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    Ascension Center Church Org Universal Life Metaphysicians Panel

    in Spirituality

    Ascension Center Church ACE MEtaphysicians who know that Alien Civilizations Exist and we share the belief in our soul and that we are immortal. We have a mission statement with the ACO as Ascension Center Organization and ACE Folklife Society and together we share a support group and a radio ministry on Sundays and Wednesdays. We share as Universal Life Minister and Life Coaches.

    Founders are Theresa J Morris, Thomas A Sinisi, and Bill M Tracer. Diana McClintic

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    Spiritual Transformation with Christopher & Nenari, Princess of the Sea

    in Spirituality

    Join Christopher as he welcomes back Nenari ~ Princess of the Sea for another powerful spiritual discussion!

    During this show, listen in as we chat about how you can transform your life today and be your true spiritual self! Listen for some ways and exercises on how can you begin transforming yourself today and experience positive daily living and a state of spiritual oneness like never before!

    We'll also learn more about Nenari's very recent personal story of transformation, which is a story of strength, courage and divine guidance from Above. Nenari has a very special story to share about her recent experiences of transformation that you'll want to hear!

    Visit Christopher online at http://www.reburn.org

    Visit Nenari online at http://www.diamondlady.net 


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    Ascension CENTER Church Org Metaphysical ACO w/TJ Morris & Friends

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    We the people of the ACO - ACE Folklife Historical Paranormal Society invite all to their Metaphysical Ascension CENTER Church Org meeting every SUNDAY 7-9 Central Time. CALL IN is 347-945-7207. Host it Theresa J Morris, and Co-Hosts are Bill M Tracer, Thomas A. Sinisi (Tommy Hawksblood), Diana McClintic, Tom Greiner,Robert West and many friends who are sharing their speechcraft. We share a support group of the social paranormal kind. Theresa (TJ) Morris is Host. We encourage others to speak out about their awakening consciousness, communication of education through sharing information. We enjoy sharing our clues and views of the Ancient Astronauts and New Thought Teachings in this universe of the Cosmos. We are authors, artists, agents, consultants, organizers, engineers, astronomers, physicists, antrhropologists, archaeologists, researchers, supporters, volunteers, writers, artisans, crafters, co-creators, radio show hosts, web masters, and we make up the cyberspace community as metaphysicians sharing this place in space on a small planet we call home! We talk about the fact that there is a body-mind-spirit sharing the birth-life-death process and what that means to each of us who care to dare and share their own personal supernatural experiences and thoughts inside their heads and outside as words. We speak about communication and why we are here sharing time and space! We are always researching the why people do what they do and we hope to keep the elite in power and leadership in line with what is good and right including being law abiding citizens. The Ascension Center Church Org is a place to share at our various locations including in cyberspace communities we all gravitate too. Take what fits your energy resonating at a certain frequency and leave the rest for others to find on their own Ascension Age Path! There are many of us who share in PANEL DISCUSSIONS! Come JOIN US! See http://ascensioncenterchurch.org and http://theresajmorris.com,

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    Metaphysical Balancing Life by Ascension Center Church Org

    in Spirituality

    We will examine our love for life and the fractal life we live in specific tasks we choose daily. Energy flows where our thought goes. Energy in all of us is what we share online in the critical mass mind. Many of us are learning to study that which makes us better at being "US IN THE WE". We desire to meet and share who we are and that we each function and are functional. Bill M Tracer of Cordova, TN shares our energy and fortean times with Host Theresa who goes by TJ. Both are Universal Life Ministers and share the Ascension Cosmos Internet Radio as ACIR. Bill and TJ do the MidSouthCon.org annually to promote the paranormal track in Memphis, TN at the Memphis Hilton in March.  Amad Painter of Georgia.

    Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris has asked certain people to share in our own co-creations in life so we know about each other. We are meeting new people in the EVENT GATHERING of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE METAPHYSICIANS.

    Ascension Centers organizing a church for metaphysicians to share life.

    Spiritual evolution and the inner meaning of the Egyptian mysteries is part of our spiritual path that involve

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    Alien Contact Org Members w/ TJ Morris, Janet Kira GLOBAL PYRAMID CON

    in Entertainment


    WE WILL SHARE GLOBAL PYRAMID CONFERENCE SCHEDULE MAY 13-15 2016 for those who may be interested in learning about pyramids.

    WE ASK FRIENDS IF THEY WANT TO COME ON TONIGHT! CALL IN 347-945-7207 and share some facts you know about pyramids

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    Matthew 14:22-33 - The Raging Sea

    in Christianity

    Join Emmanuel's Cottage Ministries "A JOURNEY IN THE WORD," broadcast here on blogtalkradio.com, as we discuss Matthew 14:22-33 - "The Raging Sea".  In our own storms, we find it hard to hear God's voice.  We question whether or not God is really near and if he will save us.  

