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    A Wabi-Sabi Interview with Serena Barton

    in Art

    Serena Barton blends her long career as a Licensed Counselor with her passion for art. Visual art was her first love as a child. Eventually this gave way to theater, then to her work as a counselor and raising children. Serena rediscovered her desire to make art after her first trip to Italy.  She taught herself to paint and create mixed media work in her forties, earning her the right to insist that it is never too late to delve into what inspires us. 
    Her new book, Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop: Mixed Media Techniques for Embracing Imperfection and Celebrating Happy Accidents is currently #! in Mixed Meida on Amazon!
    Serena continues to show and sell her work in galleries and online. Her business, 'The Art of Your Life' provides creativity/art workshops at national and international art retreats. 

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    Real Talk with Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton

    in Lifestyle

    This is going to be a great show tonight with Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton Founder and Executive Director of The Fatherless Generation Foundation headquartered in Atlanta Georgia.

    On this episode of In Life Now, Dr. Evans-Barton is going to engage us in "girl talk!"

    Ladies this show is dedicated to Y-O-U so get sit back, get comfortable, and get in on the conversation...

    About Dr. Torri J. Evans-Barton:

    "A transplant from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Torri J. Evans-Barton currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she is the Founder & CEO of The Fatherless Generation Foundation. Growing up in a single parent household, Torri faced many adversities adding tremendous devastation to her life emphasizing the fact she needed her father.

    This burden burning on the inside of Torri J. Evans-Barton caused her to realize there were others who are growing up fatherless just like her who desire reconciliation with their absent father. Her desire has now turned into a full time mission of “healing the broken places the fatherless experience has created” through her nonprofit, The Fatherless Generation Foundation Inc.  Launched in 2009, TFGF is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia reuniting fathers and their children by providing the resources and services that strengthen, support, and elevate the commitment to fatherhood and family values. Their services include Husband & Wife Team Mentor Teams, Peer Groups hosted in The Boys & Girls Clubs of America in 10 cities, Tutoring, but at the helm of the organization is Commitment to Fatherhood Program; the mediation process taking place reuniting biological fathers back into the lives of their children!"




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    Serena Washington, CEO 2 Covenant Mogul Publishing

    in Women

    Tune in today, March 9th @ 12 Noon Eastern as host and business success coach, Trina Newby interviews featured guest, Serena Washington, CEO, 2 Covenant Mogul Publishing.

    Learn how Serena pushed through her obstacles to become a Supernatural coach and help other women to publish their story or self-publish their own book!

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    Is the Sacrificial Goat the fate of Serena Jade's life or is it the Scapegoat?

    in Spirituality

    The Goats at Sinai-the day is Yom Kippur-the day of Atonement.The Sacrificial/Scapegoat atones for the sins of the community. This is Serena Jade's life but is it her fate?

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    ScreenPicks Movie Reviews: Get Hard, While We're Young, Serena

    in Movies

    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review three new films. First, we look at the new Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart jail-centric comedy Get Hard. Then we review the new Noah Baumbach movie While We're Young, starring Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, and Amanda Seyfried. Finally, we review the third film starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. This one is called Serena. 

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    The BYGP Locker Room Show (Taylor Barton)

    in Football

    Join us, in the BYGP Locker Room, as we take the opportunity to talk to quarterback guru, Taylor Barton! Coach Barton, has a wealth of football and business knowledge, that he wants to share with our audience in this episode. 

    Coach Barton, was a high school phenom in the late 90's, breaking many of Oregon's state passing records and becoming the states Gatorade Player of the Year. He went on to have a solid career at the university of Washington, after initially sigining with the university of Colorado and then played one season of junior college ball.

    Coach Barton, currently owns and runs, Barton Football Academy, which is one of the premier football academy's on the West Coast. Tune in, to hear tips and advice to help your football journey. Don't miss out!


