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    Big Announcement and "If I was Commissioner"

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    We have a huge announcement from Section148 coming on later in the show.

    First we have essays from Nick Clementi and Tike Narry talking about what they'd do if they were Commissioner in response to Rob Manfred's latest comments about banning the shift. Adam and I will discuss all the provisions given by both guys and tweet us your thoughts.

    Stay tuned for the big announcement later in the show. We're very excited about it!

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    The Oakland A's Hell Week

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    Adam and Wes will be doing their best to capture the awful week of A's baseball that unfortunatley came upon us. Is it time to hit the panic button? Was this stretch of games just bound to happen? Will the A's recover in time ahead of the monster series against the Angels?

    We will also preview the Mets series. How vital is it for the A's to win both games of this 2 game set? Bartolo won't be pitching in front of the Coliseum crowd, but are you excited to see Bartolo in person?

    Also, Section 148 has just begun the preorders for their latest t-shirt "By Fans, For Fans," aka "B3F" and order now and you'll be entered to win a Jose Canseco autographed baseball. Photos of the men's and ladies versions of the shirt are included in the slide show. http://www.section148.com/product/by-fans-for-fans

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    The Aftermath Of The Deadline

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    If you thought the July 4th trade was big, we obviously had no idea what was going to happen next. Lester and Gomes coming to Oakland for Cespedes? Adam and Wes got it all covered on this incredible trade deadline.

    Also, there was the stupid Rays trading David Price to Detroit. We've got it all for you guys, and please don't be shy and call in.


    Also, please checkout or sponsor section148.com. Get the "Ask Your GM" shirt now until midnight just use the code: "BILLY" at checkout. Here's the link http://www.section148.com/product/ask-your-gm

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    National League? Please, In Need Of Real Challenge

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    We breakdown the A's National League trip. Then we talk about a few headlines.


    At 8:20, we will talk about the Josh Reddick/Nate Freiman/Kyle Blanks situation and what it means for the A's going forward.

    At 8:40, we will be talking about Jed Lowrie's struggles. How concerned should we be?

    And of coourse at 9:00 we will be previewing the Tigers series.

    We encourage everyone to call in, because @omar01 is hosting a #HiddenFosse giveaway. The best caller on the show will receive a 1975 Topps Ray Fosse A's baseball card.

    And of course, check out our latest shirt celebrating the 1989 sweep. Buy this shirt before July 5th and you'll be entered into a raffle that will be giving away a Dave Stewart autographed ball.

    https://www.facebook.com/events/1466132713627899/ Here's a link to Section148's BBQ on July 5th. If you're interested please go ahead and join!

    Phone lines will be open throughout the show, so please call in or tweet us at @GJDRadio or @RFWes @mjoven1975 @RFWavekiller

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    One Hit? One Run? No Runs? What?

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    We're here to give you more baseball talk as we cover the A's wild week and also preview the HUGE homestand against our nemesis, the Tigers and division rivals, the Angels. Angels fan and expert, Daniel Green will be joining us at 9:30 to talk about his team.

    Phone lines will be open starting at 8:20 we want to hear from you about your thoughts on the bullpen issues, offensive struggles. And at 9:00, we want to know what scares you the most about the Tigers?

    This broadcast is brought to you by Section148.com! Check out the great A's inspired t-shirts that are on the site.

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    The Sweep Escape

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    We're all over the week that was in A's baseball.

    What did we think of Derek Norris' continued rampant pace?

    Drew Pomeranz' great start?

    Or The Great Escape that was the 9th inning on fireworks night?

    We're all over it.

    We also tackle the White Sox series preview and take your calls! 

    Also, check out Section148.com and use the code BEATNATS and take advantage of 20% off of all gear for the rest of the night.

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    Opening Week: Rain, Boos, and Baseball

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    Wes Mills is joined by Ethan Kassel (@marleaufan12) as he is filling in for Adam who couldn't make it tonight. Our guest host is Nick Clementi (@NClementi24). We will be talking about the week that was from around the league with first impressions. Then we will be talking about the A's roster issues with the decision coming up about keeping Sam Fuld or Daric Barton when Craig Gentry gets off the DL. We will also be talking about the first base platoon situation. Followed by a preview of the Twins series. 

    We will be giving out one free PLATOON t-shirt from our sponsors at section148.com at 9:00. The first person to call in and answer an A's trivia question will win the t-shirt

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