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    DISPROPORTIONALITY and Culturally Responsive Leading

    in Education

    DISPROPORTIONALITY and Culturally Responsive Leading,  Teaching, and Learning – A discussion on how districts unconsciously respond to behaviors and data
    Special Guests:
    Mr. Greg Roberts, Executive Director, NABSE Dr. Edward Fergus, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

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    Website or Opt-in Page & Mobile Responsive Design

    in Management

    Sometimes you just need to trust yourself. A listener asks Chalene about the importance of a high-quality website and she responds with some important questions: What is important to YOU when you visit someone’s site? Do you even need a website first or should you start with an opt-in page? If so, single or double opt-in?

    Other topics include using “freemiums” to attract potential clients and get their email addresses and the importance of mobile-responsive design(meaning that your site is optimized for smartphones). Look, by having a site that looks good no matter what, you highlight that you’re a professional with relevant, up-to-date information. Lastly, Chalene offers suggestions on four resources that will help you get started with your online presence. Visit www.chalenejohnson.com/resources for more information.


    Do you have a question for Chalene? Visit www.chalenejohnson.com/askchalene. She’ll be answering your questions five days a week!

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    CHAMBER OF PRAYER - Blessed Assurance

    in Spirituality

    In this moment, I activate the deepest conviction in my soul that All is Well and my highest good is assured.  Great Joy wells up in me because I know that I know that I know that everything I need for my spiritual evolution has already been provided for me, and all that I call for is immediately given. My sense of absolute certainty comes from my deep understanding of the Nature of the Creative Principle which must be responsive to my thoughts and feelings.  Before I call, the answer comes.  While I am speaking, I am heard. Divine Light is the Source and the Substance of all of my Good: my wealth, my peace, my freedom, and my wellbeing.  In the resonant frequency of Divine Consciousness, riches and fine living, beauty and creativity, freedom and invention, health and relaxation, joyfulness and loving relationships are manifest in my Life in perfect ways.  Prosperity is mine. In Joy and Thanksgiving, I share all that I have, all that I am, and all that I know. All day long, I acknowledge the Divine Light of Being that is the True Source and Substance of everything.I have the Blessed Assurance That all the Good in the Universe is here or me -- for all of us -- for each of us -- always and in All Ways right now.~Maisha

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

    in Writing

    How many time can we allow a comparison of armed takeover of government property and no responsive action from the government and we watch as the Terrorists are emboldened by their ability to get away with these criminal acts. Young Black men are shot down in cold blood by authority figures and no action is taken.  

    Ted Cruz is running for the Presidency of the U.S. and only turned in his Canadian Birth Certificate three years ago to run for the U.S. Senate.  Tune to blogtalkradio.com /don-durant  or listen in on your phone when we are live on air.

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    People Power with Ernie Powell

    in Politics Progressive

    Ernie's guest is Alex Lawson, ED of Social Security Works.

    "People Power with Ernie Powell" is about organizing to win progressive campaigns. In  hosting "People Power" Ernie will speak with leaders and organizer in the progressive community. The topics will include how to organize, how to build grassroots "People Power" in order to win progressive change at the local, state and federal level. This show will cover topics such as what tactics need to be deployed in fighting big money interests? What direct actions make sense to keep elected officials both accountable and responsive? In talking to his guests Ernie will engage them on how to plan, train, inspire, educate and moblize around progressive issues. And, given the consistent right wing attack against Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid Ernie will host leaders who are building grassroots campaigns that fight on behalf of these amazingly successful social insurance issues.

    Ernie Powell is an organizer with Social Security Works and is responsible for building grassroots networks across the country in support of protecting and expanding Social Security. Social Security Works collaborates  closely with People Demanding Action in the fight to protect retirement security at the national level.  Ernie, age 66, has been an organizer most of his life. Starting with the Farm Workers movement in the late 1960's and through the mid 1970's and 1980's working on affordable housing and environmental issues and up through the 1990's to this day working on issue impacting older Americans, Ernie's insights, experience, strategic savvy and background will be shared as he talks to other leaders coming on to "People Power." Stay tuned - you will be inspired to act now and equipped with the tools you need to make it happen in our fight for justice, equality, economic and retirement security for all. 

