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    Guided Meditation - The Sufferings of Samsara

    in Buddhism

    In this program, Tenzin will lead a guided meditation on some of the sufferings of samsara. Buddha Shakyamuni taught that we must reflect on the sufferings of samsara whether we are a small-scope, intermediate-scope or great-scope Buddhist practitioner. There are many different types of suffering experienced in samsara, and it is very important to meditate on all of them in order develop, strengthen and maintain compassion for all sentient beings.

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    Interview with songwriter/producer Ricky Kej on "Ryan's Korner"

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    Join us as we sit and discuss Ricky's career as well as his Billboard #1 New Age Album with Wouter Kellerman called "Winds of Samsara." You don't want to miss this interview. 

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    Nosotros necesitamos entrar, enfáticamente, en el vacío iluminador; y las escuelas de derecha o de izquierda no pueden darnos la experiencia de la verdad.

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    Para el Hinduismo y el Budismo, la experiencia de la vida no se limita a una sola existencia. La rueda de la vida o “samsara”, conectada al concepto de karma, no tiene principio ni fin, y por lo tanto después de la muerte hay otro nacimiento y una nueva vida, una y otra vez. La Ley de Karma dice que para cada acción, existe una consecuencia, es decir, es la ley de la causa y efecto.

    “Las acciones acumulativas de los seres humanos en comunidades, en naciones o en el mundo en general constituyen ‘karma de masas’, el cual precede a efectos locales o de largo alcance, dependiendo del grado y la preponderancia del bien o del mal. Los pensamientos y las acciones de todos los hombres contribuyen, por lo tanto, al bien o al mal en este mundo y de todos los que en él habitamos”. Paramahansa Yogananda

    ¿Qué es Karma y cómo es esto en la vida del ser humano?

    ¿Cómo describiria el Código de la Vida y el Karma el reciente triunfo de Juan Manuel Santos en Colombia?

    Tips importantes para trabajar los Karmas


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    Women Warriors - Healthy Selfishness

    in Women

    Join us on Apr 16th at Noon ET, as we discuss the topic of Healthy Selfishness with Giorgina Liguori.   Learn the importance and criticality of healthy selfishness to thrive in your life.

    Giorgina Liguori is certified as a teacher and guidance counselor. She works with Cambridge University in England teaching American high school kids writing and literature - college level courses. For most of her life, she was a professional writer: television and newspapers.  She has a novel out on Amazon called Samsara and you can check out the trailer for it on YOUTUBE. Giorgina Liguori, Samsara. Giorgina has two graduate degrees in psychology and has taught psychology and women studies on the college level. For the last eighteen years, she has run women's groups, parenting groups and groups for teens and tweens. Her message for women and all parents is healthy selfishness. If you are not taking care of yourself, you can't take care of anyone else. An angry woman does not have a happy relationship with her husband, boyfriend or partner. A resentful woman does not raise happy children.

    Giorgina is a born and bred New Yorker, downtown girl: The Village, SoHo and the last 20 years in Tribeca. BUT, I she lived in Morocco for two years and the furthest place for this New Yorker, a mountain top in North Carolina. Now, she spends most of her time in Florida, but goes "home" to NY as often as she can.

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    The Power of Sound Vibration

    in Spirituality

    The Power of Sound Vibration
      What is the special power of George Harrison's music? What did he know that made his music sublime?
    Join us as we discuss the power of Sound Vibration.According to The Vedas,the oldest Spiritual Scriptures on our planet,and really anywhere else in this Universe, learn how Sound Vibration is the first componenet of Life,of Consciousness,and how Sound Vibration affects ourl ife.How can Sound Vibration make our lives better.
    CALL IN NUMMBER 718 -508-9617
    Join us for a great show!

