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    Week 2, 2016: Scott Diamond in the Rough

    in Sports

    We enter the second weekend of the Minor League Baseball season with questions on our minds. How early should player performances be evaluated? What's the story with Jon Harris's start(s)? What was learned from Mark Shapiro's visit to Buffalo? How good was Shane Dawson in his Double-A debut? All of this, plus more, checking in on Ryan Tepera, Ryan Borucki, Ryan McBroom, Ryan Cook, Ryan Hissey, and the rest of the standouts in the Blue Jays' minors.

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    “Rednecks + Culchies,” Irish Director examines the apathy towards America’s work

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Anthony Monaghan.

    In Rednecks + Culchies, the budding director who owns a thriving construction company gives an intimate glimpse of the other side of St. Louis through the lives of his workers and the stories that deeply connects them to his mission to end poverty by providing opportunities. Despite the fact that Monaghan had worked construction jobs around the world, never before had he encountered anything like the harsh disparities in the lives of American construction workers. Rednecks + Culchies delves inside the hidden world of Monaghan’s workers who are brilliantly skilled craftsmen, but suffer from poor work habits, drug dependency, alcohol addictions and past criminal behavior. Astonished by the rough lifestyles of his workers, Tony was motivated to share their stories and awaken society to issues they prefer to ignore. Heartbreaking yet inspiring.

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    Nats Nightly: Nationals drop series opener to Cubs, 5-2 in Wrigley Field

    in Baseball

    Chicago's Cubs had the Washington Nationals shut out through 8 2/3 before Jayson Werth hit a two-run blast to left off Travis Wood, but it wasn't enough as the Nats dropped the series opener in Wrigley Field by a score of 5-2. Joe Ross was solid again for the Nationals, but a rough inning in the fourth led to the only two runs he allowed while on the mound. Cubs' starter Kyle Hendricks tossed six scoreless to earn the win. Three more to go in Chicago...

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    Meet Alex Gilly, author of Devil's Harbor LIVE on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes debut novelist Alex Gilly.  We'll be discussing Alex's first thriller Devil's Harbor.  

    ALEX GILLY is a writer and translator who was born in New York City and has lived in Australia, Canada, France, California, and the UK.. Alex holds an MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies and a BA in Linguistics and Spanish and Latin American Studies, both from the University of New South Wales. In addition to his work as a translator, Alex has worked as a magazine writer, editor, and copy editor. He lives in Sydney with his wife and children. About the book:  Nick Finn and his partner and brother-in-law, Diego Jimenez, are used to rough water. As Marine Interdiction Agents for Customs and Border Protection, the two hunt drug smugglers, human traffickers, and other criminals who hide in the vastness of the waters off southern California.  One night, Finn and Diego track a phantom boat off the Los Angeles coast, but it disappears before they can intercept it. They find a dead body in its wake, ravaged by sharks. Their investigation into the floater stalls when Finn is accused of using excessive force following the death of a suspected drug smuggler. Then Diego is murdered—and Finn is the number-one suspect. http://alexgilly.com.

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.



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    15 Minutes of Fan

    in Sports

    A rough weekend for the Royals and why you'll be a Chiefs fan come September. Hosted by Jeff Wurtz

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    Fighting Through The Rough Times. Daily Gogetemism #515

    in Lifestyle

    When things seem to be falling apart, how well do you hold up? How good are you at keeping your spirits up when times get rough? Do you retreat like some people do or do you stick to the plan at hand fight through the rough times until things get better?

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    43-On The Record: What You Believe Determines Your Outcome

    in Business

    A provocative, ambitious, and engaging producer, Adryenn Ashley has
    taken the independent film community by storm with groundbreaking
    documentary and feature projects. She has never been shy about
    tackling a hard subject or a controversial fire storm.

    When Ashley's early acting career was cut short by an injury, the
    tenacious Northern Californian stayed in the game seeking original
    independent projects to produce. Her first feature, Metal, was shot
    in just 8 days in the rough neighborhood of Hunter's Point, San
    Francisco. Ashley's production of this gritty and dramatic portrayal
    of a poor black family in turmoil went on to receive stellar reviews
    and awards at festivals worldwide. It premiered, and was a critical
    favorite, at the Mill Valley Film Festival, won the Jury Prize at the
    Pan African Film Festival, and Best Picture at the Seattle Underground
    Film Festival and continued to win prizes around the globe for 2

    Her IMDB is stacked with other juicy projects and at present, Ashley
    has four television shows in pre-production with her company, 21st
    Century Pictures Group, and is venturing back in front of the camera
    to host The F Word.  She is also the founder of Crowded Reality, the
    world's first crowdfunding platform for reality tv and talk shows that
    gives content creators the ability to not only fan-fund their pilot,
    but attract sponsors and distribution as well.


