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    PIJN News: Political Islam - Interview with Bill Warner - Part 2

    in Religion

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * Muslim extremists in Iraq and Syria are raping Christian women if they don’t pay a Dhimmi tax or wear a head scarf.
    * Does the Quran teach that it is okay to rape non-Muslim women?
    * Interview with Bill Warner on political Islam.


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    How to Produce & Manufacture Your Designs w/ Nekz Creator Raquel Graham Crayton

    in Business

    Wealthy Sistas® Radio                                                                                

    Connecting Business with People, Stories, and Music


    THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Former VP of Marketing of Johnson Publishing, Raquel Graham Crayton, is the Founder/CEO of ROQ Innovation and the Creator of the hottest new trend in practical fashion, Nekz.

    Wealthy Sistas® Radio, is a production of Wealthy Sistas® Media Group, Each week the host Deborah Hardnett interviews extraordinary business owners who share their real life, uncensored and uncut stories of triumphs and mishaps on their journey. Each show is packed with sound business concepts that offer solutions to business professionals globally. And is intertwined with some of the greatest R&B music of all time. Listeners will find Wealthy Sistas® Radio show both informative and inspirational and entertaining.

    Wealthy Sistas® Media Group – Promoting Positive People

    Learn more about our Host Deborah Hardnett and services at wealthysistasmedia.com

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    Nancy Drew, What Are We Gonna Do With You?

    in Lifestyle

    As I previously stated, The Mystery At The Ski Jump is the 29th volume of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. Ghost writer Alma Sasse wrote this particular novel under the nom de plum Carolyn Keene.

    Have fun listening to my acting.

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    The Creaking Door was an old-time radio series of horror and suspense shows originating in South Africa. There are 42 extant episodes. The series was first aired in 1964-65. The stories are thrillers in the Inner Sanctum vein, and generally thought of favorably by most fans of OTR. The 

    stories are thrillers in the Inner Sanctum vein, and generally thought of favorably by most fans of OTR.




    RUN TIME: 34:00


    TO ADVERTISE ON SCARE FM: http://scarefm.com

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    PMP: Beyond the Veil: Using veils and head-coverings in Pagan practice

    in Spirituality

    It is not uncommon to find Pagan high priestesses and celebrants wearing something on their heads, be it a full, face-covering veil, a headdress, a hair-covering scarf or shawl, or even a small, tiara-like circlet.

    This week, Kalisara and RevKess are bringing you a panel discussion: Pagan women from many different paths and beliefs who share the practice of using veils and other head coverings in their ritual and/or daily lives.

    While we have touched on this topic previously, this time we will hear from those women who practice veiling, discussing the why's, the how's, the when's, as well as the problems that can come from veiling. We will be hearing their stories, many of which embody a quiet strength reflective of the oft-veiled Matron Goddesses.

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    The Tailgate Show S3E1

    in Sports

    The Vacation is over! And who better to have in Kudio Opening Night than Flight 19's 2013 Golden Scarf winner, Our Boy, Strikers Defender, Stefan Antonijevic! What?!?!?! We'll touch on all angles of this Fort Lauderdale Strikers Club, the Good, The Bad, and the Fugly.  Jonesing for this NASL Season to start? We'll cover all NASL teams and discuss who won and lost this Offseason. How did the Strikers do? Follow the link and tune in on 4/3/14 at 7pm to wish Pauly Boy, Justin, and Chris back. Look out for a Google + Hang Out as well. Who are YA?!?!? Go Strikers!

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    Hourglass Brides - Wendy Newman, Dating 101

    in Culture

    Join us for 1 hour at 5 PM Eastern.

    Host Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness to Wealth and Ultimate Success her seemingly unlimited well of information is simply mind boggling.

    Nicole is known internationally for sharing her amazing secrets and remarkable knowledge on stage, screen, TV and in books throughout the world.

