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    Vampires, werewolves, zombies and Frankenstein dance to Monster Bash! INTERVIEW

    in Pop Culture

    Today's Guest: Mark Voger, author of 'Monster Mash: The Creepy, Kooky Monster Craze in America 1957-1972.'

    Order "Monster Mash" by Mark Voger: http://amzn.to/1E7Fncv 

    Key Interview Moments:

    • 8:45 Squaring a fascination with monsters such as Dracula against the teachings of the Catholic church;

    • 16:44 Monster memorabilia was the of many a childhood;

    • 25:50 Bill Cosby was genuinely scared to death of Boris Karloff when the star of many Universal monster flicks guest starred on an episode of "I Spy" in the 1960s.

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  • DTongRadio.com presents...'Conversations' w/ EDM music producer Vas Majority

    in Music

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    The Tax Admiral 1-800-750-8460


    DTong welcomes music producer Vas Majority to the show for another edition of 'Conversations'! We're also playing a 6 track feature from Vas for the 1st hour in which he'll discuss the production behind the tracks, his journey into music, & his upcoming projects.  Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vasmajority Also on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/vasmajority

    Track order is as follows:

    1. Fringe
    2. The Church of EDM
    3. Thumper Heroes
    4. Cinematic
    5. Tell Me [Why?]
    6. Faded One

    Also new music from:

    Petty Change 'Number Game'

    Gentre 'Winter'

    Daddy T 'Twist & Turn It'

    Michael Heaton 'All She Wrote'

    Loyd Brassfield 'Alright'

    BCG 'Ricochet Eyes'

    Advertising & Sponsorship: http://goo.gl/ioP6Hw

    Guaranteed Song Play & Promotion: http://goo.gl/4aD98w


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    My guest this week is Lins of Flying with Angels.

    in Paranormal

    Lins Harrison is my guest this week. She's got two questions for me. What could they be? I'll find out Tuesday. Will be fun. Life is what we make it out to be for all else. Will be a fun show for sure. Humanness is as quirky as it gets! There is also having fun in the mix of things. Please join me for some clarity of insight and a little silliness too. My friend Lins is wise and funny too.

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    WTF--is going on with authors Allyn Lesly and Navi' Robbins?

    in Entertainment

    Tune in to hear Kenitra, JoDee, and Shonda sit at the round table of silliness, and interview Allyn Lesly and Navi' Robbins. As always, you know it's going to be a BLAST!

  • The New and Improved LifeTalk Radio Show with Ken and Beth Show!

    in Fun

    The controversy surrounding who can use a restroom in America has sparked an international discussion.  We want a peice of that so this week we're talking about who gets to use the potty and who doesn't.  The American people seem to be more than a little squeamish when it comes to bodily excretions and secretions in general and pee and poop in particular.  It seems like so much silliness to most inhabitants of planet Earth who are have a much more practical attitude about bathroom sensibilities.  Join us for a discussion on this tittilating topic.  We're on-air tonight, Thursday 7/30/2015, 9:30PM PDT Don't miss it!

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    What Grinds Your Gears!!!! Tuesday on Real Talk All The Time!

    in Radio

    Real Talk All The Time presents...What Grinds Your Gears Tuesday!! That's right it’s time for our monthly mash up of what pisses off each and every day on this wonderful rock of ours. From being stuck in traffic, to those morons we all work with. From in-laws and baby mama drama to our daily commute. Real talk family call in and let us KNOW...What grinds YOUR GEARS!! Always we have the latest and greatest up to date Sports Commentary, Entertainment, and Politics, and our newly added segment the controversial 15 minutes! Hitting you with the controversial story or thought of the week. Always Real Talk Always keeping it 100. All The Time. Catch us on Stitcher radio, Itunes, and Blog Talk Radio. The call in to talk to the hosts is 347-637-3010 press 1 to talk to the hosts or just listen in. Listen from your browser, smart phone or any mobile device. Real Talk all the Time, 100% Real, Unpolished, Unrehearsed, Real Talk for Real People.

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    Working with the Spirit with Papa Lou: Trifling Tuesday Mash-up

    in Paranormal

    Tune in tonight at 9pm EST as Lady A and I host a discussion on random conjure and culture topics from the past week.  It'll be a little of this and a little of that so be sure and tune in because it's Trifling Tuesday and you never know WHAT we might say or play!

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    Summer Vibes Radio Xklusiv-Selekta®pt 1

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    Mi send on the music the drug and I am the dealer Xklusiv Selekta®. No event too far to reach from Jamaica to Bolivia. Mash up the party and slap whey the bar everybody know we a star. Everything wicked need rewind so we got you and dem too. Tune in and listen some of the latest tracks from Independent artist. Turn down for what. A party time, continent to continent, country to country, state to state. Promoting Independent artist allover the globe, over here all genres are welcome for review and play. Plus a sample of the new mixtape we dropping July 4, 2015. And some new dancehall music. Jamaica to California Cleveland to Miami. Big up all the massive and crew. Cruise2Fame Family......We still inna di building.

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    Disappointing Warm Market? When Lack of Support from those Who love you Sucks!

    in Marketing

    You launch your new biz and you are excited, and scared, and hopeful, and scared, and overjoyed, and scared – mostly scared.  You tell those you know love you, those you believe have your back, those you are confident want to see you succeed, and you get the opposite response.  You get negative back talk, you are counselled about the silliness of your recent move, and you may even get the suggestion to go find a nice, safe J-O-B.


    You are not alone, nor is this experience unique.  If you just joined an MLM, then this experience may even feel more painful when you add disdain, disgust, and disillusionment.

    When it comes to moving into an expanded life, expect the naysayers.  Even Jesus had this experience when he left carpentry to start his mission.  John 4:44 “Now Jesus himself had pointed out that a prophet has no honor in his own country.”

    This is NOT a boo hoo, oh whoa is me show.   This will be a reality check.  Get ready to wipe your eyes, develop some callouses, and learn how to ignore those who want to drag you down because they cannot see your big picture.

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    (WUN) Love Radio - Mash Up Monday

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    The Worldwide Underground Nation Radio  (WUN) was created on December 5, 2009. Our original format was athletes of color in action sports. Interviews, music, fashion and sports news were the key elements of (WUN) Love Radio. 

    As voices were raised by current social events the show began to grow and mature into a very successful radio program. (WUN) Love Radio has kept its underground ground roots by refusing offers from mainstream media outlets.

    Join us tonight as we discuss current events, surf news and music. Your host for this evening is the craziest female on radio - the Queen of Xtreme Rokki. Tune in at 12:00PM PST

    Catch us at www.wunmagazine.com or Twitter: WUNMagazine Facebook: (WUN) Magazine & (WUN) Love Radio