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    Social Media Expert Chris Dessi on "Talking Business" #13 with Ken Kraetzer

    in Marketing

    Ken Kraetzer, vice president, at CBSIServices, "Talks Business" with Social Media Expert, CEO of Silverback Social, Chris Dessi.

    We will talk with Chris about key social media trends he sees that will effect the 2015 Holiday shopping season.

    An award winning digital thinker, author, television & radio commentator, public speaker and educator, Chris Dessi is the CEO and Founder of Silverback Social. Silverback is the world's leading social media agency, enables top brands and advertisers, to connect with more than a billion customers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, and more.

    Chris’ believes that social media is much more of a spiritual awakening rather than a technological one. This revolutionary perspective has propelled his personality into the national media landscape. He is a regular social media expert contributor on CNBC, Fox Evening News, Good Day New York, WPIX, and Fox Business’ Varney & Co.

    Chris published his first book, “Your World is Exploding: How Social Media is Changing Everything and How You Need to Change With It,” available from Amazon.  In 2012, Chris was selected by the Business Council of Westchester’s “40 Under 40”.

    Reach Chris Dessi on 1-646 645 4171  or email: info@silverbacksocial.com  @silverbksocial

    Ken Kraetzer works with Harrison NY based CBSI on programs that provide loyalty and usage benefits to major credit and retail card brands aswell as providing contact center mangement behind programs.   Prior to CBSI, Ken worked in card and financial marketing at Chase Manhattan Bank, Dean Witter, American Express, and Herbert Dunhill Associates.  Reach Ken on kkraetzer@CBSIservices.com or 914-630-3457.


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    interviewing Khalild Rasheed aka Kokoa Leaves C.E.O. of SilverBack Records

    in Music

    Kokoa Leaves


    Kokoaleaves grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and always knew rapping would be part of his future. Like most young talent, he started rapping at age 5 and he never stopped. Street kid to rap artist was a natural transition, writing his first rap at 12, had his first live performance at 15 and joining his first group at 16.

    Now at 35, “Street Religion” is what he calls his current music style. Life has its lessons it wants to teach and after being locked up for six and a half years on three felony charges, now it’s his time to let it all out.  Everything he speaks on from guns, drugs religion, incarceration, he lived all of it.

    After incarceration, rejection from family and friends he almost gave up music. But he recorded a verse with a relative, putting all his pain and rejection behind it and the city called out to him, called him to come back to his passion.

    Rakim has always been one of his major influences, because he is a Muslim and a thinker.Islam plays a huge role in Kokoa’s life giving him strength and drive to continue the path he began at a young age.

    He has opened up for major performing artist’s all over, including R. Kelly, Salt  Pepa, Twista, Tech-9, SWV, Too Short. 

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    "Silverback invades Starr Status Radio"

    in Entertainment

    We sit down and talk to CEO of Silverback Ent. on how and why he wanted to do work in the Adult Industry. How he got into Adult Industry. The ups & down of the Adult Industry and the plans that he has for Silverback Entertaiment.

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    Shredding Metal Beasts

    in Film

    34th show! Ranging from Heavy Metal to Black Metal! Featuring: Evil Scarecrow; Tsar Bomb; Sinners Moon; Axecuter; The Silverback; Ever Circling Wolves; Incinerate: Znafelriff! Music from Witches Brew Label; Inverse Records; Inferno Records; Blasthead Records; Torn Flesh Records; Narcoleptica Productions

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    CS: Championship Rounds #12 Gonna Pull My Hair Out!!!!

    in MMA

    It has been another crazy week and you know it's going to be one crazy ass show!!.....Brad Storm (@BradStormMMA) brings the ENERGY!!!....and the Greeseman Reese Hamilton (@Greesy) brings his suave style each and every Wednesday night 8 - 10!!!  So tune in or listen to the show in your car on the way to work, mowing the lawn, dropping a duece!!  We don't care...cause we are Back in Your Face!!!

    1st on the Docket for tonights show 820 - 840 is a Bellator favorite and has also been featured on numerous other kick ass shows!!!  Sam "Sammy O" Oropeza (@SammyO85) will be making his way on CS: Championship Rounds.  What's up next for this dominating fighter???  We are going to find out!!

    2nd in our Don't You Know I'm Local segment....Mark Silverback Inge will hit the airwaves and will talk about what's going on in his life and what the future entails for this Light Heavyweight Warrior!!

    In our Pro Wrestling Spotlight segment we will have legendary Pro Wrestling Superstar Total Protection Mr. Hughes....this man was responsible for stealing The Undertaker's Urn.  We are going to get the lowdown on what is going on at the WWA4 and which up and coming Pro Wrestlers are making their way to the top!! 

    Guess what....our correspondent for this week is none other than the Host of War of the Worlds MMA Podcast and also has his hands in Conflict here in the Southeast and is an editorial beast!!!....Eric Ellison will make his way on CS: Championship Rounds.

    So grab a beer...two or three crack em open and listen to CS: Championship Rounds....or We will punch you in the FACE!!!!

