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    Episode15: Phil the Shill

    in Culture

    No Hair? No Siren? We fill the gaps w Big Steve and Phil the Shill and yap Pajama Parties, Fireball and country music. Brought to you by way too much Rumchata.

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    Obama is a Leftist whimpy Muslim Brotherhood Shill

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    During his 2008 election campaign, Obama promised to repair whatever "damage" to America's popularity came about from the policies of George W. Bush. For instance Obama and the liberals wanted to appease the far-leftist Europeans, who believe that Israel is the biggest obstacle to world peace, as if they represent "world opinion." Yet Obama has not "restored" America's popularity. Even the Europeans are mad at Obama for spying. He is more concerned about whatever German Chancellor Angela Merkl says than he is about Iran developing nuclear weapons. The moment Rahouni was elected as the Supreme Leader's puppet i.e. President, despite his bragging that he was able to manipulate the world into looking the other way as Iran continues with their nuclear weapons development. And Obama has certianly not won popularity with liberal anti-Islamist Egyptians, as he was giving F-16s to Mohammad Morsi. When the Egyptian people got rid of him, then Obama stopped military aid to Egypt. And the liberal media just gives coverage of the crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood supporters. And Obama has been silent as Gazan people demanded that Hamas leave their neighborhood. Rather than encourage a revolt against Hamas, which is the real obstacle to peace, Obama, as well as the anti-Semitic internaitonal community, condemns Jews for building in Judea and Samaria [the "West Bank"]. Tune in, as I discuss these examples and more of Obama making America weaker and why I think he is the worst President America ever had since Jimmy Carter, who later became an apologist for Hamas, thusly making him today's version of a Nazi apologist [Hamas's charter calls for another Holocaust on the Jewish people].

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    Special Edition 10th Episode with Guest Host Greg Shill

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    Tune in for this special 10th edition of NP Soccer Talk.  With special guest host Greg Shill, and Nick Papadis as the guest, we will discuss the English Premier League title race and much more.  Be sure to listen as we talk about Sunderland, the UEFA Champions League Final, Ligue 1, La Liga, the World Cup and much more.

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    the magar hour exposes the growing number of psychic vampires among us

    in Social Networking

    did you know? alex jones is over 100 years old?

    listen NOW to find out how we know

    chazz razz n tom preps expose another coveted member of the youtube the shill network in this days rone filled adventure showing you the ins and outs of the mystery surrounding the alex jones clones  and the anti american propaganda being force fed to you by the alternitive media.
    this is not your moms amature droop hour
    this is the full rone all holy magars words from his mouth to your ears
    if you are scared of truth and reality turn off your electronic monitoring machine ahem your computer and go fap to some capt crunch ceral boxes

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    Madison Star Moon VS The King of the UK Trolls

    in Environment

    This is the show I have been anticipating for a long time now. Today we will be confronting chemtroll Peter Greenall. He is one of the worst debunkers and a thorn in every chemtrail activist's side. He has created numerous hate pages up to discredit and harass any activist that fights against chemtrails. He has trolled and stalked many of my friends as well. Today is the day he will finally be put in his place back under the bridge from whence he came. I invite EVERYONE to join us for what promises to be a great show.

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    UTA RADIO #006.5 - BURNING DOWN DA HOUSE! UTA + Extravaganza!

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    It's Sunday, we're bored... LET'S RADIO!

    Officially this is the wrestleuta.com radio show... but tonight Ben s opening it up for anyone who wants to join in and talk some God dman e-Wrestling! Come shill your shit, discuss your opinions and more!

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    Shillcraft 101: Fakes and Flakes in Alternative News

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    Tonight won't be nice but we will continue where we left off last night on the Shill Game in the American and UK Truther Movement post 9-11.

    Too many well meaning people and researchers are being lied to by these greedy shills in Alternative News who tell at best half-truths to hide many LIES.

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    Christine Bader- The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist on EGG Live!

    in Business

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Christine Bader. The original live interview was 05/09/14.

    There is an invisible army of people deep inside the world’s biggest and best-known companies, pushing for safer and more responsible practices. They are trying to prevent the next Rana Plaza factory collapse, the next Deepwater Horizon explosion, the next Foxconn labor abuses. Obviously, they don’t always succeed.

