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    One-Heart Messages with Robin- Guest, Nicci Van Der Merve, Intuitive ART Healer

    in Spirituality

    Hi Everyone!  I'm Robin Guayasamin-Salerno, the host of "One-Heart Messages with Robin".  Our online radio program is dedicated every week to loving guidance and messages from the world of Spirit and the Animal Kingdom.

    In honor of our focus on Healing, tonite we have a special guest, Nicci Van Der Merve, certified ART healer and Intuitive of "Accendo Mind Body and Soul, LLC.", Waukesha, WI.  We will discuss Nicci's ART alternative healing techniques for releasing auric blockages , her vast knowledge of DoTerra Essential oils, and take a few questions from listeners.  An informative hour you don't want to miss!  Call in tonite at (646) 649-0027 for help with a personal healing question!

    Nicci can be contacted for private advanced healing consultations by calling (262) 527-8011 and at www.accendomindbodysoul.com.  Robin is available for private readings for you and/or your pets by calling (262) 501-4838 and at www.robinsalerno.com.

  • The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe

    in Self Help

    In the hierarchy of laws, Natural Law is the highest form of law. In tonight's discussion, the Know Thyself Radio Show will be discussing the 7 Natural Laws of the Universe as it is taken from the Kybalion and taught by ancient Hermetist. 

    The 7 Natural Laws of the Universe are also known as the 7 Principles. The word principle comes from the Latin word pricipia which means first and foremost. First and foremost not only has become unimportant to society, but doesn't seem to be even on the list anymore.


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    One-Heart Messages with Robin- " Meet One of Your Spirit Guides"

    in Spirituality

    Hi Everyone!  I'm Robin Guayasamin-Salerno, the host of "One-Heart Messages with Robin".  Our online radio program is dedicated every week to Spirit and animal communication and their messages of love and support. 

    Tonight we will discuss meeting one of our Spirit Guides.  Have you ever wondered where that "voice" inside your mind may come from?  How is it you often tap into a suggestion "out of thin air"?  We are blessed with help from Beyond every moment, even if you may not know where the inspiration originates!  I will guide you through a brief Spirit Guide meditation to set up the "introduction", and we will get to know alittle bit about a guide that is present in your life at this time.

    Call in tonight at (646) 649-0027 and lets talk LIVE on the air!

    Robin is available for private readings for you and your pet by calling (262) 501-4838 or by contacting her at www.robinsalerno.com.

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    Robin S. on Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne

    in Music

    Robin S., is a singer and songwriter, who scored success in the 1990s with such hit singles as "Show Me Love" (which was her debut single and a number-one hit) and "Luv 4 Luv". She has had three number ones on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Has songs out there that you have moved to and may not have known it was her, such as "All I Do" and "Dance" featuring Mary Mary. She has collaborated with some of the hottest artists in the industry and continues to pump out the hottest dance tracks on the air today. You may not have known that she is a spiritual sister who is a positive and motivational speaker, but if you listen, you will learn! Looking forward to this one with my Sistah Robin S.

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    One-Heart Messages with Robin- Does Your Pet have Problems?"

    in Spirituality

    Hi Everyone!  I'm Robin Guayasamin-Salerno and I'm the host of "One-Heart Messages with Robin".  Our online radio program is dedicated every week to Spirit and animal communication and their messages of love and support.

    This week we turn the focus to your pets and their problems. Have you noticed lately that your pet is behaving differently, or that they seem not as happy as they usually are?  Are you concerned about your pet's behavior or their health?  Your pet often tries their best to alert you to how they feel- perhaps you haven't been listening?  I'd like to expand the discussion to the idea your pet may be your "mirror"!  Call in tonite at (646) 649-0027 and let's talk LIVE on the air! 

    Robin Salerno is widely known in the Midwest as a psychic medium, animal intuitive, and teacher of metaphysics.  She is the director of Innersongs, LLC. outside of Milwaukee, WI, where she and her herd of horses offer summer workshops for inner discovery and healing using the Wisdom of Horses.  Robin is available for private readings for you and your pet by calling (262) 501-4838 or by contacting her on her website, www.robinsalerno.com.


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    LIVE Spirit Box Session: Robin Williams

    in Paranormal


    LIVE Spirit Box Session

    Luci and Anthony will try to reach out and speak with the admired and funny man Robin Williams. Many have tried before...let's see what happens tonight!

    On Monday, August 11th, 2014, Robin Williams was found dead at his home in Tiburon, California USA, the victim of an apparent suicide, according to the Marin County Sheriff's Department. A 911 call was received at 11:55 AM PDT, firefighters and paramedics arrived at his home at 12:00 PM PDT, and he was pronounced dead at 12:02 PM PDT. Robin Williamss lifetime: Saturday, July 21st, 1951 to Monday, August 11th, 2014, was 23,032 days, equaling 3,290 weeks & 2 days. One additional fact, Robin Williams was born just eight days after superstition date (to some), of "Friday, the 13th", on Saturday, July 21st, 1951. 

