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  • 9/11 Special

    in Entertainment

    The Innovation Crew discusses and remembers 9/11.

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    9/11 Roundtable Discussion

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview author Jill Cueni-Cohen author Like It Was Yesterday, A Journalist File Since 9/11, and Mia Toschi National Director, American Public Education Foundation.

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    EDL Radio ~ 9/11

    in Politics Conservative

    We commemorate the 14th Anniversary of 9/11. We don't forget, either.... That and more....

    A special thanks to Jim from Boston...

    Welcome to The English Defence League Program, with your Host, Geoff Mitchell, and Co-Host/Producer ~ and Wingman ~  Kel Fritzi, Dave Milner of the Unpleasant Blind Guy stars as The Panelist. Tim Burton joins us as well. We just call him The Erudite.

    A place where we aren’t afraid to discuss the issues that the newspapers, TV and radio won’t touch. This is the place where you will hear the honest truths, and can join in discussions about the facts, not the polished and anonymous half-truth that the authorities and MSM publish to throw you into a state of complacency.
    This your platform, the show is your voice.

    Come and join us Fridays and Sundays at 8:30PM BST, 3:30PM EDT. Your voice is welcome too.


    EDL You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/EDLNoSurrenderChanne

    Follow us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EDLofficialpage

    "All That is necessary for Evil to Prevail Is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmond Burke



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    SPECIAL: Remembering 9/11

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    September 11, 2001 is a date that touches every American from coast to coast, recalling memories of a fateful day that placed thousands at the center of a terror attack. The personal stories that emerged from Ground Zero, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 bring to light the men and women whose courage and resilience have shown how humanity will always overcome fear.  Today World Footprints commemorates the anniversary of the terrifying attack that changed the world and brought heroes to the front-line. You will hear from survivors their first-hand account of the events as they experienced them. You will also hear from individuals who selflessly put their own lives at risk to rescue others. We will also share our own memories for the first time. We will always be united in memory! Click HERE to see our video from within the Pentagon and our visit to the Pentagon Memorial.

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    1 day till 9/11 -- continued shows about 9/11

    in Lifestyle

    so many corruptions - 9/11 commission, wtc7 and the silverstein debacle, asbestos removal (1 billion $ cost) that was being avoided, insurance being taken out just months before in the event of plane /terrorist attack runno building , marvin bush, yes a bush brother of the president, on the security of the WTC's .. , on and on and on ...



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    12 /11 Sports Talk featuring Cyril Gerald-Quinn 9/27/15 9:00am edt

    in Sports

    Catch the next edition of 12 /11 Sports Talk featuring Cyril Gerald-Quinn with Rob Sapp and Chad Quinn this week's episode will feature NFL week 3 action and MLB stretch run and much, much more on this edition of 12 /11 Sports Talk featuring Cyril Gerald-Quinn www.blogtalkradio.com /cyril-quinn call in at 347 215 6180 go to instagram @rilogeraldquinn

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    12/11 Sports Talk Featuring Cyril Gerald-Quinn 9/20/15 9:30am edt

    in Sports

    catch the latest edition of 12/11 Sports Talk Featuring Cyril Gerald-Quinn as I look back at the SEC's big saturday and preview Week 2 NFL action. This is Season 8 of 12/11 Sports Talk Featuring Cyril Gerald-Quinn with Rob Sapp and Chad Quinn. www.blogtalkradio.com/cyril-quinn follow me on twitter @williamgerald or go to instagram @rilo.geraldquinn. Review and Comment on the show at itunes.apple.com. "MAKE IT A GREAT DAY" CWQ 6/19/15

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    Where Are You Today? The Positive Results of 9/11

    in Spirituality

    "Where were you when the world stopped turning..." are lyrics of a well known country song that speaks about the 9/11.  We all know where we were when we heard the news about, the planes being flown into the World Trade Center.  It seems most of us know that even better than we know where we were when we heard JFK was shot. the Challenger exploded, two teens shot up a school in Columbine, or the explosion during the Boston Marathon.  Why is that?  Is it because the news media and people around us keep repeating the words of the song in one way or another? Is it because it impacted us personally? Is it just because it was one of the most significant things that happened in our lifetime? Was it because of where we were on that day at that time?

