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    On this episode of The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc...

    in Sports

    On a special Sunday edition of The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc, we will discuss everything March Madness!!!!  And trust me it has been complete Madness up till now!

    We will also look around the Sports World and hit all the hot topics!!!

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

    in Sports

    On this episode of The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc, we will continue our MLB preview a long with a breakdown of NCAA Basketball.

    Will preview the upcoming UFC Fight and get the latest word from the NFL combine from last weekend!


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    Red River Radio Dellani's Tea Time with Paty, Gary and Lindsay

    in Books

    Today, Christina and Dellani are delighted to welcome back three fabulous authors.

    Paty Jager, author of Husband for Christmas, Laying Claim, Doctor in Petticots, among others.

    Lindsay Downs, author of Lady Valentine, Masked Lady, Married Christmas and many more.

    Gary D. Henry, author of Falling Waters, Witch Woods, A Father First and many more.

    As always, this will be a fun filled discussion about writing, books, and anywhere the mood takes us. Each author will read an excerpt from a book of their choice.

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

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    Today at 11am Eastern,

    It's a special Sunday edition of The Sports Offensive!!!

    On this week’s episode of the Offensive,we will recap the buzzer beater finish at the NCAA National Championship!

    The NHL’s final day is upon us, who made it and who didn't?

     Steph and the Warriors won again last night, will they set the NBA win record?

    Johnny Football to Denver???  What does Von Miller have to say about that?

    The Major League Baseball season has started, we will recap the first week.

    Manny wins in Vegas, whats next!

    It’s time to get Offensive!!!

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

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    Saturday at 11am Eastern,

    Were back on our normal day and time!!!

    On this week’s episode of the offensive, we will recap the sweet 16 and give you our expert analysis of the matchups for the elite 8.  Who knows, we just might even give you our predictions for the Final Four!

    The NHL’s Wild Card race is heating up, who’s in and who’s out?

    Will the Steph and the Warriors set the NBA win record?

    Another Moch draft is out, we will look at the best guessed pick’s of the first round, and did RGIII make a huge mistake going to Cleveland.  How about that signing bonus and Salary for a guy that did not even suit last year!

    Don’t forget about our MLB preview!

    It’s time to get Offensive!!!

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    The Sports Offensive with JP & Marc

    in Sports

    Saturday, Noon Eastern,

    Were back on our normal day!!!

    On this week’s episode of the offensive, we will preview the Final Four and give you our expert analysis of the matchups.  Who knows, we just might even give you our predictions for the National Championship game!

    The NHL’s Wild Card race is coming down to the last week! Who’s in and who’s out?

    Will the Steph and the Warriors set the NBA win record?

    The Niner's are now on the hook for Kap's Salary, we will tell you why.

    Opening Day for the MLB is almost here, we will take a look at the first games of the year, and talk some Fantasy Baseball!

    Players from the US Women's Soccer team have filed a lawsuit with lawyer Jeffery Kesslor against the US Soccer Federation, we will tell you why they should win with detailed facts and figures.

    It’s time to get Offensive!!!

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    Red River Radio's No Limits with Barbara M. Hodges

    in Books

    Hello all and happy spring, although it's been a wild one so far for most of the United States.

    My two guests for April are Richard Palinelli and Kait Carson.

    Along with being a mystery author, Richard is an award-wining sportswriter and editor. We will be talking with him about his latest murder mystery, Reservations, set in Gallup, New Mexico.

    Kait Carson says she has led a charmed life.  I know from her bio she has led an interesting one.  I love that she says, and I quote, 'I wrote five novels....honing voice and characterization, learning scene and setting. The books, some masterpieces of head-hopping, live under my bead. I love them all.'

    She will be talking with us about her latest, Hayden Kent mystery, Death by Sunken Treasure.

    Hope you can drop by and join us.

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    Red River Radio What's Write for Me with The Write Room Blog Authors

    in Books

    Authors helping authors, that's what the Write Room Blog is all about. The brainchild of several wonderful authors, it is organized by Kenneth Weene and Clayton Bye. These two terrific authors, as well as a talented compatriot, Maggie Tideswell, will be Dellani and Christina's guests on What's Write for Me.

    Kenneth Weene is the author of Broody New Englander, Sweet and Sour, Songs for my Father and more.

    Clayton Bye is the author of The Sorceror's Key, Behind the Red Door,The Speed of Dark and more.

    Maggie Tideswell is the author of Dark Moon, Silent Night, Runaway Couple and more.

    With these three fantastic authors on the show, anything could happen! Tune in for laughs and exerpts as well as book chat! (Did I mention laughs?)

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    The Elle Brings Soul Art Music to The Nu Soul Cypher

    in Music

    We welcome The Elle back to the show, a soultry song writer from Minnesota now hailing from Brooklyn. The Elle brings to you her latest project, Soul Art Music. Described as a journey through womanhood exploring themes of pain, love and relationships, this project has been said to "transports old moments to happier places we can all look forward to." - The Conscious Tip. The 90's inspired album uses sample from Zhane and other artists of yesterday to bring forth feelings of nostalgia to when you first fell in love with a mate and music. We look forward to once again being in awe of this artist as she explains why she wears a Halo but is able to speak about The Other Side as well.

    MJ's #30MinutesofMusic will feature songs from then and now from The Elle as Q-man and T. Mitch prepare for another comfortable stroll into the land of soul!

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    He restores my soul

    in Spirituality

    Most of us know someone that has a chemical or behavioral addiction. If that person is someone that you care deeply about, your life has been significantly impacted. King David said of Christ, He restores my soul (Psalm 23:3). How? By leading him in paths of righteousness for His name's sake.

    Join me as I launch my first broadcast, titled He restores my soul. Now that my life is under new management (Jesus Christ) the restoration process is well underway. Yours can be too. Through prayer, bible study, and chosing to walk by faith, God will restore your joy, peace, and security. I look forward to seeing you on the show.

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    Soul 1 After Dark

    in Entertainment

    Please join Mr. Soul 1 Himself, Greg Hill of The Delfonics Revue every Wednesday 9-11pm (626)