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    Does God Exist? Is God Impersonal,or Personal?

    in Spirituality

    Does God Exist?
    If So,is God Impersonal ?
    or is God a Conscious Sentient Living Person?
    Tonight we ask  really important questions.with our special guest:
    Stephen Knapp,well known Author of 25 published books,13 free e books,Videos,founder of "The World Relief Network",World Traveler,and an Expert of Vedic Sturdies.One  his most recent books-"The Soul:Understanding Our True Identity" answers the deepest questions of all Humankind.
    With the way things are happening on stressed out Planet Earth,listen in as we delve into this topic of special interest.
    Certain to be a great show!
    Stephen Knapp may be contacted at:www.stephen-knapp.com "This huge website with lots of information for the promotion of personal and social spiritual development.....This site has something for everyone"  His books are available through his website,and also on Amazon.com
    Robert and Pamela Taylor may be contacted for speaking engagements,as well as teaching classes on Vedic Knowledge,also for their very exceptional "Life Readings"at mystic@intothemystical.com.Robert's book "Into the Mystical:Ancient Wisdom for Our Troubled Times" is available on his website: www.intothemystical.com, and also available in both paperback and Kindle versions on Amazon.com

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    Ep22 Lec3 Reinc.Tarot--FutureResultsReading

    in Spirituality

    Listen to lecture 3 in our 3 month series on Reincarnation Tarot in which we discuss Layout 3, titled the Future Results Reading, from the book Samsara Tarot. This reading shows the future if you should pursue a certain course or not pursue it, to help you make decisions. It is a highly practical tarot layout that you can use for both small and large decisions, often offering additional information about your situation that you had not previously considered. The Future Results Reading clarifies and reinforces our understanding of how the future is not set in stone but in probabilities that we can access to make the best choices for our human experience, choices that will sometimes affect our experience for long periods of time to come.

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    Ep25Lec6 Reincar. tarot course-Intuited PLR; 3 LIfe Reading

    in Spirituality

    Today we start learning various methods for past life readings. We will examine the 6 card Past Life Card Reading intuited through the palm of the hand, and the 15 card three life reading showing three consecutive past lives.Sarah also announces that all her instructional books on psychic development, including our textbook SAMSARA TAROT, will be moved to the nonprofit Galaxy Teacher Student Bookstore at WWW.GalaxyTeacherFoundation.ORG and reduced to nonprofit prices this week in order to promote the Galaxy Teacher tradition of cooperative, nonprofit, and free psychic work.

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    Ep 21 Reincarnation Tarot Course Lec 2 Layouts 1&2

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Galaxy Teacher second semester course on Reincarnation Tarot . Today Sarah will present the first two layouts from her book Samsara Tarot, Readings for the Reincarnating Soul. The 2 card Yes or No Question and the Three Card Life Theme Reading are simple readings using only a few cards that will build tarot skills toward doing sophisticated reincarnation readings later in the course. If you would like to purchase the textbook, search for Samsara Tarot at Amazon.com and see the four different versions offered at different prices to suit all budgets, starting at 99 cents. 
    For free help doing your tarot readings, join the Galaxy Teacher Community at  groupbox at: http://ow.ly/gju1H

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    Ep 20 Lec 1 Reincarnation Tarot Course Introduction

    in Spirituality

    Today Sarah will present the syllabus for the next 3 month course titled Reincarnation Tarot, and introduce the course. This course will broadcast on Wednesdays at 4 PM Eastern time at Galaxy Teacher Radio. We will also make use of our new GTFoundation Member website where we have  continuous messsage boards and a private group chatroom for members only, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Make friends, learn tarot, specialize in reincarnation readings, and discover how life themes run from life to life in this course! Lectures are free at GTRadio and you may download and save the podcasts permanently. You may buy the main textbook, Samsara Tarot online in 4 different versions from very cheap to a luxury version, including 4 paperback version and ebooks at Kindle. A free beginners tarot booklet of interps and another of 12 simple  tarot lessons is also provided at the Galaxy Teacher NonProfit Student Bookstore at  the nonprofit site: www.GalaxyTeacherFoundation.ORG

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