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    Welcome to The Majority Report with Sam Seder

    in Politics

    Hi. Nice to see you again. Soft launch! You can listen to the audio stream right over here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If you don’t see a player in the right sidebar you can click on this link and it will automatically launch an … Continue reading →

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    Sam Mazeku

    in Christianity

    Sam Mazeku

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    Sam and Caroine Speak to Hannah Isabella Robinson

    in Paranormal

    Join us as we speak to Hannah Isabella Robinson who is the founder of Black Country Shadows as well Setting up a new team with our very own Sam as well as a few others which is called Nocturnal Ghostly Investigations, we ask hannah how she got into the world of the paranormal and what she would like to achieve in this field we shall also be discussing the event which is happening on the 10th october at The Block In Burton to raise funds for Take The Cake Productions and who also do Scariest Places The most haunted spoof.




  • NFL, a Year After Michael Sam Came Out

    in LGBT

    Last year at this time, Michael Sam was in an NFL training camp and appeared to be on track to be the first openly gay player. A year later he is in the Canadian Football League and the NFL seems a long way away. Has the "gay moment" passed in the NFL? What more needs to be done?

    We also examine former NFL running back Craig James' lawsuit claiming his religious beliefs were violated for opposing same-sex marriage.

    Finally, since Outsports started with an NFL post 16 years ago, we will discuss the story lines we find most intriguing heading into the season.

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    in Radio

         Bill Cosby is probably in a hole too deep that he can't get out - with all the money he has, I doubt if whatever happens will scathe him, and he's punishing the rest of his cast folk - because they are probably taking the plunge of GUILT BY ASSOCIATION, but in all manners of speaking, you don't know what your significant other is doing all of the time - LET ALONE someone you WORK WITH - 347-205-9366

        In CINCINNATI - this SAM DUBOSE thing - the KILLING OF HIM.  We will get deep with this one, as we usually do, and some residuals of SANDRA BLAND -  347-205-9366.   And oh yeah, we may touch up on the LION shooting.

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    Gaius Publius, Sam Seder: Five Questions

    in Politics Progressive

    While attending the 2013 Netroots Nation conference, Gaius Publius — Contributing Editor at AmericaBlog and member of the Virtually Speaking Sunday Media Panel — conducted seven interviews as part of his annual Five Questions series. In this 32-minute podcast, Gaius talks with radio host Sam Seder. They discuss optimism, pessimism and the dangerous shifts we face — as a nation — from climate change. In the second half, Sam talks about his transition from politically engaged actor-writer to outspoken Majority Report host. Gaius first posted this podcast on AmericaBlog.
    More 5Q here.  

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    Deliverence: The Pass Over Seder Meal and The Meaning

    in Religion

    Greetings! This will conclude the episodes on the Pass Over Feast, as Sunday, April 11, 2015 will be the close of the season. However, part two of this message will serve, and satify any questions you may have concerning deliverence. The bible say, "healing is the childrens bread." Deliverence belongs to you, the listener; look at this Seder Plate from that perspective, and understand what each role the elements on the plate play in your life. I want you to know that the Seder Meal commerates the departure of Isreal from Egyptian bondage. Pharo was a type of the devil, and Egypt was a type of sin; the Seder Meal is a type of deliverence for those who are in agreement with God to remember: according to Ex 12:14 "this day shall be a memorial unto you for ever....." There are promises associated with this covenat for your life, and family if you will be willing to take time out and remember the miracles which God did when delivering his people. I fully understand God concerning this request! If I had done such a great deed for anyone, such as this, I would wanna be commerated as well and so would you. Those miracles were powerful manifestations of God, his personality, and his love for his people.

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    Should Eli Manning be the highest paid player? Michael Sam quits the CFL!!

    in Sports


    1A- Should QB Eli Manning be the highest paid player in the NFL??

    1B-  DE/LB Michael Sam quits the CFL... Will he get another shot at the CFL or NFL??

    1C- The blowback from the Geno Smith/Ikemefuna Enemkpali situation with the NY Jets.

    1D- The San Diego Chargers give QB Philip Rivers a contract extension at 4 years $83.25 million, $65 million guaranteed.

    1E- Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III aka RG3 says he can be the best. Really??

    2- MLB

    2A- The New York Yankees round up.

    2B- The New York Mets round up.

    3- NBA- Lebron James donates money for kids to go to college.

    4- Boxing/MMA- Manny Pacquiao says is shoulder is healthy and he has recovered due to swimming in salt water.


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    Pass Over Secrets of The Feast: Seder Meal

    in Religion


    In this episode I willl focus on the Seder Meal. We will learn the meaning of the Pass Over Meal and how it relates to us as believers today. The message is symbolic, we all know, but in this study I will briefly review the story of Jesus and the crusification, as these two events are happening at the same time. We are seeing deliverance, while at the same time we are experiencing the greatest celebration of forgiveness ever told. Watch my YouTube channel for the first episode taught last year. Go to: YouTube.com type my name "Keturah Jones" then type the title of the sermon: "Pass Over" pt. 1.

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    Paradigm Shift with Dr. Sam Mugzzi and Seth L.

    in Paranormal

    Seth is a contactee for the Lion beings, Pleaidans, and the Arcturians. 

    Currently, he is going through a migration from 3d world views to a 5D consciousness.  Come and learn some helpful tools and be around like minded people. 

    Seth also does Skywatch from Spiritual Light Workers.  You can call him for a Skywatch and join him just by using your phone. 

    He will help you connect to them and get use their their frequency.  He will also enhance your abilities so you can receive your own contact.  No one else is helping humans like this.  It's new and only Seth is doing it.  Call him today if you want to intiate contact. 

    If you want to ask Seth questions, in regards to your own development, he is available for that too. 

    We are going to have more individuals join Spiritual Light Workers.  This is the Home for Contactees. 

    Spiritual Light Workers Link

    Seth is available in the evenings and weekends.