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    June 19, 2007 to 2013 "International Afrikan Day of Mourning"

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    Listen this and every Wednesday evening for hard-hitting guests, information, and solutions to the problems of our community. Our special guest is Rudwaan representing 3rd Year Obeservance of "The International Day of Healing through Mourning". Rudwaan can be reached for more info: 404-392-9917 or email: rudwaan@bellsouth.net
    Join us as we connect, converse, and find ways to collaborate with each other, using 10-10-50.org as our monthly plan of action. Host Bro. Stephen, Ras Marvin with CBPM, and PSU Members are waiting to welcome you to this weekly reunion for the Black Family. www.cbpm.org/psu or www.10-10-50.org

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    Wanda's Picks

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    New Muslim Cool director, Jennifer Taylor and subject, Hamza Perez are first guests in the studio. The program today is turning into a film festival highlights, with Lisa Gray also in the studio with her film, Life Sentence, one of the San Francisco Black Film Festival features June 2008. She will be joined by subjects as well. We have Dr. Lorraine Bonner in the studio speaking about her latest exhibit with Susan Almazol in Oakland, "Landscapes of Our Souls," which will be on exhibit through June 29m, at Joyce Gordon Galley. She and Susan have an artist talk, Thursday, June 18, 6-8 p.m. We are also speaking to Rudwaan Amen Ra Lumumba, founder of "A Time to Laugh and a Time to Mourn" (he cancelled). The idea of Time to Mourn is that it is time for the spirit of all Africans throughout the world to collectively mourn the traumatic experience(s) of the Maafa so that we can be fully functioning beings as our Ancestors were prior to that experience (Living Maat). The day is June 19, 12:00 midnight to June 20, 11:59 p.m. There is no public gathering and there is no specific time, just that it happen on this day.

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