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    Robert Peernock appeared to have the ideal life; working as a pyrotechnics engineer and computer expert and coming home to his wife and daughter, Peernock projected the American dream. Even when he and his wife separated, it seemed amicable, just a small bump for the well-to-do family. But there was madness in his house: in private, Peernock was violent, subtly manipulative, and bordering on psychotic. But the horrifying details of his home life would only come to light after Peernock finally lost all control.

    Peernock had come home, brutally beat both his wife and daughter, force fed them alcohol, and deliberately sent them to their death behind the wheel, staging it to look like a drunk driving accident. He didn't foresee that his daughter would survive, and even with years of abuse, her attempted murder, and horrendous injuries, he never anticipated that she would speak so powerfully against him.

    Throughout his trial, Peernock claimed a massive government conspiracy against him. He hired and fired lawyers multiple times, deadlocking juries and spinning a web of lies. NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Anthony Flacco (IMPOSSIBLE ODDS, THE ROAD OUT OF HELL) chronicles the sensational trial and all the terror that preceded it, looking deep into the mind of a deranged killer whose American dream was a waking nightmare for those trapped within it.

    Once a successful whistleblower, Peernock denied his involvement in the murder, claiming a conspiracy against him on all levels. Confounding the justice system, hiring and firing lawyers, representing himself, saying everyone was against him. After numerous tense trials, Peernock was finally sentenced to life in prison, though those close to him still live in fear. A CHECKLIST FOR MURDER: The True Story of Robert John Peernock-Anthony Flacco



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    Episode 250 of the Murder Master Music Show

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    After almost 4 years we have reached a milestone at 250 episodes. Many doubted us, many left us to rot, many counted us the f-ck out but time after time we have broken through mainstream doors and accomplished what many with huge budgets can't. Join us as we celebrate episode 250 and see who calls in!

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    Investigative reporter, and author of Nobody's Women, Steve Miller makes a thoroughly researched inquiry into a murder that rocked the privileged world of Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

    Bob Bashara: husband, father, Rotary Club president and community leader.
    Bob Bashara: slumlord, philanderer and BDSM enthusiast.
    Did he also hire a hit on his wife?

    Jane Bashara lived in Grosse Pointe Park, one of Metro Detroit’s wealthiest communities, when she was strangled to death in her own garage by local handyman Joe Gentz. When Joe turned himself in, he told the cops everything— including how he was hired for a hit by Jane’s husband. His payment: $2,000 and a used Cadillac.

    Born into one of Michigan’s elite families, Bob was sweeping out the back alley of a property he owned when his wife was being killed. He made sure the bartenders at the Hard Luck Lounge saw him there at the time of her murder. He’d often brought girlfriends by the same bar, and for the last year had been seen with one Rachel Gillett—riding around town in her convertible, even showing up at BDSM events in the suburbs of Detroit. .

    When Joe Gentz confessed, his 67 IQ and barfly reputation made him less than credible. Bob successfully denied any part in his wife’s murder. But he couldn’t deny his attempt to have Joe killed in prison. MURDER IN GROSSE POINTE PARK-Privilege, Adultery and the Killing of Jane Bashara-Steve Miller

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    ETERNAL LIFE IS A WORD BEYOND ALL WORLDLY INTRUSION AND LYING CONTRADICTION! (John 1:1-4)   As it is written, "WHAT is MAN O YAH, that THOU art MINDFUL of him?" (Psalms 8:4, 144:3, .. Hebrews 2:6)  We say LIVES MATTER.  WHAT then shall we say FOR?   Man was made to be a HABITATION for the HOLY SPIRIT!    Seeking to appease the DIVERSE OPINIONS of MEN, did we FORGET that LIES MURDEROUSLY DAMNING the HUMAN SOUL?

