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  • 02:38

    W&T Welcome Female Metal Writers, and Never Fire

    in Rock Music

    We have Emma from Femetalism and Christiana from Sonic Cathedral join us to discuss their work as well as their subject matter: Female metal, and how incredible the genre has become. Especially since the genre is so incredibly popular overseas. We want more of that in the United States. We will also be playing music from bands we have had on in the past with female singers. Riseback, Terminatrx, Severnica, and maybe more.

    But first, we will be joined by our buddies in Never Fire to give us an update. They are a very young band, and we are following their progress as they grow as a band. 

    Due to the fact that this show will span half the planet, (Christiana is in California, Emma is in England) its at a special time. 5PM Eastern.

    This is the schedule:
    5 - 5:35, Will and Thunder's Metal News Segment 
    5:35 - 6:05, Never Fire 
    6- the end, Emma and Christiana