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    Lake Travis Rugby vs. Jesuit

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    Lake Travis Rugby takes on Alliance in their 1st cup match down here in the state of Texas. Get ready as the Cavs step up to a new division and new path to defend as Texas High School State Champions

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    A View From The Hill - Rugby League World Cup

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    A View From The Hill - The Rugby League Supporter's Program - Springtime II
    The boys are back this Saturday from 11am (AEDT) with a big World Cup preview ahead of the opening weekend of the tournament.
    We will preview all the groups in the World Cup and try and find out who the surprise packets of the comp might be, as well as look at all the favourites going into this years World Cup.
    We will also ask the question, what are you most looking forward to over the next month of footy? With this World Cup the most talked about in history, it's sure to spring plenty of surprises and some interesting results along the way.
    As well as all of that we will preview the first round of games coming up across the next few days, Plus we will check what's been happening on the forums and check in on all the latest sporting news from around the globe.
    Dont miss our World Cup Special with Rob, Daniel, Nathan and Steve this Saturday from 11am (AEDT)!
    Remember you can contact us at anytime radio@leagueunlimited.com. A View From The Hill is live every Saturday morning, broadcasting from Sydney, Australia and heard all over the world. The show is also available for download afterwards.

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    Rugby: One Tough Sport for Both Women and Men

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    Comparing sports on a scale of toughness, stamina, and strength required to compete, it’s hard to argue against Rugby being one of the toughest sports in the world for both men and women alike. Unlike other sports, Rugby players don't wear any padding - short of the occasional jock strap. A rugby player has the strength of a gymnast, stamina of a soccer player, force of a linebacker, and the hand eye coordination of a baseball player. The argument for rugby is growing, especially in America.
    We rough it up with two of the best rugby players and advocates, Brittany Waters and Conor Trainor. Listen to this encore presentation to discover the Rugby perspective from both sexes who play the game. It’s all about Rugby on Wednesday July 17 @ 7PM EST at BEYONDtheCheers on blogtalkradio! Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 in Canada and United States to ask a question, or email in advance.

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    Rugby: A Sport for Both Women and Men

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    Rugby is one of the world’s toughest sports and there are a few things that make it a tougher sport overall.  Rugby players don't wear any padding - short of the occasional jock strap.  
    Rugby players need to have a slightly wider range of skills than other athletes. You don’t see same level of skills crossover in NFL - where players tend to be a lot more focused and specialised from high school onwards. The most obvious difference between male and female players is in physical strength.
    We take on the sport of Rugby with two of the best, Brittany Waters and Conor Trainor. Join in the conversation LIVE for the perspective from both sexes playing Rugby LIVE Wednesday January 23 @ 7PM EST at BEYONDtheCheers on blogtalkradio. Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 in Canada and United States to ask a question, or email in advance.

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    A View from the Hill: More Rugby League World Cup

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    The boys are back from 11am Saturday Morning (AEDT) to cover more of the Rugby League World Cup, as well as looking at all the other sport going around.
    We'll take a look back at the first round of what has been a thrilling World Cup so far and talk about our favourite moment from week one.
    Expanding on our conversation last week we are going to have a chat about eligibility rules for this World Cup and we ask, are they fair?
    As well as that Steve will be here to talk about what's been said on the forums this week and we'll have a chat about the Soccer and the Cricket as we near the Ashes starting.
    Plus a full preview of the next round of the World Cup as we enter the second week.
    Join Rob Corra, Daniel Pettigrew and Nathan Wright from 11am (AEDT) Saturday.
    A View From The Hill - The Rugby League Supporter's Program.
    A View From The Hill is live every Saturday morning, broadcasting from Sydney, Australia and heard all over the world. The show is also available for download afterwards.

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    Pro Rugby Player-Top Model-Stuntman: Steriods, Cocaine all led to Exploded Heart

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    On Today's Brian The Hammer' Health & Wellness Show Brian welcomes:

    -Papa Spyk, an Ex-Professional Rugby Player, Top International Model, Hollywood Actor & Stuntman. An overly intelligent chld, trapped in a hoplessly dysfunctional world. He lived life on the edge, a lifetime of steroid and drug abuse until he suffered a near death experience as his heart exploded, literally. He now has a very large portion of his heart made out of a suprisingly functional artificial heart . He was told he would never walk again, be paraplegic, never father a child, he spent 2 years in bed, paralyzed from the waist down, unable to move or do anything for himself, he was so weak he couldn't lift his arms off the bed or his head off the pillow. All he could do is stare at the ceiling and he spent his days counting the tiles on the ceiling back and forth, nonstop just to keep his mind occupied and to this day he still counts everything, every step he takes, every mouthful of food he chews and everything around him.

    He told his Father no matter the cost he wanted the best Physio-Therapist, he wanted to teach himself to walk again. His Father replied saying Spyk, your legs are dead, they wanted to amputate them and the Surgeon told you, you will never walk again and Spyk replied "Yes I will" He started Therapy, the most painful thing he ever experienced. After 1 1/2 gruelling years of work he walked again and truly felt he had a future for the first time in a long time. He now walks with a limp as his left leg is totally paralyzed and his right leg at 60%, but he is walking...

