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    Gordon Thomson of Dynasty (1 of 2)

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    Gordon Thomson gained worldwide fame for playing the iconic TV villain, Adam Carrington on the mega-hit prime time soap, DYNASTY. He is also a veteran of daytime dramas, most notably as Mason Capwell on SANTA BARBARA. Most recently, he had a recurring role on the award-winning, hit web soap, DEVANITY. Gordon discusses his years on DYNASTY, as well as his plans for the future.

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    With special guests the Arizona Hedgehog badminton team, Burdrum, Bird Head, The Dancing Gerbils, Elvis, Jesus (if he isnt workin') and of course yours truly now and forever John-Rodger, the guy who brought outlaw lit and a whole bunch more to the net. Go to claycountysusa.blogspot.com and find out how you can order your copy of 'Clay County Chronicles' the cult novel currently sweeping the nation. Tune your radio to this station 930amPST Sunday the 3rd for the PREMERE EDITION AND COLLECTORS COPY OF SANTA BARBARA MORNINGS.
    Be sure and watch for the upcoming publication of 'Glamour To Die For'(lulu.com) a story of hope redemption and twirling pasties. (its really T & A with a twist but this is a family show, sort of) Yes, its hard to believe that all of that culture could be crammed between two covers but then again this is OUTLAW FICTION; its fresh, its original and it wont be denied. Its also one heck of a lot of fun. LIfe is short so get livin' and tune in then call in. We here at the studio 'preciate it one heck of a bunch.