    Christine Bader was one of those people. She loved BP and then-CEO John Browne’s lofty rhetoric on climate change and human rights.

    Bader’s story of working deep inside the belly of the beast is unique in its details, but not in its themes: of feeling like an outsider both inside the company (accused of being a closet activist) and out (assumed to be a corporate shill); of getting mixed messages from senior management; of being frustrated with corporate life but committed to pushing for change from within.

    Christine Bader is also a Visiting Scholar and Lecturer at Columbia University, where she co-teaches a course on Human Rights and Business, and a Human Rights Advisor to BSR.

    Christine's website is http://christinebader.com/

    To order her book click HERE

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com







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    Benghazi: The Next Chapter

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    Let me reveal some bias here.  Even though I am doing this piece on Benghazi, because I feel I have something logical and common sense to say about it, I am also doing this because I will get a ton of response.

    My vocal right-wing friends will call me an Obama shill.  My left-wing friends will call me weak for caving into loud mouths.  And unfortunately, both sides will shade or distort so-called facts.

    That’s why I am in favor of the new special House investigation into Benghazi. It needs to be done.  But it needs to be done correctly.

    Here’s what we’ve seen so far.  It’s been all about the money.  Political money. Special interests wanting to put their person in the White House. From both sides.  Again we see -- there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.  Let me explain.

    I think there IS -- or could be -- something there -- in the horrible episode in Benghazi. And yes there needs to be an investigation.  First, four people died in service to our country.  Second, there are good indications that the Obama White House did change the talking points for political expediency – before the 2012 campaign. Sure, playing politics isn’t a shock.  But playing politics around the deaths of Americans is something we need to ask questions about.  And we also need to be suspicious of a White House that won’t work with the committee.

    From my research – through the maze of political bias – I am currently seeing this:  If there is a crime it is more a crime of incompetence and omission -- not corruption. 

    If there was gross and willful mismanagement that led to these deaths, then let the trials begin.

    But we should be just as suspicious of the Republicans as we are the Obama White House.

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    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro...More stupidity from FoxNews?

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    Once again your host will dig into the deeper psyche of the idiots who inform the idiocracy...democracy run by idiots.  Sean Hannity once again leaks the fumes of the deeply committed to a level of moron that is truly frightening.  To be a female pundit on FoxNews you must be a lawyer, be totally against any women's issues, be able to shill, flirt and suck up to the better paid, middle-aged, pauncy, pasty, white male hosts...and have totally bootylicious tata's.  Sexism my ass, this is about ratings.  And maybe a little internet commentary to my earthier followers.

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    in Spirituality

    Imagine a SuperComputer(SC) that is Balancing TimeLines;

    There Is A Hidden ControllersChair;That Satan has been Occupying,

    Thus SatansChair-SatansComputer. In Satans' Computer

    Coincidences Are Not Coincidences; They? Are Timeline Co-Incidents

    Balanced by SatansSuper Quanta Multiverse AI Computer Algorithms.

    Where We Are All 'Wired' in at Various Levels, Various Priorities

    As BioEnergetic Feedback Devices and Projectors/Progenitors.



    The Avatar can change TIME ANY TIME & so can you, Father Willing, If You were to pray correctly, using at least your PALMS FACING THE SUN!

    We are dealing with Satans Full Possession of Earth, The Atmosphere and Its Inhaitants.  IsItSoHardToImagine THE BIG LIE is all `about OBFUSCATING THE TRUE RETURN OF THE AVATAR, Destroyi>ng DISCERNMENT & STARTING NEW JERUSALEM IN THE WEST USInG A BAPHOMET god. Drilling,Draining&Burning the OIL of MotherGaiaMachine in the Atmosphere!!!, Satans Unexcelled Possession of Earth, The Atmosphere and Its Inhabitants. includes 'seizing' The Earth by drilling out the OIL (tectonic lubrication) and causing Earths Engine To SEIZE thus allowing for a Nibiru-style atmospheric BURNEDGOLDshell to be applied the Mothership-Slaveship…It Is Possible, that we are all Beings, shill-puppeted, misdirected at one time or another. Much of what I See is MKUltra CIA-Baphomet Possessions using Nephalim & Nano/Satellite Technology. TERROR GROUPS ARE MKULTRA'd thru the AI SUPERCOMPUTER.




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