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    RocStarRadio and DJHustlaP present Murdah Baby

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    Murdah baby is a major artist that is doing big things . he put on several artist such as French Montana & Max B.. the list goes on shal i say more i dont think so .. come join us tonight on RocStarRadio as DJ HustlaP spins some fire tracks by ya favorite MC Murdah Baby

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    Rocstarradio Presents mixer 10thousand and one

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    come tune in and rol up ya blunts while rocstarradio spins some hot tracks by iroc z beats , big o , montalvo etc you can go to www.iroczbeats.com then click on rocstarradio and hit play, or you can call 347 884 8022 and dial 1 to listen live and you can also give a sgout out and show us some love

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    Rocstarradio and DJHustlaP present sickslick mix

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    come tune into RocStarRadio and light up ya blunts as your favorite DJ , DJHustlaP spins and mixes some of the illest music by independent artist around the world.

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    RocStarRadio N DJ HustlaP introducing Didda JoeNtheFatBoy

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    switching it up with some rNb type hiphop with your very own dj HustlaP on RocStarRadio 

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    RocStarRadio & DJ HustlaP present kfree the don and IROC

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    playing some of the illest traks by K FREE the DON , IROCZ BEATS and HustlaP , ake sure you tune in tonight and jam with us on your only radiostation RocStarRadio

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    rocstarradio & DJHustlaP presents crooked lineup 2

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    come join us  on RocStarRadio as we give you a straight half hour of entertainment and present some of the best independent artist around the globe including artish such as LC, baseline, dina, goldie & chrome rome, k free the don, i roc z beats, hustla p , montalvo, big o , sheik ron.. etc etc

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    RocStarRadio and DJHustlaP present KLI

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    On September 17th, 1979, born & raised in Boston, Ma. Kem Raymond was influenced by the art & sound of music. Growing up in a tough neighborhood called Mattapan, he always carried himself with much character as told by many. By 7 he began experimenting with writing songs in his free time. Listening to great music from artist of all genres, he was inspired to become an artist himself watching music award shows televised. His stepfather Darren S. Johnson, who at the time was a musician himself, had taken the young aspiring artist under his wing & showed him allot. He gained much support for his efforts from surrounding family members. Learning stage performance, rehearsal, notes, & more...by 10 y.o he had found interest in dance & joined a local youth dance company called Project Concern while living in Roxbury, Ma.. It was an inner city program operated to help keep young adolescents in trouble, out of trouble. With this opportunity Kem had realized his chance at stage life was right around the corner, and seized the moment. Performing with the  dance company had given Kem much to look forward to, from doing shows at schools to outdoor events.

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    RocStarRadio and DJHustlaP present The FatBoy

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    in the mid 2010 the fatboy ws born and the ride began since then the fatboy has seen a non stop grind to become one of the north carolinas prominent hiphop acts, the fatboys notriety as a true lyricist and creative sprint quickly took shape and simultaneously took hold of the surrounding areas. after spending the end pf 2010 and the better half of 2011 performing at many of the venues of NC.the fatboy has been on a campaign of continuous radio interviews and appereances . the fat boy is a registered emmer with ASCAP and holds copyrights to all of his original works with the u.s. library of congress.

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    RocStarRadio presents HustlaP freeftyle

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    HustlaP will be presenting himself giving the listeners a straught half hour of freestyle .. need callers to call in and freestyle with your one and only HustlaP

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    RocStarRadio & DJHustlaP present Dizzy Maine

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    Darien Castro was born January 25th 1989. Growing up in the 90's was like being hip hop's younger brother. When his ears could first recognize sound-waves they heard biggie on the radio. A young Darien Castro was raised by a single mother after his father was deported from the states when he was only a baby. It wasn't easy growing up with a mother recovering from addiction and having close to nothing. Struggling to fit in with what seemed like rich classmates in a catholic school young Castro turned to hip hop and exercise as an outlet and honestly a companion. At a very young age he learned to be very independent as he watched and learned from the mistakes from his family and community (Boston area, Chelsea, Malden to Melrose). Every Wednesday during English class was poetry day. At age 12 he was expelled from the catholic school for writing a hate-poem insulting a classmate. Little did he know this was his first diss-rap. After being expelled he went on to public high school in Melrose MA. With a much older mind he often felt like he didn't belong doing the "same old". He played sports, had girlfriends and overall had an enjoyable high school experience. There is no doubt that walking down the hall he would have his headphones plugged in bumping either Eminem, 50 Cent or Lil Wayne. Trouble with the law delayed his graduation and he didn't transfer to a four-year college when all his friends did. This set-back left him in his home-town forced to go to Community College. With what seemed to be wasted talent and skill he finally turned to making his own music. The rest is history in the making.

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    RocStarRadio and DJHustlaP present A-N-T

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    A-N-T can only be described as multifaceted. As a music producer and prolific Mixtape king, he has released 9 Mixtapes since 2005, working on solo projects as well as collaborating with artists such as Ed Muffs to form the smooth rap super-group Daiquiri. A-N-T is garnering praise from music critics and fans alike, from his native Bronx neighborhood to Westchester. Most recently you can catch him on Whadafunk Clothing’s new Mixtape "Never Forgive Action", featuring songs by the hottest up and coming and established names in the hip hop community.