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    Her Unfolding Journey with guest Michael Schuessler

    in Spirituality

    Mark Semple is a spiritual relationship Coach who is passionate about supporting women in achieving true fulfillment in today's world. Mark creates a safe space for women to embrace their Divine essence, discover their inner self and walks alongside as they unfold on their journey. Call 646-200-4169
    Michael Schuessler is the author of the top selling book, The Holy G-rail. He also is the CEO of Holy G and Holy G Wear.    He is also the Denver Sex and Sensuality Expert. He is changing the world one orgasm at a time, with his book, The Holy G-rail
    Michael  is also an artist whose work has been showcased all over the world and owns an art gallery- Schuessler Studios.com  Voted the top 5 art studios in Denver by CBS channel 4. Right now his work can be viewed at the local store, ConneXions in Littleton CO Michael has been interviewed by many national and international magazines and radio shows including  The Susan Block radio show out of LA as well as Playboy Radio (Tiffany Granath's radio show "Afternoon Advice" and Christy Canyon's show "Night  Calls"--he has been on Playboy radio on 4 separate  occasions). Sex with Emily, Host Emily Morse.  Locally, in Denver he has been on The Uncle Nasty Radio show 106.7 FM, The Lewis and Floorwax Radio (103.5 FM The Fox) show and the Kim Iversen Show "Your time with Kim". (105.9 FM) Michael resides in Denver Colorado. You can visit his website at www.theholyg-rail.com. More about Michael Schuessler: http://www.holygwear.com/j15/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3&Itemid=5  

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    2.28.11 Michael Schuessler Unforgettable Facebook Connections with Cheryl Resnick

    in Social Networking

    Michael Schuessler is the author of the top selling book, The Holy G-rail. He is the CEO of Holy G and Holy G Wear (R) and the Denver Sex and Sensuality Expert for Examiner.com . He writes a weekly Q&A column, "Ask Michael". Michael has been interviewed by many national and international magazines and radio shows including The Susan Block radio show out of LA as well as Playboy Radio (Tiffany Granath's radio show "Afternoon Advice" and Christy Canyon's show "Night Calls". As well as 'Your Time with Kim" with Host Kim Iversen. Michael now does phone consultations 1-855-465-9448 (1-855-holyg4U) This Holy G is for you! Michael resides in Denver Colorado. In his spare time he works on his Fine Art and his Photography.
    The Holy G-rail is available at www.holygwear.com www.holyg-rail.com and www.amazon.com

    I am "Changing the world One Orgasm at a time!"

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    Interview With Michael Schuessler

    in Lifestyle

    Nov. 1 is for ADULTS ONLY. Open discussion about SEX with Michael Schuessler, author of the Holy  G-rail, columist and artist.    Michael is known as the Sexual Healer!
    Do you have an opinion, a question, comment or a subject you would like to share with others and get back their answers or comments? Do you like what is going on in the world today? We want to hear your comments, thoughts and ideas. Nancy Wallace will host this program each week with a topic or idea that will be open for discussion. Nancy wants to know 'WHAT Do YOU THINK'. You have a right to let us know what YOU think. Let yourself be heard. Nancy will cover a variety of topics each week on her program. Don't miss out on your opportunity to be heard. However, this is not for Bashing anyone or anything. Just your views, comments and ideas in a very constructive way.

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    Best of Nancy Wallace with Michael Schuessler

    in Lifestyle

    An author, photographer, painter, and student of the Kabbalah residing in Colorado.
    His many artistic works represent the sensuality, passion, and movement of all forms. Michael’s paintings, photography, and writing mirror his belief that all beauty is an expression of the One Self. Thus Ladies and Gentlemen he has found the "Holy Grail"- or rather it has found him. As Creation flows forth through him, this simple system of "relations" has also come forth like a lightning bolt from the Heavens. He gives thanks for the knowledge and inspiration given to him and eagerly shares it with you.
    Nancy Wallace interviews Michael Schuessler. This program originally aired on 11-16-08.