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    Understanding Universal Laws Part 2

    in Self Help

    We have all heard of the Law of Attraction, but did you know that the Universe is governed by other spiritual laws as well?  In this episode of Coach Café, hosts and Law of Attraction life coaches, Estra Roell and Kathleen Martin will continue to teach about the other Universal Laws that, if you understand them, will help you to live with more consciousness and greater ability to create your life the way you most desire.  Estra and Kathleen will discuss what is meant by a universal law, what these laws are and how to work in harmony with them in your life to live with more ease and joy!

    Find your hosts:

    Kathleen Martin, LOACC: www.KathleenMartinCoaching.com and Sign up for your Quick Coaching 5 Part Audio Series!

    Estra Roell, LOACC: www.AmericasLifePurposeCoach.com and Sign up for your free interactive Visioning Report!

    And be sure to visit us at www.CoachCafeRadio.com to keep up with all that's happening and get your free Self-Empowerment Gifts!


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    One-Heart Messages with Robin- " Meet Your Spirit Guide- Pt. 2, The Group"

    in Spirituality

    Hi Everyone!  I'm Robin Guayasamin-Salerno, the host of One Heart Messages with Robin.  Our online radio program is dedicated every week to the world of Spirit, animal communication and their messages of love and support.

    Tonight we continue the discussion about spirit guides- those loving entities existing on other planes, but who reach out to offer gentle nudging and whispers of ideas when you ask for help.  You may not be aware there are often a "group" of spirit guides working with you.  These have many names throught the ages...why might YOU someone they would focus on?  I will offer another meditation to help you become aware of a spirit guide of yours...perhaps too, the why!

    Call in tonight at 646-649-0027 and Let me help connect you to one or a group of your spirit guides for possible clarity on a nagging question!

     I am available to go in further detail duing a private session- You can call 262-501-4838 to schedule, or contact me at www.robinsalerno.com.

    Hope to talk to you soon!  :)

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    TheDavidBowersAwards with Robin McNamara, The Cherry Bluestorms and Yellow Dog

    in Music

    Guests include pop icon Robin McNamara (Lay A Little Lovin' On Me) plus Southern California rockers The Cherry Bluestorms and from The Ukraine, Yellow Dog in their FIRST U.S. performance!
    PLUS: Another Installment of 'Rockstar 101' with David Wall of the Good Road Network!  Join us for our August show and 'Follow' this page for updates.

    Chat Room and Phone Lines will be open for your comments and questions.
    Plase re-post to your friends.

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    Al Diaz, Peter Sterling, Robin Costelloe insights on the Empowerment of Gold #2

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz, Peter Sterling, Robin Costelloe share their insights on the Empowerment of Gold.

    Thursday, August 20th  10am PST

    Host Al Diaz: An acclaimed and internationally recognized Visionary, Transformational Guide, and Change Agent as an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Film Producer, and online Radio Host.

    Co-host Peter Sterling: Award winning harpist,author,workshop facilitator and back country guide to Sedona's sacred sites.

    Special guest: Robin Costelloe has been a coach and trainer within the exchange markets since 1999. In May of 2014 he came across Karatbars and has since introduced 48 people to the concept of starting their own GOLD Exchanges. In just over 14 months Mr Costellow now has over 5,000 accounts set up.

    Learn about the changes that are happening globally with the opening of the new BRICKs banking System and the new Shanghai Gold Exchange.

    To register for your Free Affiliate account click on the link below.


    Then click on registration. Use Sponsor code: aldiaz

    For more info: http://www.goldincreaseswealth.com 

    To contact Al Diaz personally: al.diaz4love@gmail.com 

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    One-Heart Messages with Robin- "Crossing Over, Pt II-What's Over There?"

    in Spirituality

    Hi Everyone! I'm Robin Guayasamin-Salerno, the host of "One-Heart Messages with Robin".

    This week is Part II of the 3 part series on Death and Dying, "Crossing Over".  In this next session we will talk about the next phase of Death; after we go through the Change, what can we expect to see and feel?  Do we go to Heaven, as we have been told, or maybe something worse?

     These can be scary questions to think about until we consider- we have had much information sent to us by the loved ones who have crossed first.  Many spirits speak of different experiences, unique to each individual.

    Let us discuss and consider "What's over there"- I hope we can include some wonderful accounts from your own spirit loved ones and animal friends.  Call in tonight at (646) 649-0027 and we can talk LIVE on the air!

    Robin is available for insightful, in-depth readings for you and your pets by calling (262) 501-4838, or by contacting her at www.robinsalerno.com.