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    Read My Lips: Build A Dream House w/o Breaking Up...Cure Money Anxiety Disorder!

    in Lifestyle

    READ MY LIPS' akaRadioRed engages authors in spontaneous conversations – never a blah-blah-yada-yada canned interview. Tune in for a potpourri of timely topics, articulate guests, and new perspectives on life.


    If you and your spouse / S.O. [significant other] have built or are planning as a couple to build or remodel a "dream home", meet Interior Design Therapist Sandy Berendes and Life Coach Laura Longville, authors of Break Ground Without Breaking Up. They will share the 7 Do's and Don'ts that can help couples stay together through dream home construction … Hidden money problems that destory relationships and building projects … "The Blue Bathtub" case study … and more. Info: breakgroundwithoutbreakingup.com.


    Are you MAD – suffering from Money Anxiety Disorder? Most Americans, regardless of income, are anxious about money due to unconscious limiting beliefs. Meet Thembi Buthelezi, Money Confidence Coach, who grew up in a 1-car garage in Soweto, South Africa, near the end of Apartheid. After moving to the U.S in 2002, she became a successful Wall Street stock market trader – but deep down, she feared having a lot of money. Hear the solutions that helped Thembi and her clients overcome dysfunctional relationships with money to reach their financial potential. P.S. Thembi retired in her early 30s. Info: www.retirerichnation.com

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    LIVE! with Cathi-Eclectic shows, maybe controversial but never boring!

    in Fitness


    I had an epiphany, my current show title LIVE! with Cathi  didn't give you a clue, hint or any idea what I was all about, so the persistant nagging began, CREATE  MORE EXCITING TITLE FOR YOUR SHOWS.  Got out Roget's International Thesaurus, Third Edition and began my search.

    Just what does ECLECTIC mean...diverse, philosophical, assorted, selective, discriminating, particular...all of the above describe my show topics.


    LIVE! with Cathi--Eclectic shows may be controversial, but never boring!

    Time for you to weigh in, what topics/shows would you like for me to include in my line-up?  Do you resonant (like) my new title?  Do you have any suggestions?

    Share your thoughts, ideas ....e-mail...cathistudio@sbcglobal.net

    LIVE! with Cathi...heard on Tues-Wed-Thurs- Friday...12 noon to 12:30 CST.

    Guest call-in...1-347-637-3789

    Merci, Hvala, Muchas Gracias, Grazie...NO MATTER HOW I SAY IT....



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    LIVE! with Cathi--Anything is Possible-2015

    in Fitness

    News Updates, local, national, international...


    Is your MANTRA...I'm too old to try something new.  We're living longer why limit yourself to merely existing.  LONG LIFE is a GIFT and as long as you still have breath, you still have the opportunity to apply yourself to whatever interests you.  WHAT IS YOUR DREAM...to be a singer, great, many artists began their ventures after retirement.

    What  do Ingalls Wilder, Peter Mark Roget and Grandma Moses have in common, THEY WERE ALL IN RETIRMENT AND MADE THEIR DREAMS HAPPEN.  Ages 64-76.  They embraced "WE'RE NEVER TO OLD TO BEGIN SOMETHING NEW."

    AH, you think you're not very good at (fill in the blank)...There's a difference between being good at something and being comfortable with it.


    New is always...etc.

    New is a learning curve...etc.

    Time vs New...etc.


    Reach for the ZENITH...etc.

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    Roget V Bryan, President of T&T South Florida Chamber

    in Business

    Roget V Bryan, Esq. is the current president of the Trinidad and Tobago South Florida Chamber of Commerce and a guest on the Caribbean Business Digest show.
    Roget talks about the idea behind forming the chamber, challenges it faces in the two years of existence and his vision for the organization going forward. Visit the chamber website at www.ttsfchamber.org. 
    Roget is also a practicing attorney and founder of The Law Offices of Roget V Bryan. Visit www.rvbryanlaw.com.
    Go to www.caribbeanbusinessdigest.net to sign up for notices of upcoming shows.

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    ‚ô•Storytellers On The Net- Seattle's Wrecked

    in Entertainment

    Wrecked is a webseries filmed here in Seattle, so I was thrilled to meet the stars of the show during the Indie Series Awards.  Join me tonight with Co-Founder of  Honey Toad Studios and director/editor of Wrecked Nathaniel Buechler, stars and ISA winners Bhama Roget and Jessica Martin, as we chat about this incredibly written and produced, Seattle-based webseries.

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    in Entertainment

    Join Emmy Award winning news journalist Victoria Gaither and Entertainment Co-host Michael Kay when they chat with Liz Ellis and Bhama Roget from the award winning webseries "Wrecked"
    From Honey Toad Productions in Seattle, WA. comes "Wrecked".  Written by Liz Ellis and starring Bhama Roget, "Wrecked" is a series about a writer trying to get her life back together after the decision that tore it apart. Check out season one at www.wreckedtheseries.com
    PLUS, we'll hear new music from Friends and Family, the Seattle group providing music for "Wrecked".  You can hear more at www.friendsandfamilyband.com

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    Companionship & Care In Your Own Home

    in Caregiving

    Senior Guide USA Presents- Senior Moment: Companionship & Care In Your Own Home - With Our Guest Expert Roget Berendes of Hearthside Home Care. http://www.hearthsidehomecare.comhttp://seniorguideusa.com

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    Everyday Living w/ Rick & Veronica

    in Motivation

    Everyday Living with Rick and Veronica is hosted by Rick and Veronica Walters, "The Do-Over Duo", and is designed to address everyday problems of everyday people and provide everyday solutions. This dynamic duo addresses everything from relationships to entertainment to survival. In their second marriage with each other, they share lessons learned in their life journey and inspire and motivate their listeners to transform their lives. Joined by gospel recording artist Demetric "Dee" Lockhart and featuring The Inspirational Moment w/ Bishop Kendall Alderson and NOW@Nine w/ Pastor Ricc Rollins, the show provides practical wisdom and spiritual guidance to take you from the ever after to the right NOW! 

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    Jesus In The Morning Minister Faye Roger

    in Christianity

    Guest Speaker: Minister Faye Roget of Witchita Kansas
    Freedom Doors Ministries, spreading the Good News of Jesus. Here on Jesus in The Morning we bring information in many different ways to our listeners, but mainly through a different speaker daily with a fresh word ...

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    Did Edgar Allan Poe Kill Mary Rogers?

    in Paranormal

    Did disturbed, England educated, Edgar Allan Poe kill Cigar Girl Mary Rogers? Did Poe take out Mary
    in a drunken psychotic haze? Some think he he did.