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    Lake Travis Rugby vs. Jesuit

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    Lake Travis Rugby takes on Alliance in their 1st cup match down here in the state of Texas. Get ready as the Cavs step up to a new division and new path to defend as Texas High School State Champions

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    A View From The Hill - Rugby League World Cup

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    A View From The Hill - The Rugby League Supporter's Program - Springtime II
    The boys are back this Saturday from 11am (AEDT) with a big World Cup preview ahead of the opening weekend of the tournament.
    We will preview all the groups in the World Cup and try and find out who the surprise packets of the comp might be, as well as look at all the favourites going into this years World Cup.
    We will also ask the question, what are you most looking forward to over the next month of footy? With this World Cup the most talked about in history, it's sure to spring plenty of surprises and some interesting results along the way.
    As well as all of that we will preview the first round of games coming up across the next few days, Plus we will check what's been happening on the forums and check in on all the latest sporting news from around the globe.
    Dont miss our World Cup Special with Rob, Daniel, Nathan and Steve this Saturday from 11am (AEDT)!
    Remember you can contact us at anytime radio@leagueunlimited.com. A View From The Hill is live every Saturday morning, broadcasting from Sydney, Australia and heard all over the world. The show is also available for download afterwards.

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    1000 Cranes - Believe. Plan. Fly. Radio - It's a Small World With Social Media

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    Join 1000 Cranes President and Founder, Naomi Takeuchi, and Kathy Crowley as they discuss the benefit of Social Media platforms and how they have made the world more interconnected.  Now more than ever, it has become easier to have a global presence.   

    Our special guests from Blenheim, New Zealand are Louise and Tim Laing from Evolve Inspired Jewelry. Evolve brings beautifully crafted bracelets, charms and New Zealand jewellery, with meaning and soul, to customers across the globe.

    Designed in New Zealand, inspired by its natural treasures, each piece has its own special meaning. It's charms are designed to fit Pandora and Thomas Sabo bracelets and are compatible with most bead and charm jewellery brands. Each piece of Evolve tells a New Zealand story - the perfect complement to any outfit or occasion. 

    You may recall that Naomi mentioned about her love of Evolve charms after a visit to New Zealand and how she couldn't find a rugby charm from Pandora which is how she discovered Evolve.  Most recently, Naomi entered the Evolve Matariki Instagram contest and won the Matariki bracelet giveaway. Whether it is kismet or serendipity ,these recent turn of events have brought us the opportunity to interview these entrepreneurs to learn more about their Evolve Inspired Jewelry venture and their newest Stow Locket business to discuss how the Internet and Social Media have impacted the global marketplace.  

    You don't want to miss this episode!  

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    Rugby: A Sport for Both Women and Men

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    Rugby is one of the world’s toughest sports and there are a few things that make it a tougher sport overall.  Rugby players don't wear any padding - short of the occasional jock strap.  
    Rugby players need to have a slightly wider range of skills than other athletes. You don’t see same level of skills crossover in NFL - where players tend to be a lot more focused and specialised from high school onwards. The most obvious difference between male and female players is in physical strength.
    We take on the sport of Rugby with two of the best, Brittany Waters and Conor Trainor. Join in the conversation LIVE for the perspective from both sexes playing Rugby LIVE Wednesday January 23 @ 7PM EST at BEYONDtheCheers on blogtalkradio. Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 in Canada and United States to ask a question, or email in advance.

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    Rugby: One Tough Sport for Both Women and Men

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    Comparing sports on a scale of toughness, stamina, and strength required to compete, it’s hard to argue against Rugby being one of the toughest sports in the world for both men and women alike. Unlike other sports, Rugby players don't wear any padding - short of the occasional jock strap. A rugby player has the strength of a gymnast, stamina of a soccer player, force of a linebacker, and the hand eye coordination of a baseball player. The argument for rugby is growing, especially in America.
    We rough it up with two of the best rugby players and advocates, Brittany Waters and Conor Trainor. Listen to this encore presentation to discover the Rugby perspective from both sexes who play the game. It’s all about Rugby on Wednesday July 17 @ 7PM EST at BEYONDtheCheers on blogtalkradio! Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 in Canada and United States to ask a question, or email in advance.

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    Join the Big Dog and the Scorekeeper as they dish on the latest happenings in sports. No Fantasy Sports talk here.

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    Gridiron Beauties Blitz Radio

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    Join Erica Lynn Anderson @PatsFanGirl12 Nkeshi Free @KeshiCuties and Eric Brown @fitforlyfe for Womens Gridiron News and NFL OTAs. Plus Sports Hot Topics Weekly Sundays 

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    Gridiron Beauties Blitz Radio

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    Join NKeshi Free @KeshisCuties & EricBrown @fitforlyfe Talking Womens Gridiron News and NFL Hot Button Topics. Every Week we cover the football scene and give you insights and opinions

    Dont Miss a Sunday 

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    Join the Big Dog and the Scorekeeper as we dish on the latest in Sports and update on the happenings of this past week! On Air since November of 2008! No FANTASY SPORTS spoken here. 

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    Papa Spyk's Caught in A Naughty Thing Called Life

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    Papa Spyk's new book, A Naughty Thing Called Life . . . The Complete Story allows you to slip on Spyk's skin and experience his amazing life being lived at a heart-pounding rate until it all comes to an abrupt halt as years of reckless living finally took its devastating and life-changing toll, and to experience the agonizing and painful journey that is still not without its tears as Papa Spyk attempts to slowly rebuild his life, and just when you think things could not possibly get worse, they do.

    But Papa Spyk has something in him that allowed him to live that life, crash, and crash again and again, and to somehow against all the odds get up and experience life again, and to help create new life, in the form of his angel, his daughter, Angelyna. Papa Spyk is no saint, and knows it, he had it all, and blew it all many times over, until near-death experience changed all that. 

    Papa Spyk's a professional rugby player, top international model, actor, and stuntman and A Naughty Thing called Life is an honest story of his experience.

    Accorging to Papa Spyk, My ultimate dream in life is to have my book made into a Hollywood film, and if anyone has any contacts in the film industry please let me know, I so want to see my story on the big screen so I can make a difference to millions of people's lives.

    Visit him at: www.papaspyk.com or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PapaSpykAuthor

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    Sheridan discusses NBA Finals with ESPN's Colin Cowherd

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    Steve Kerr has been very good at one thing in the NBA finals -- telling it like it is. Everyone watching this series can see the problem with Steph Curry's body language, and Kerr called the MVP out for it in his postgame interview Tuesday night. When your best player if lifeless and docile, you have to find a way to get through to him. Whether calling him out publicly was the right move is open to debate, but the fact remains that Kerr was merely stating the obvious.

    A day later, Kerr acknowledged that the Warriors will take a long, hard look at going to a double-teaming strategy against LeBron James in Game 4, a statement that coaches and non-coaches alike are reacting to with the same disbelief: What the heck has been taking you so long?

    The Cavs are basically a one-man team right now (albeit a one-man team getting a heck of a boost from a certain former rugby player), and even the most feeble-minded observer can be an astute second-guesser by asking the question: Can't you find a better way to try to stop that guy?

    With those thought in mind, I jopined Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio to discuss Game 4 of the NBA Finals -- and a bunch of other NBA matters