    What if we could start looking at all of the positive things that came out of that day instead of continuing to focus on the atrocities. What if we can turn around the negative into something that gives us hope and happy thoughts instead of creates anger and fear? 

    It is time change how we look at that day. Join Purpose Talk Radio host Cindy Freeman on Friday, Sept. 11, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. for that discussion. Come join the discussion if you have experiences or suggestions to share.

    You can join by phone at 347-205-9074 or Skype.  Also, join us in the chat room or on the Facebook group Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.


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    The Friday Night SuperShow Remembers 9/11

    in Current Events

    The Tag Champs return, on this special edition of The #1 talk radio show on Friday Nights, as they look back on the anniversary of the greatest lie ever perpetrated upon the American people, 9/11..... This tragic even was a turning point in our history, an has affected us all, not just in this country either. Join your hosts, The Mouth, Lee Peer, and Mr. Friday Night, Dennis Ford, and remember the lie, as well as expose it for what it really was... the mass incarceration of America, a foothold for the New World Order.... as always, great music, and YOUR CALLS in hour 2!

    ONLY on Truth Emerges Radio's own, The Friday Night SuperShow

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    Voices of 9-11 on Recovery Now with Kim Justus

    in News

    Mary Fetchet is Founding Director of VOICES, a non-profit organization she co-founded in 2001 following the death of her 24 year old son Brad at the World Trade Center. Her unique background as a mother of a victim, along with over 20 years of expertise as a clinical social worker, influenced VOICES innovative approach to creating a new paradigm in providing long-term support services. Using social work practices, she guided the development of programs that provide continuity of care and promote resiliency in the lives of victims' families, responders and survivors. Today, Ms. Fetchet is also helping communities heal after other traumatic events through VOICES Center of Excellence for Community Resilience, an initiative that she launched in 2014.  As a clinician, she recognized the importance of commemoration and supporting families through the emotional but therapeutic process of honoring their loved ones in a meaningful way. The 9/11 Living Memorial Project is now an extensive digital collection of over 70,000 photographs and personal keepsakes contributed by thousands of family members. voicesofseptember11.org

    This show is a gathering place for anyone seeking recovery from the challenges of life on life's terms. We discuss useful tools that have helped us lighten the load, of our journey through recovery. This is a "we" recovery program, because it is in the "we," that we find the new "me."

    We focus on the four A's of Recovery: Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Adaptation. This is a place for survivor's striving to become thrivers.

    The front half of show is a featured guest. to join us in the discussion. The second part of the show is Open Mic and some great Indy Music, sure to inspire! Host is Kim Justus, author of In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond found at www.inaflash.org & "Like" at www.facebook.com/inaflash.org and www.facebook.com/braininjuryradionetwork

  • The Awakening - 9/11/2001 - The Day It All Changed

    in Politics Conservative

    For G_d, For Country, For Freedom.

    Everyone has a moment in their life when their entire life completely changes.  My moment was on September 11, 2001.

    Tonight I'll open up about what that day meant.

    "Nothing Remains"

    by Like a Storm

    I watched the colors fade in you
    Saw the shadow take control
    And the world that we once knew
    I watched it crumble and fall
    I can't believe that it's over
    So many things I should have done
    The world is so much colder
    Without the sun
    Now I am nothing
    And nothing can heal the pain
    Of this empty feeling
    Without you nothing remains
    Nothing remains
    It's like I died right there with you
    I lost everything that day
    When this life I thought I knew
    Was ripped out and taken from me
    I keep living it over
    I don't know what I could have done
    And still my world grows colder
    Without your sun
    Now I am nothing
    And nothing can heal the pain
    Of this empty feeling
    Nothing can take it away
    And now I have nothing
    Since you were taken from me
    I'm nothing without you
    Without you nothing remains
    I'm nothing without
    Without you nothing remains
    Nothing remains
    Nothing remains
    Nothing remains