    This morning's will enlightened a lot of hearts and minds to unanswered questions of God's presence with you during your storm. 

    If you would like to send us your questions or comments about our program, please email us at emmanuelscottage@gmail.com or send us a message here on blogtalkradio.com.  

    Service  Times:

    Sabbath Services - Saturday  11:00 am

    Bible Study - Wednesday 7:00 pm till 8:30pm          

    For more information, email us at: emmanuelscottage@gmail.com or Give us a call at (478) 412-0334.

    You can also get more information about our ministry at www.emmanuelscottage.webstarts.com.

    We thank you for your continued support as listeners and pray for your encouragement in the word of God; for your salvation to stay steadfast and be unmoveable in Christ Jesus.  Pastor Gina Callaway, God bless

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    Cosmos Radio Org Experiencers and Historians Paranormal Phenomenology

    in Entertainment

    Author, Neal Vanderstelt Interview-

    Karen Christine Patrick - Theresa J Morris - Janet Kira Lessin - Comparative Sociology -.

    Cosmos Radio Organization presents the Organization of various people who are coming together to share their own minds with the clues and views that are becoming our own reality. We are basing our future on what we do with our energy on the planet. We will discuss the clues and views that are leading us to a new place in the future. Share your time with us and learn about these people who are willing to share their own mysterical life path as a journey into the future. Mission driven spiritual communication of information they are willing to share with each other that was once taboo. We have various groups incuding the Alien Contact Org, Asccension Center Spiritual Network, Ascension Psychics, ERA COP,  conspiracy theory shows. ACO UFO Club and many members in our social meda groups on Facebook who either listen or participate. We want to know more about each other. Theresa J Morris, Janet Kira Lessin, Karen Christin Patrick, and friends will be hosting and co-hosting future paranormal and shares on the Cosmos Radio Organizatio shared with itunes and others.  TJ Morris ET Radio and Aquarian Radio are Affiliate Co-Marketing.

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    Discovery's Bering Sea Gold's Opera Singing Gold Miner Emily Riedel

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Bering Sea Gold's Opera Singing Gold Miner Emily Riedel.

    New Season Premieres Wednesday, March 30 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery 

    Emily is Nome, Alaska’s first and only female captain. She dives to the bottom of the frigid Bering Sea -- under thick sheets of ice -- looking for gold nuggets.   Even more interesting, she’s an aspiring opera singer.  And hopes to earn enough money to go professional. Here is a clip to see her in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3Es853VJRo

    (Los Angeles, Calif.) – How do you land the biggest cleanup in BERING SEA GOLD history?  In short: gamble.  It’s the start of the summer mining season, and the dredgers of Nome, Alaska, face a new reality. With gold on the trusted Tomcod claim growing scarce, the miners risk everything to strike pay dirt. From state-of-the-art technology to untested remote claims, millions of dollars have been invested, which means the miners of BERING SEA GOLD face pressure like never before. It’s now or never when BERING SEA GOLD returns for an all-new season on Wednesday, March 30 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery.


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    Alien Contact Org Panel Discussion w/ Theresa J Morris & ACO Friends.

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    Theresa ""TJ" Morris Host, Janet Lessin of Hawaii is Co-Host, invite Barry Strohm, author of Aliens Among Us, and Afterlife.Revolution Radio -Wally Ladd & Thomas Becker known as Amad Painter join us from the Cosmos Connection from the last show with TJ on freedomslips.com

    Robert West of the ACO in WIsconsin will share 2nd Hour. We invite Researchers and Authors to share with our regular Panel. Ladies like Diana McClintintic and her friend Sandy (727)  Rev. Raven of Florida join us! Awakening Spiritual Bliss is fun! "Author's of their Own Life Stories!" Each person has their own free will to define their own life truth. Theresa J Thurmond Morris aka TJ Morris shares her life time as a Life Coach. TJ is mission driven to share the Ascension Age and in this time or ERA she shares communication as speechcraft with her friends. Friends as Facebook social media friends find her online and share time on the radio shows archving their history together. Many are asked to meet TJ at various events as authors to share their writing and PR skills.

    TJ is the founder of the ACO which is an acronym for her clubs - Alien Contact Org - Ascension Center Org - Authors Club Org.

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    Ascension Center Church Org . Metaphysical souls - Universe -Lightworkers Panel

    in Spirituality

    We are all spiritual warriors and God has noreligion.  Spiritual Ministries online are growing. Ministers enjoy sharing here. Theresa J Morris and Bill M Tracer meet here weekly with our Ascension Center Church Organization. TJ founded the Ascension Center  on spiritual growth and educational awareness. We are the authors of our own life stmovie Matrix/ory. We share our time what little we have together. We are co-creations and are sharing our future now. Our energy flows where are interest goes! How much are we in controls of the future of Ascension Age and awakening spirits? What is our mission here. What is a soul purpose? Who is awake after the 12 21 12 and what will we do together now?