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    THE ATTITUDE SHIFT w/ Dr. Paul Drew, Beth Colt & Michael Schuessler

    in Self Help

    Dr. Paul Drew's promo material says he can make you look glamorous and it's not the dress that makes you look and feel like you're walking down the red carpet, it's your body. We'll find out what celebrities have the best and the worst posture. Pay attention to TV shows this week and make your own list and see if your list matches Dr. Drew's. Find out how to make a lasting impression on those you meet in social and business situations. Even Marilyn Monroe took posture lessons to improve hers and shift people's attitude about her.
    Also this week we'll tackle a controversial topic with one of our guests from a previous show, author of the Holy G-Rail, Michael Schuessler, who's Facebook page and fan base of over 2000 was deleted in an instant. Why? We'll find out and talk it out with him.
    As the evening winds down we talk to the designer of fine felted handbags, Beth Colt, who left the lights of Hollywood for a simper life and find out why the shift in attitude? What it's meant for she and her family? And how different life is today compared to the way of life she left behind in California? Check out her blog and her famous Beth Colt bags favored by celebs like Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jennifer Garner- http://bethcolt.blogspot.com/

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    THE ATTITUDE SHIFT w/ Lara Starr, Clint Arthur, Michael Schuessler

    in Self Help

    Around for another tour in our virtual red vette is The Butter King of Las Vegas, Clint Arthur, and leader of the stellar program, The Last Year of Your Life....helping people discover what they would do if this was the last year of their life.

    Oh yeah babayyyyy... and this week's show will get your blood pumping. The topic is SENSUALITY, with author of The Holy G-Rail, Michael Schuessler. No worries we'll keep it clean. Michael is a sensuality coach so be sure to tune in tune up your sensual side.

    And... well food is a passion for many so we've got the co- author of The Frugal Foodie Cookbook: Waste-Not Recipes for the Wise Cook. – Lara Starr on board to talk about her new book. Lara never lets a limited budget get in the way of a good meal! A former cookbook publicist, Lara worked with a constellation of culinary stars on award-winning cookbooks, arranging coverage in hundreds of media outlets including The Today Show, Food Network, Lifetime, CNN, Bon Appetit, The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. The co-author of The Party Girl Cookbook, Lara has offered advice on easy, affordable cooking and entertaining on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and web sites throughout the US and Canada.

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    John Schuessler, NASA and UFOs

    in Paranormal

    John Schuessler was a founding member of MUFON. He was the second International Director and is still a board member. Schuessler spent many years working in the space industry and for NASA. It was during a Gemini mission that he discovered astronauts were having UFO sightings. This is was his impetus to investigate UFOs.

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    9.13.10 Michael Schuessler Unforgettable Facebook Connections with Host Cheryl Resnick

    in Social Networking

    Michael Schuessler an artist, sexuality life coach, and the author of the Top selling book, “The Holy G-rail”. (G-spot, R-relating, A-anatomy, I-into, L-lovemaking) (Booksurge 2007).

    He believes all women are The Holy Grail and should be treated as such. The Holy G-rail shows the dualities between the fabled "HOLY GRAIL" and the beautiful women that are within our presence daily.

    He is also the Denver Sex and Sensuality Expert for Examiner.com and writes a weekly Q&A column for them.

    Michael has been interviewed by many Local, National and International magazines and radio shows including; The Susan Block radio show out of LA as well as Sirius 198 PLAYBOY Radio's "The Afternoon Advice Show" with -Host- Tiffany Granath and "Night Calls" with -Host- Christy Canyon. Locally he has been on shows like, 106.7 KBPI "The Uncle Nasty Show" and 105.9 Alice "Your time with Kim Iverson" just to mention a few."

    (Websites where you can purchase the book and my art site)

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    Lady Eros & Author, Michael Schuessler Grapple the G-Spot!

    in Romance

    Lady Eros interviews Author, Michael Schuessler about an amazing little book called "The Holy G-Rail"...Guys, don't miss this one!

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    WTF Radio - with Guest Michael Schuessler, Author of the Holy G-Rail (Finding the G-Spot)

    in Lifestyle

    Join us as we discuss the quest for finding the G-Spot with our guest Michael Schuessler, Author of the best selling book "The Holy G-Rail" and of course we'll discuss people, places, things and events that make you wonder what the...?

    This and more along with a surprise here and there, just to keep it interesting! You never know what your going to hear, so join us for the mild to the wild to the unexpected! Visit our MySpace sites and read our BLOGS prior to the show. Register with BlogTalkRadio and participate in our chat room while the show is on LIVE!

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    Harvard scholar Randall Kennedy, columnist Ginia Bellafante, Julie Bosman and Jennifer Schuessler. S

    in Books

    This week, Harvard scholar Randall Kennedy discusses racial politics in America in his new book, “The Persistence of the Color Line”; columnist Ginia Bellafante talks about the new book club she’s starting at the Times; Julie Bosman has notes from the field; and Jennifer Schuessler has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is the host.

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