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    PWR SLAM Featuring Ed Chuman Tribute, Jon Bolen, & "The Natural" Chase Stevens

    in Entertainment

    This week, PWR SLAM! pay tribute to a friend of wrestling, and we interview two wrestlers whose paths have crossed. We begin by paying tribute to long time manager and NWA promoter Ed Chuman. Ed loved wrestling and wresting loved Ed. We will be joined by people who were touched by Ed, both on a regional and a national level. We hope that we will do justice to the memory of a wonderful man. Next we will talk to Jon Bolen. Jon is a bodybuilder who turned to wresting as the result of a chance meeting. In 2004 he won the American TNA Gut Check and did a short stint with the company. From there he went to sign a developmental deal with WWE. During this period he teamed with a guy named Silverback Ryan Reed. We'll find out if anything ever became of that guy and what Jon is currently up to. After that, we will talk to a tag team specialist and current crash test dummy, Chase Stevens. Chase has also spent time in both TNA and WWE developmental. We will talk about his partners, his feud with Shane Douglas and his current work on the independent scene. As always, our chat room will be open for your questions and comments as well as our phone lines. Please remember calls are subject to time restrictions and may be screened for content. Also remember you MUST be called in to the After Party to hear the show in its entirety or you will have to wait until the show goes archived 1/15. Do NOT Miss Another LOADED Edition of PWR SLAM! on the Evolution Radio Network! Gues Call In Number - 845-277-9127.

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    Fight Hard MMA: Backstage Special

    in MMA

    Funky Monkey MMA Radio presents theFight Hard MMA Backstage Pass special tonight at 6pm est! 

    We will be on scene broadcasting LIVE from the Family Arena in St. Charles, Missouri catching up with numerous stars of the show!

    Guests include:
    -Fight Hard MMA promoter: Kenny Nowling
    - Susie "Mama Beast" Wyatt
    -Matt Frazier from Knuckle Junkies
    -and last but certainly not least, one of our favorite Bellator MMA competitor's "The Silverback" Ian Butler!

    -Visit our official website at FunkyMonkeyMMA.com for more exclusive interviews and behind the scenes access! 

    Got stinky, smelly gloves? Tired of sinking your hands into a pair of gloves filled with moisture from your last training session? Let Airloop solve the problem today, visit them online at AirloopGloveRing.com 

    Sponsorship Inquires contact: FunkyMonkeyMMA@gmail.com

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    Fantastic Frank interviews Jairek Robbins

    in Social Networking

    Fantastic Frank welcomes Jairek Robbins.  In 2003, Jairek was living as a volunteer in Kangulumira, a rural Ugandan farming village when he was told he only had 5 days to live!  Jairek is the Author of his newly released book Live It!: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose.  Jairek Robbins is a man on a mission focused on developing creative solutions for accelerating results. By evaluating you and your companies strategic objectives, Jairek is able to build a customized roadmap for you to achieve your goals with speed and precision.

    Jairek Robbins was born in Santa Monica, California. He is a decorated performance coach and lifestyle entrepreneur who has applied his innovative methods to living a life of adventure, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. At the age of twenty-three, Robbins was awarded the Congressional Award Gold Medal from the United States Congress. By twenty-five, he gained international renown as the creator of a revolutionary approach to maximizing personal performance that accelerated organizational success for a wide range of businesses. He has a psychology degree from the University of San Diego.

    Robbins’s personal journey has included circumnavigating the globe on a ship, helping build schools and houses in multiple countries, cage diving with great white sharks, encountering silverback gorillas in Rwanda, and working as a volunteer in underdeveloped regions. He supports a number of charities and nonprofits, such as the Change Heroes and the Pencils of Promise Foundation.






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    Bellator competitor, Ian Butler discusses his upcoming Bellator Debut

    in MMA

    Ian Butler will make his Bellator Debut on November 15th in San Diego, California at the Valley View Casino Center. Step into the mind of "The Silverback" just days before he returns to the cage. Find out what makes him tick and who influences his career as a professional mixed martial artist. The Funky Monkey MMA Radio goes in depth and covers all aspects in this intriguing interview. Peel back the curtain and go behind the scenes and into the mind of a professional MMA fighter.


    You can find us online at http://FunkyMonkeyMMA.com 

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    Today's show 8.21.14

    On the August 21st, a broadcasting of the Loisirslit’s Non-Profit Thursday Radio Show benefiting local and national non-profits. In addition to showcasing some of our city’s brightest movers and shakers in literacy, arts, theatre, music, fashion, and healthy living. Our guests today include Lloyd Dennis of Silverback Society, this is an organization that develops the capacity to recruit, train, motivate, support, coordinate and build teams of volunteers to serve in schools, here in NOLA and perhaps across America to help break the cycle of poverty and violence that is the result of un-led children.

    Additionally, we have the honor of chatting with Gordon Russell of The New Orleans Advocate. Mr. Russell is the managing editor of investigations at The New Orleans Advocate and was part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team that covered Hurricane Katrina. Also joining Loisirslit today is KatzKouture’s Kathleen Pichon. Kathleen Pichon is a Stylist who considers herself to be “Challenging, Fashionista, Intriguing,& Glamorous.” Our theatre spotlight is Director of Operations Eric Kullander from Southern Theatres.

    And today we are accompanied with our talented guest co-host Eileen Carter and our resident band and Dj BLacK PeaRl.