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    Critical Preparedness Radio Talk Show with Rich Fleetwood & Doctor Prepper

    in Prepping

    Welcome to the Critical Preparedness Radio (CPR) Talk Show!

    Two of America's most experienced preparedness commentators discuss the need  for being prepared. The best perspective of Preparedness is that it will enable a family to be able to continue its normal lifestyle, regardless of external circumstances!

    James Talmage Stevens and Richard Fleetwood host a 3-hour live show to discuss Critical Preparedness Resources. Their broadcast is designed to help listeners become prepared or get better prepared for both the known and unknown future. The show has been actively broadcasting preparedness  information since March 2010 to help listeners safely navigate the rough waters we're certain to deal with in uncertain future events.  

    Rich Fleetwood, owner of SurvivalRing.org, the web's most prolific preparedness and survival information site, offers millions of free pages of preparedness/survivalist information.

    Rich and Doctor Prepper will be discussing how today's events affect the need for personal and family preparedness. The time will come when government, public and private organizations, or family or friends will not be able to sustain those who are unprepared with shelter, food, water, clothing, and/or protection from the ravages of natural, man-caused, or personal disasters. 

    You can learn how to take the survival initiative, know  how to find, treat, and store  water; have adequate, nutritious food(s) in your pantry; be able to prepare meals without external power; care for your health; and know how to protect your family during emergency or disaster conditions.

    Join Doctor Prepper and Rich on the air by calling in your questions to: (347) 324-3704 during the live show.

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    Changing Your Life....Doing It Now

    in Current Events


    Fulton Atlanta is almost frightened about the way change is taking place in America and wants to ask the question to those we serve.....ARE WE READY FOR THIS/

    It seems like everyday, there is a news article on the radio, television or local papers about the economic woes of Americans.  There are more news items about crime, civil unrest, Race relations, economic justic and the upcoming elections ... Almost too much to keep up with.  


    It is not surprising to see that housing, in Atlanta for instance, is becoming more expensive.  It's also not so surprising to see the cost of food and gas unaffordable....even though the prices go up and down each month.  The trouble is, there seems to be no easy solution....especially as the incomes of most Americans have not changed over the past decade.  In fact, unemployment is higher than ever....not shown in statistics are the hundreds and thousands who are not looking for jobs anymore.  Even college educated people have a rough time making ends meet!

    Add to that....the politics of the day?  How involved are you....will you vote....will you participate in solutions?

    So let's listen, call in or simply talk with those we know?  Ask the question....What will we do if this trend of inclining costs of living continues?

    We"d love your feedback.  We want to further invite you to forums as we look for ways to HELP PEOPLE HELP THEMSELVES.  

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    Mars Retrograde: What It Means To You

    in Spirituality

    Hold on to your hats, people, it IS a bumpy ride.  

    It’s here—the 2016 retrograde zone, when Mars, Mercury and Pluto join Saturn and Jupiter in a massive retrospective that persists in varying formations over the course of the next nearly three months.  It's no wonder everyone is feeling frustrated, at odds, and unable to get out of their own way.  It's akin to running a maze and bumping into every blockage and not finding your way out, even though you may have the map memorized.  Tune in and listen to Ms Lisa M and Zadalia assist you with the tools and insight as to how to navigate through these rough waters.

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    Interview with Rising Indie Artist Stax hosted by Qween$Ching

    in Hip Hop Music

    Growing up with the odds totally stacked against him, Justin Rice was able to beat every obstacle he faced. Now he is changing the music industry, and for the better. Eventually taking on the name Stax, he's far beyond just another rapper, but a truth teller that millions can relate to. Abandonment, prison, and hardships only set him up for the success he is walking into now. He’s a testament to what it means to never give up. His talents are a gift to anyone who listens. 

    His grandparents were the ones who raised him in Detroit’s rough environment. His mother was very young, and his father was nowhere to be found for many years. So they took him under their wings. The majority of the people he was around were older, so he gained a lot of wisdom, and matured quickly. Diego also connected with music during this time. It was when he was 12 or 13 that he really found his passion. Even when he left it for the streets, he'd always make his way back to rhyming. One of Stax’s biggest regrets was not spending more time with his granddad; instead he ended up behind bars. Now he pours out all his emotions behind microphones. Raw, real, and totally relatable, he gives music his best.  


    He admires artists like Tupac, 50 Cent, and Young Jeezy, because from the day they came out you could feel their hunger to make it. They all had an objective to go beyond music, and build a name for themselves as businessmen too. That’s Stax’s goal as well, while taking things to uncharted territories. He respects the legends, and has his sights set on becoming one, but while adding his own spin to it. There’s no doubting that his impact will be felt for many years to come.


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