    Please visit Nicole's website: http://www.nicolebrandonworldwide.com/

    Nicole's Guest: Wendy Newman

    Wendy has led over 100 workshops about men, sex, dating, online dating and partnership to thousands of women in the U.S. and Canada.  

    As a workshop leader, she leads “Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women” and "Celebrating Men & Sex."  Both are two-day workshops provided by PAX Programs Incorporated, a company committed to partnership, adoration and passion in relationships between men and women.  To learn more, visit www.Understandmen.com.

    As a dating and sex educator, Wendy leads in-person & live tele-classes and provides personal coaching.

    Wendy is a percipient and compassionate fellow dater who navigated her way through 120 first dates before she retired her dating scarf for lucky first date #121.

    Out of her experience emerged her book "101 First Dates - A Survival Guide For The Single Girl," providing practical wisdom along with 101 short stories of her adventures on actual dates.

    Committed to communication and to people being "heard" and understood, Wendy received her higher education at Vista College in Berkeley with a certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Studies.

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    in Entertainment


    10:30PM 714-868-0228


    #1 Woman Strangled To Death By Her Own Scarf After It Gets Caught In Escalator!!!

    #2 Man Bludgeons Girlfriend And Her Daughter To Death With Hammer, “I Killed Them Because They’re Witches”

    #3Track Star Who Jumped To Her Death Says Stress Over School Led To Her Suicide

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    The Everything Including The Drumstick Holiday Show

    in Pop Culture

    Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus; we're not sure about the Easter Bunny, the Monster Under The Bed, and The Great Pumpkin though....but I'm going to put on my scarf and give it a go.

    Tonight we've got so much going on, that to pin it down would be unfair, but if we can roll ourselves over to the phone after Thanksgiving Dinner...we'll still give you the best 90 minutes of science fiction and entertainment on the internet...

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    Do you have VO Confidence? Do you know the answers?

    in Entertainment

    Win a free month of IMPROV VO WORKOUTS!  Plus, Great Success Tips from Cira Larkin whose career as a Voiceover artist is strong for 15+ yrs… Two great things in this weeks show for VO talent!  How to win? Listen to the show and answer the quiz below.  Send your answers to Assistant (at) LoveThatRebecca dot com and you’ll be entered!  One winner will be selected and announced Nov 1!  Contest is only for new workout participants.
    October LoveThatVO Listener Quiz, 3 questions:
    1. There’s a famous artist’s work on Cira’s silk scarf; Who is that artist?
    2. What is the one-word biz tip Cira offers at the top of the show? Hint-starts with “C”.
    3. What’s the name of the wine club Cira belongs to? Hint-starts with Z.
    VO artist LoveThatRebecca aka Rebecca Michaels Haugh is your host on Love That VoiceOver.... Connect with Rebecca on Twitter @RebeccaMichaels and @LoveThatVO, on FaceBook page Rebecca Michaels, at her website www.LoveThatRebecca.com.

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    Nancy Mills - Spirited Women

    in Health

    NANCY MILLS is the founder of TheSpiritedWoman.com, a global women's empowerment community. Recognized as a leading women's visionary, Nancy is the publisher of the Spirited Woman Directory: A Collection of Stories & Resources for an Inspired Life!; the creator of the Sisterhood of the Sacred Scarves, combining scarf and ceremony; the founder of the Spirited Woman Foundation - to help heal and support women through actions of empowerment; the publisher of the popular Spirited Woman Blogger Team; and the host of the “Spirited Woman” conversation series, where she is known for her inspirational insight and her ability to inspire women. A frequent radio guest, Nancy speaks internationally on women’s empowerment issues from letting your voice be heard to her belief in the Every Woman Visionary. Spirited Woman (www.TheSpiritedwoman.com) is a global women's empowerment community. Founded by Nancy Mills, Spirited Woman celebrates the Every Woman Visionary changing the world one Spirited Woman step at a time. Its mission is to support and help women believe this simple message. YOU ARE ENOUGH AS YOU ARE. Because you are!

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