    Join us LIVE to hear the rest of this inspiring, fascinating story as written in his Autobiography and upcoming film "A Naughty Thing Called Life" at 9am pacific - 12pm eastern time - Call in and join the show 646-595-3032

    Sponsored by:

    -Max Ivy, Midway Marketplace

    -Mirthell Bazemore, Author

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    A View from the Hill: 2013 National Rugby League Grand Final

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    A View From The Hill - The Rugby League Supporter's Program, The NRL Grand Final weekend has arrived to A View From The Hill! Listen in to a full preview of the Roosters vs Sea Eagles showdown as Rob, Daniel, Nathan and Steve rattle off their predictions. There's also plenty of news on what's happening elsewhere in the world of Rugby League:
    A review of the Dally Ms, and who should have won. A review of the Queensland Cup Grand Final between the Easts Tigers and Mackay Cutters. Plus there's an interview with our fan of the week, Mario Fachini from the Sydney Roosters. And we'll hear what other fans are saying around the LeagueUnlimited forums. Last but not least, there's Alby's preview of Sunday's NSW Cup Grand Final between Cronulla Sharks Vs Windsor Wolves. If you'd like to have your thoughts aired, feel free to email radio@leagueunlimited.com
     MTFBWY Episode starts 11:00 AM (AEST), Saturday 5th October 2013

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    Nice Girls Reading Naughty Books -- CD Brennan

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    Romance novelist Bernadette Walsh interviews author CD Brennan. CD writes New Adult and Contemporary Romance and her work has been published by Lyrical Press. Her titles include the Love Where You Roam series and the Play On, rugby romance series.

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    Brad Thorson talks about being gay in college football, coming out and rugby

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    Former Wisconsin and Kansas football player Brad Thorson came out publicly on Independence Day in a post on his blog titled "Seeing through the fog."

    Thorson joins us to talk about his experiences in college football and his brief stint in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals, his coming out process and the reaction he's received, and finding a home in the sports world with the San Francisco Fog gay rugby team. He'll be traveling to Australia for the Bingham Cup later this year.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--CHRISTOPHER!   part 3   San Francisco's Last Great-honest-ethical Mayor who also had international prestige

    Mary Todd Lincoln--Abe Lincoln's wife

    Samuel Gompers Founder of the American Federation of Labor--One of his ancestors works for a non union corporation

    Baltzar Vorster  South African Prime Minister promoter of Apartheid

    Drew Pearson--A real journalist born in Illinois--Jack Anderson worked for Pearson

    Admiral Raymond Spruance--US Navy war hero



    3 witnesses dispute Jackie's claim of Rape

    How this type of rape accusations/allegations are or were used to promote a media's political agenda


    Specifics--Matthew Shepard--Wyoming coverup of Shepard's rape of an eight year old boy--This expose was written about

    by an ethical gay author

    Pennslyvania Male rape and murder case invovling another Shepard --a young college student

    CALIFORNIA MALE RAPE CASES--Brian Hennesey--rape of young boy--Northern California

    San Jose male rape by Hennesey of 16 year old latino boy

    San Francisco male

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Pearl Harbor  USS Arizona Connection to San Francisco

    RED'S JAVA HOUSE--San Francisco 's famous Waterfront  Workingman's Lunch establishment started by a sailor from San Francisco, who was also a survivor of the siniking of the USS ARIZONA.

    Relative of Admiral Kimmel--a woman who was homeless informed VERITAS USA! and the NEW SHADOW that she was a distant relative of Admiral Husband Kimmel.

    Kimmel and General Short (US Army) commanders at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7th 1941

    Eventful week of December 7th through thde 10th---Captain Colin Kelly US Army Air corps was stationed at Clark Field in the Philippines.  On December 10th 1941,Captain Kelly flew his B-17 to attack and bomb the Japanese Cruiser Haruna.  He lost his life.  The Jap ship wa seriously damaged.

    San Francisco Navy Intelligence connection to San Francisco..  According to military cognosenti, the US Navy's intelligence station and American Telephone's headquarters were listening in to Japanese radio and other traffic.

    Apparently, The Pearl Harbor attack  was not a surprise

    The Dutch Naval Intelligence in Indonesia also informed American military commanders of the impending Japanese Attack

    THE REST OF THE STORY--Rolling Stone magazine alleged female rape  case at the University of Virginia--the author Sabrina Ederly is connected to GLAAD, the sexual preferance media propaganda organ.

    This alleged rape case sounds like the phony rape case at Duke University and the Rugby playes.\

    Eric Garnier choke hold case- even conservatives rushed to Judgment-

    Garnier had a long criminal rap sheet.  He had serious medical problems for a 350 pounder.   A black police superior reportedly ordered Garnier's arrest.

    The video tape was edited

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