions are
    1.Do Nets have best starting 5 in basketball 2. Are KG and Pierce still All-Star Caliber Players 3. Will Deron Williams will re-assert himself as a top 5 pg 4. Is coaching will be nets biggest weakness in 2013-14 ? 5. Will Nets will win championship by 2015

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    SimNation Radio Show #60 Friday June 14, 2013

    in Video Games

    It all goes down tonight!. Xbox Reveal, 2K14, Live14, we will be talking about the weeks events in full. Be sure to catch us as Nelson Blake had an opportunity to play the live 14 demo at E3 and he will discuss his thoughts.
    We will also discuss the latest article from SportsGaming tSports Gaming The Next Step
    I'm sure Lebron and the NBA Finals will also find it's way into the conversation.
    Console wars... who won, who lost. don't be late as Guest host Kushmir whips the panel into a frezy. #SimNation

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    SimNation Radio Show #61 Friday June 21, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us tonight as the panel get's knee deep on SImNation Radio. We will be talking about the NBA Finals and what it means for Lebron's Legacy.
    The panel will attack XBOX 180 and their recent reversal and what that means for gamers.
    We will also have one of our Panel members on who had hands on with Nba Live 14 at E3 and get his impressions.
    We may also find time for part 3 of the article from the good folks at SportsGaming Persistence.

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    SimNation Radio Show #56 Fri May 17, 2013

    in Video Games

    Join us after as we return with both guns blazing after our annual Spring/ Summer break.
    With the OKC Thunder's somewhat suprising exit from the playoff's the Russel Westbrook Defense Committee (RWDC) feel they are justified in their beliefs he is the right fit. 
    Some within the Russel Westbrook Hater Club (RWHC) obviously disagree with that sentiment.
    For our Friday Night Lights segment we will discuss the new CBA's effectiveness in light of the way the playoff's are shaping up.
    We also want to look into the SimNation Crystal ball and consider Basketball games on the Next Generation and what that should hold in store for the Nation's faithful.

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    SimNation Radio Show Friday Sept 14, 2012

    in Video Games

    This week we will tackle the secret wrapped inside of an enigma that is Nba Live 13. We will also get into the latest information available from Nba 2K13.
    We will briefly discuss the demise of the 10 teams and 10 days pre release video series.
    Czar has a few things to discuss in the barbershop including facebooks latest attempt to make public your private likes.
    Call in and let your opinion be heard on tonights SimNation Radio show.

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    Online Nation Radio NBA2k LIVE #25

    in Video Games

    Welcome to the Online Nation Radio

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    Special Guest Petersondagreat from Operation Sports. He has NBA 2k15 Early. Live Questions and interview.


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