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    Standing Up to Violence Against Women

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    For a quite a while I have been thinking about how to get SafePlace on our show. The issue of violence against women is a really complex issue, and not always easy to talk about it, and what I really like about Safeplace is the message of creating change. It is a worldwide issue, affecting women across the spectrum. One of my first questions addressed to Amy is how do we, as a community, get more involved, how we can assist, how can we all stand up and say No to violence against women. Take a look at my interview with Amy Temperley, Chief Development Officer, SafePlace

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    People United - April 9, 2010 - struggle to end sexual and domestic violence

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    Episode features a conversation broadcast live in the KOOP Studio with Narissa Johnson of Travis County's SafePlace, Joe Carr of Williamson County's Hope Alliance, and sexual-assault survivor Tiffani Wampler about the struggle to end sexual and domestic violence and heal ourselves, with reference to the 2010 SafePlace Field Day and Men Rally for Change.


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    Advocating for Change with Sandy Bowen of National Safe Place

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    One of the elements of a successful nonprofit- the ability to move legislation and have a voice at the table for your mission, community and clients. Sandy Bowen, National Safe Place Executive Director, is a successful advocate and leader. She has fostered the Safe Place program since its infancy, becoming National Safe Place's first executive director in January 2001. A committed youth advocate with a proven record of results during her quarter century in the field, she is responsible for managing the youth education and outreach program, which includes identifying national collaborative partners, recruiting board leadership and securing corporate sponsors. She was intricately involved in expanding the local Safe Place model -- started in 1983 as an outreach effort of the YMCA of Greater Louisville -- into other states. Bowen later served as the Associate Director of YMCA Safe Place Services and was responsible for managing the Louisville youth shelter agency in addition to the National Safe Place efforts. You can learn more about Sandy and National Safe Place at http://www.nationalsafeplace.org and on Twitter @safeplace.