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    in Prayer

    God expects HIS people to have a collective mindset. A mindset that is accepts the admonition to

    "be strong in the LORD and in the power of HIS might." Nothing can correct our battle attitude better

    than remembering this critical truth. We are to fight in GOD'S strength and power, not our own.

    Our weakness is actually to our advantage because the bible tells us that "My strength is made perfect in weakness."

    Many people give up because they see the enemy's attack as too much for them. Well! Quickly agree that it is too much for you

    so that GOD'S strength can take over. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.   

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    The Lord is our Strength

    in The Bible

    In this edition of the Bible Unfolded, we will be covering the Israelites; (So-called blacks, hispanics, and indians) connection with the Almighty God of Israel, which is our source of power and strength. We will show the reason why the so called minorities are in he impoverished, deplorable conditions we are in is  because we have forsaken our power; (The God of the Holy Bible and have followed other gods, which will not profit us in these las days, and to come back to God thru The Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ is how we will get our Power Back.

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    Strength & Italy in February

    in Spirituality

    For my meditations most of this month will be based on Strength and as we go through the year, I believe unless deterred for some reason or feelings I will follow Unity.org's 12 Powers for the year. Look for wisdom, power, love and imagination in the upcoming months.

    Our power this month is represented in the color green, spring green to be exact, and is situated in our loins. When I think of green, I see health and the green of trees, fields and progress. More than half my life I've had the call to go to Italy. When you see pictures of Italy isn't it always filled with the green rolling hills of Tuscany Valley, then the various tourist spots. Italy almost connotes a beautiful green tranquil destination.

    This morning come with me on our mind's eye journey of the Italian  Amalfi Coast. Release the stressors of the previous week or wedding planning for a walk along its beautiful lush green coastline, filled with flowers, green grass the water's edge and regain your strength.

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    Al Diaz, Deborah Morehead share their insights on Healing Our Core Wounds

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Deborah Morehead share their insights on Healing Our Core Wounds.

    Wednesday, December 9th  10am PST

    Deborah Morehead has 20 plus years in the expertise of helping people.  She is a highly trained leader, expert therapist and outstanding teacher.  She is the creator of Stop the Cycle, Sabotage to Success Relationship System.  This is an effective and efficient relationship methodology of which Deborah has condensed from her extensive education, tens of thousands of hours interacting with clients, 20 years of professional experience and a life time of personal experiences.

    Deborah has a unique gift of looking right into your heart, recognize your core needs and then help your transform yourself and your relationships into what you truly desire.

    To contact Al Diaz personally: al.diaz4love@gmail.com 


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    The Finding Your Strength Within Show

    in Spirituality

    This show is all about finding courage and strength within when facing adversity and through tough times...what I have learned by being an alchemist is to learn how to use your own inherent powers to create a new life each time you face adversity and to realize that you are never truly alone. So, join me for this important show about facing our greatest enemies--ourselves and learning to love and accept ourselves through thick and thin...namast

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    Bhyy: Yah is Our Strength

    in Culture

    Shalom ladies and welcome back.

    Tonight we will be discussing the importance of recognizing Yah's strength in our lives. Yah is all and with Yah we can do all and overcome all. Guest Call-In Number is: 347-633-9606

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    Our Downton Abbey Podcast: Ep. 6.6 "Series 6, Ep. 6"

    in Television

    Jack and Cyndi talk about Series 6, episode 6 of Downton Abbey. They are going to be podcasting about each episode based on the U.S. air schedule.

    Become a Jay and Jack Patron! Check out their Patreon page for more information at www.patreon.com/jayandjack.

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    Jesus Christ is our covering!

    in Christianity

    Jesus Christ is our covering! Do not be fooled by other coverings!



    https://www.facebook.com/groups/378836615607307/?ref=br_rs    Facebook support group

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    Christmas is now in our memory - how was yours? Why not call in and share...

    in Radio

    With NEW YEAR'S EVE coming next week--- what are you going to do to celebrate the New Year? Is there even an interest in celebrating or are you still caught up in an addictive behavior that drains ALL of the enthusiasm from your Family and Friends when you are around. Are you even Welcome? Or have you become an outcast in your current life - situation? What can be done? Where can you go for HELP?

    TUNE in this Sunday and EVERY SUNDAY from 7 to 9 PM CENTRAL STANDARD TIME (CHICAGO TIME CST) as we discuss these and other issues and options relating to recovery from our addictions. We are NOT Doctors or Therapists or Counselors even - however we have struggled with our own addictions and found HELP and SERENITY on a Daily Basis - and for the most part - IT WAS FREE! NO - COST NO- CHARGE! Where did we find it? Well for me I found it working a 12 Step Program in A.A. - It was and IS LIFE CHANGING / ALTERING! What I once thought to be a group of LOSERS turns out the only thing I lost - joining in and following in their footsteps - was my ACTIVE ADDICTIVE BEHAVIORS. HURRAY FOR ME!!

    TODAY I HAVE A NEW LIFE! One that I am proud of and I would love for you or anyone who wants to find this peace and serenity to tune in and not only listen - but to eventually call-in and share their own - YOUR OWN - Experience - Strength & Hope, that we're pretty sure you will find by following us and joining with us as we GROW TOGETHER IN OUR RECOVERY!

    Our call-in number is 323-580-5755 and we welcome ANY CALLERS with Questions / Comments / Perhaps even CRITICISMS - OR BETTER YET - PERHAPS YOU HAVE A STORY TO SHARE JUST LIKE MANY OF OUR PAST GUESTS / OR PAST CALLERS. Everyone wins when they / YOU - participate. OR Play back our show when it is a bit more convenient - as ALL our Shows are Archived. I / WE Look forward to helping you gain your life back - WE DID! ONE - DAY - AT - A - TIME! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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    Morning Coffee - Turning Your Stress Into Strength

    in Motivation

    Join us to get some inciteful tips on how you can take the negativity of stress and make it one of your biggest strengths to help you accomplish your goals. Dr. Patty will be sharing about how to recognize you are under stress, give you some techniques that may help you stop feeling stressed out and encourage you to devise a plan on how to use stress as a means to make your dreams come alive.

    7:30 am, "Morning Coffee," host Dr. Patty Fitzhugh:

    Grab a cuppa joe for your body, while Dr. Patty's inspirational messages fire-up your mind!

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    Our Downton Abbey Podcast: Ep. 6.4 "Series 6, Ep. 4"

    in Television

    Jack and Cyndi talk about Series 6, episode 4 of Downton Abbey. They are going to be podcasting about each episode based on the U.S. air schedule.

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