    What is it then that MATTERS in BABYLON?   Is it LIFE or LIE?    We can have only ONE or the OTHER!   If we seek the EXCEEDING TRUTH, we have HOPE.    If we seek to preserve every man's diverse "opinions", ie. LIES, we DIE.  Yet BABYLON is NOT about attaining ETERNAL LIFE!   But rather the preservation of CONFUSION that NONE LIVES!

    Discern what early man knew concerning the coming JUDGEMENT! (Isaiah 65:11-15)   Shall LIES and those who love them be preserved forever?   Know that NO POLITICAL SYSTEM is viable for the RESTORATION of a HOLY PEOPLE!

    Isaiah 29:20  For the oppressor is brought to nought, and the scorner is consumed, and all that incite to iniquity are cut off,   21  Those who cause men to sin by the word, and lay a snare for him that reproves, and turn aside the righteous into darkness.  (See Isaiah 65:11-15)

    Many say they BELIEVE in YAH, and also HIS Anointed.    Yet have men truly trusted in a WORD of constancy beyond ALL WORLDLY CONTRADICTION?    Or trusting in ILLUSIONS, has man forsaken WORTH unto the HOLY NAME?


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    ABC's of Being Well: R is for Ritual

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    Ritual is a wonderful way to create intention and send out our love and light, especially at the time of the new moon. As we walk the medicine wheel each day, each month, each year, each lifetime we are creating spirals of intention. We use this time of the dark moon to commune with the Great Grandmother and reset our dreams and desires, we mourn and release, and recreate the fertile place for our seeds of intention.

    This is a meditative practice; only listen where you are able to participate. Bring your

    candle, journal, sticky notes, seeds of desire, and your open heart. namaste

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    Episode 245: The Movie Murder Rap with Writer Greg Kading

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    Greg Kading was an EX LA Cop who investigated Tupac and Biggie's murders and claims to have linked the murder of Tupac directly to Puffy

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    Murder Talk Show 1-714-364-4559 Guest Call-In Number

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    Murder: Unsolved Cold Cases & Missing Persons: Call-In Now! Guest Call-In Phone Number: 1-714-364-4559

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    Mystic Moondays:: Living by the Moon :: Lunar Ritual

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    In this episode of Living By The Moon, Lisa MoonCat and Katsura Balanza team up to share a conversation about holding sacred space for ritual, and since we are all about living by the moon, we will be sharing upon ritual that work well with the moon cycle. In this conversation we will share regarding calling Spirit, integrating different traditions and energies, such as mascuine/feminine. As well as tips to how we can connect more deeply to the moon cycle.

    We will also be offering mini tarot readings.  

    We are happy to share with you, phone lines are open for live podcast.  Questions or insights, please do join in.


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    PTRN~Ask A Witch (Wind Chime Magick )/Lunatic Mondays(Ritual Magic)

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    Live 8:00 p.m. Central ~ Ask a Witch with Lady Brigid and Kazan Clark (A.K.A. Mama Bear), is all about sharing, teaching, learning and having fun! Join us every Monday night at 8 P.M. Central time. To join in the discussion, call: 347-308-8222 and press 1 to be a part of the show.

    (TWC) The Witch’s Cupboard; How to use wind chimes for Magickal purposes.

    9:00 p.m. Central ~ Lunatic Mondays PTRN's First Bilingual Show.  Next Week in Spanish

    Why should Fridays have all the fun?

    Go crazy on Mondays with Laura Gonzalez on 'Lunatic Mondays'..... Anything can happen!!!

    Tonight join Aaron Marsh and Laura Gonzalez chatting about “Ritual magic, what’s the purpose?" join the discussion and bring your opinion, ask your questions!

    Join us on the chat room or by phone to ask your questions!!

    (347) 308-8222

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    Kendrick Johnson's Death: Freak Accident or Murder

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    Center Stage is currently on hiatus. So tonight we will be re-broadcasting the show titied: "Kendrick Johnson's Death: Freak Accident or Murder." On this show host Kheri Hines interviewed the parents of Kendrick Johnson and their atorney.

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