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    Workplace Trauma and Critical Incident Response: Crisis Care Network

    in Psychology

    Much is going on in today’s workplace that involves trauma. We met with Crisis Care Network at a Behavioral Health conference and knew they were a perfect organization to showcase to our listening audience. A licensed, compassionate, and responsive team to work with the mental health of employees who’ve just experienced a critical incident is crucial not only for staff but also the business entity. Join us in welcoming Dennis Potter, Director of Trainings and Consultant Relations, to discuss how Crisis Care Network’s counselors offer guidance and immediate care after a traumatic event. 

    Read the full blog article HERE.

    1. Who is Crisis Care Network (CCN)? What do you do?

    2. How often and where does CCN serve the workplace?

    3. What is a Critical Incident?

    4. When a disruptive event has occurred in the workplace, what is the impact on the employee and on the organization?

    5. What intervention models do you use?

    6. What are the results of the interventions?

    7. What are the skills an interventionist on your panel needs? How do you support improving those skills?

    8. How is an Interventionist selected for a particular disruptive event?

    9. What are the requirements to join your panel?

    10. How do you join the CCN Provider Panel?

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    Manhattan Beach 2015 Santa Float Tour

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Steven Carvel and DeAnn Flores Chase, two local attorneys currently on the committee for this years’ Manhattan Beach Santa Float.

    Steven F. Carvel, J.D., LL.M. is a Manhattan Beach based estate planning attorney that has worked in the community for over ten years handling estate planning needs.  As a member of the Manhattan Beach Kiwanis Club, this year he has assumed responsibility for the Manhattan Beach Santa Float, which has been a tradition in the community since 1959.

    Deann Flores Chase is the Founder of Chase Law Group that does business locally as South Bay Business Lawyers, a boutique law firm dedicated to providing responsive, one-on-one, client services to entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals in the South Bay and throughout the State of California. 

    The Santa Float will be on display at various holiday events, or touring the streets of Manhattan Beach on its assigned routes, from November 30 through December 17, 2015. 

    Steven, DeAnn, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 


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    Boni Lonnsburry Talks About Her Book, The Map to Our Responsive Universe

    in Self Help

    On this week's radio show, Boni Lonnsburry will share insights from her book, The Map to Our Responsive Universe: Where Dreams Really Do Come True!  Applying the laws of attraction to her own life, she trasformed poverty, loneliness and despair to abundance, love and joy.  A very powerful story that will inspire and provide encouragement.  You can visit Boni online at www.livealifeyoulove.com

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    NABWIC TALKS with: Stacey Silvera of SEGAS Solutions & Office Express Supplies

    in Women

    Account executive and business owner with over 25 years of experience in providing excellent customer service in the area of office furniture and supplies. My greatest priority is to be the most responsive and attentive I can be to those who are a part of my universe and to encourage as many as I can to seek to be the same in their respective arenas. I am able to provide the greatest service to companies that desire personalized service without compromising the value proposition. 

    I am passionate about assisting others in pursuing their desires to be entrepreneurs and offer myself as a resource.

    Office Express is a full service office supply company that has operated in South Florida for over twenty five years. We always strive to exceed our customers' needs and provide fast and simple ordering. Let me be your single source for all your office supply, janitorial, breakroom, paper and toner supplies and office furniture. We do all the work so you don't have to! Check us out at www.xpressbuy.com!! We take care of our Customers so they can take care of their business!


    Contact info:  Phone (305) 753-2080/ Email: Stacey@expressbuy.com

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    De-constructing your belief system- with John Gallo

    in Self Help


    The second part in a series with John Gallo will focus on how to rid yourself of belief systems that only hold you back, by replacing a fear based operating system with one centered elsewhere:a heightened awareness, new relationship tools, understanding connectivity, and gratitude.

    This conversation with John Gallo, hosted by Robert Fisher, should prove to be a very stimulating journey, and shape a new belief system responsive to our many daily challenges.

    Tune in, ask questions, and join the conversation!


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    Hair Relaxer Use and The Risk Associated for African American Women

    in Entertainment

    Hair Relaxers are used by millions of black women, this treatment exposes women to chemicals through scalp lesions and burns.  Several studies have proven that hair relaxer use increases uterine leiomyomata risk.

    Ingredients used in relaxers are "lye" relaxers is sodium hydroxide; no-lye relaxers contain calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate, and "thio" relaxers contain thioglycolic acid salts. 

    Uterine leiomyomata are tumors of the myometrium that are responsive to estrogens and progesterone.  Although benign, uterine leiomyomata are associated with signifigant morbidity and are leading indication for hysterectomy in the US.