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    Black Lobbyists & Legislators: Slaves to Banksters & Corporations

    in Culture

    Global Peeks sits down with Bruce Dixon, Managing Editor of Black Agenda Report about the professional art of the sell out & influence peddling by Black political staffers turned lobbyists who sell themselves to the wicked bloodsuckers of the poor.

    Ever wondered what the staffers of Congressional Black Caucus members do after their stints on Capitol Hill?

    When black politics emanated from the streets, not the suites, it was a force against imperial war, for full employment, better housing and public education. But now, black politics is a hollowed out brand, an empty signifier deployed by black lobbyists and congress creatures to cover whatever their corporate donors want, while the black political class ceaselessly celebrates the civil rights era to renew its own legitimacy.

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    Reference Article By Bruce Dixon on the subject

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    "The Black Pope” Conspiracy

    in History

    From 7 to 8 pm Pacific Time on March 19, join historian Michael Hoffman as he discusses "The Black Pope," the Jesuit now known to the world as the new leader of Catholicism, Pope Francis.
    In the past the head of the Jesuit order has been referred to by friend and foe alike as "The Black Pope," as a signifier that the top Jesuit in the world had powers of command rivaling those of the pontiff himself. Now the Church is headed by a prelate who is both a Jesuit and the pope  -- a historic first. What does this portend for Christianity and the world?Are the legends about sinister Jesuit control true, or are they libels against an order that has often aligned itself with the poor and oppressed? How does all this relate to the alleged  "Malachi prophecy" which supposedly predicts that the new pope is "Peter Romanus," the last pope of all time?Tune into "On the Contrary" as we explore these fascinating issues.

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    Thesis (1986), Zee Charnoe, Part 52

    in Education

    . . . continuing from the middle of page 52 of 108 of the sub-section titled: Synopsis, Part I of II, from Zee Charnoe's 1986 thesis titled Language, Literacy and Intelligence: Made For Each Other ! ? . . .
    "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary, Most Extraordinary Craft . . . ", thanks to The Carpenters and associates for such a song during such an era. Each one of these radio sessions is a calling for greater presence, greater connection with all life.

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