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    Serena - Noir City Video Editor

    in Art

    Serena Bramble is a film officianado with a love of classic films. She expressed her love of Film Noir by create a montage called Endless Night and just like Lana Turner she got discovered. Film Noir Foundation, a California based film society, found her video on You Tube. They were so blown away by her editing skills that they created an award just so they could acknowledge her talent. Serena is a perfect example of someone following her passion for editing and got her work recognized by the mainstream film loving community.

    The Endless Night: A Valentine to Film Noir
    Brief Encounters of the Cinematic Kind (Serena's Blog)



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    Bert Martinez joined by Dr. Clotaire Rapaille, Tim Majka and Dr. Serena Reep

    in Business

    Dr. Clotaire Rapaille internationally known expert in Archetypal Marketing, Creativity and Innovation. His unique approach to marketing combines a psychoanalyst’s depth of analysis with a businessman’s attention to practical concerns. He has written more than fourteen books. His most popular book, The Culture Code was #9 on the bestseller list of Business week and has been translated in twelve languages. Dr. Rapaille’s technique for market research has grown out of his work in the areas of psychology, social psychology, psychoanalysis and cultural anthropology.  

    Tim Majka Best Selling Author, Broker Associate & Licensed Attorney. He has dedicated the past 12 years to immersing himself in the real estate market and developing systems to ensure that home buyers and sellers receive the best representation. Tim is the co-author of the best selling book "Cracking The Real Estate Code" and has a real estate video blog at www.LongBeachRealEstateVideoBlog.com. He is the founding principal of Tim Majka Real Estate Experts and broker associate with Keller Williams Coastal Properties in Long Beach, California.  

    Dr. Serena Reep President of Transformational Communications. She is an ex-College Professor, communication and relationship management coach, corporate project management trainer,author and motivational speaker. She considers herself a social entrepreneurand likes to promote social causes in all her ventures. She received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology. Her specialization is Social Structure and Personality. She spent eight years as a Professor at Rutgers University, and hasbeen a consultant in the corporate world for almost two decades

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    Interviewing The Divas ... with Guest, Serena Shah

    in Women

    "Interviewing the Divas ....."


    Join Diva Candace Gish today, Thursday Feb. 19th, as she interviews fellow Diva, Serena Shah. They will talk about being a female entrepreneur, wife, mother and community member.


    Serena Shah

    Arbonne Independent Consultant

    Executive District Manager

    ID# 115583321




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    Dolly McCarthy interviews Violinist Rachel Barton Pine

    in News

    Dolly McCarthy interviews Rachel Barton Pine

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    Master Shunya’ & Master Robert’s Soul Healing Miracles Journeys

    in Spirituality

    About Master Shunya Barton: With more than 25 years of experience in teaching and healing, Master Shunya offers students great wisdom & a deep understanding of the spiritual journey.

    He is known around the world for his sincere heart & ability to connect, with great compassion and love, to those on the spiritual path.

    As a Divine Channel and Certified Divine Direct Soul Communicator with access to the Akashic Records, Shunya offers Soul Healing & Divine Services, including Karma Cleansing, to individuals wanting to expand & accelerate their spiritual journey, and to organizations wanting to remove blockages to success. Available for: Personal consultations, Soul readings & Spiritual-based counseling; Soul Healing & Therapeutic Soul Healing Massage & Organizational team-building and strategic planning & Group workshops, classes, seminars, retreats, blessings & healings.

    Email: talktomastershunya@gmail.com

    About Master Robert Feda: Master Robert Feda is recognized wherever he travels for his exceptional Heart and service to others.

    As a Divine Channel and Divine Direct Soul Communicator, he carries a strong, gentle presence of love, compassion and lights that immediately comforts, calms and heals. Whether offering healing blessings, leading classes, or reading the Akashic Record, those who seek his services are held calmly and serenely in the strength of his Divine Presence.

    Master Robert has taught Soul Healing workshops and retreats in Colorado, Hawaii and Italy. He is sought out for his warmth and heart-filled teaching style in the mission of joining all hearts and souls together as One.

    To connect with Master Robert, please email him at Robert.Feda@drsha.com or call 808.228.9446.

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