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    Today's Moonshine News

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    Alittle on still building, branding your own moonshine & mash in the winter.




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    Situation at hand, lack of response to call out, theorists, pot stirrers, family, friends, associates, communication and more....the mash up is serious & we are going to get into it with a limited amount of time.  I "challenge" all to come out of hiding and speak on any of the above....

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    How To Destroy Your Primary Relationships--The Easy Way

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    People often claim they want a quality relationship. However, if the truth were told, many do not even know where to begin. If they think the do they are relying upon old wives/husbands tales that have nothing to do with the WORD of GOD. So, listen in as Dr. Mike explains the relationship topic from an interesting view point. Asks Dr. Mike, “If you want to destroy yourself and the relationship you claim you desire, here’s how to do it!”

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    Frat House Saturday #15

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    It’s festive, fun, and frivolous. It’s another “relaxed” Frat House Saturday with Frat House Mike bringing you some of the BEST clips from this past week's Frat House Sports Radio Network.

    The Frat House Gang opened their Thursday program The Frat House Sports Show with a conversation about a possible upcoming Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather bout and whether that might bring boxing back to relevance. Boxing Day may be December 26th in Canada, but it could be May 2nd here in the U.S.

    There’s something about the holidays that bring out the little kid silliness in all of us including Jim and Frat House Mike on this week’s Inside the WarNest. They try talking Philadelphia Eagles football, but wound up going now “memory lane” numerous times. This IS a fun and funny one!

    NFL Week 16 brings you our standard Frat House Sports Show “4 Minutes of Football” feature followed by the gang’s NFL Picks-of-the-Week: Atlanta Falcons – New Orleans Saints / Kansas City Chiefs – Pittsburgh Steelers / Indianapolis Colts – Dallas Cowboys / Denver Broncos – Cincinnati Bengals.

    Finally, we bring you a bit more amusement compliments of Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender, Jonathan Bernier. (You’ve GOT to hear THIS!)

    Be sure to be there from the top of the show for FHS's famous Frat House Mike's Saturday Commentary! But, it’s also light, amusing, and festive to kick-off your holiday season.

    Give it a listen and be sure to give Mike a call at 347 – 826 – 9964 . . . because, he’s all by himself, and needs someone to talk to!

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    The BSD Basketbro Show! Episode 1.6: Duquesne And George Washington

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    Another week, another episode of the BSD Basketbro Show! This week, the guys are confused, because after narrowly beating Duquesne (or, rather, duqane) and beating up George Washington, Penn State hoops may actually be pretty good. Bill DiFilippo, Eric Gibson and Chad Markulics discuss the two games from this past week, preview the upcoming games to finish the non-conference slate against Drexel and Dartmouth, talk about some of the major players from the past few games -- we're looking at you, Geno Thorpe and Jordan Dickerson -- and try to answer a simple question: at 10-1 with votes in both the AP and Coaches polls, is Penn State basketball good? There's also the general silliness that comes from the podcast, but you already knew that. So sit down, turn your headphones up, and get ready for the latest episode of the best damn Penn State hoops podcast on the Internet.

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    No brain fight game ep.13

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    Reviewing and quick notes

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    No brain fight game Ep.1

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    debating is GGG legit?

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    The Madhouse Radio Network *WTF/Put That Ass On Blast "Mash Up Edition"*

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    People!!! We know that you ask yourself sometimes...WTF!!! Some people make you want to Put That Ass On Blast!!! So..tonight...The Madhouse Radio Network...will be doing just that!!! Nobody is safe tonight and they will not be holding anything back!! This world is just getting crazier and is filled with people that you just want to smack the hell out of!!! Its going to be off the chain!! Enjoy the show and Welcome inside of The Madhouse!!!

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    No brain fight game Ep.12

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    No brain Fight Game Ep.11

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    Preview of Pac/Algieri

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    RE:CONSTRUCTION @ The OMNI (Oakland, CA)

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    Music is Healing presents "RE:CONSTRUCTION" A celebration of life, community and culture, this 2-day multimedia performance arts event brings together many diverse collectives from across the Bay Area to mash it up and kick-off a crowd-funding campaign to bring back the Omni as a vibrant network of learning and commons.

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