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    Cafecito Break - Life Gems with Jacquie Bird

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Cafecito Break's Virtual Livingroom space with your hosts Rosangel Perez & Ruthie Guten. Our topic today: "Life Gems" with Jacquie Bird from Silk Wire Jewelry

    About: Jacquie Bird  "I LOVE shapes.  As a choreographer, as a dancer, as a singer, as a writer, it's all about the shape of something.  As a singer, how does the sound shape from me to the audience?  As a dancer, it's all about shapes & creating pictures.  As a writer, I shape the story from my inner eye to my reader.  I feel the same way as a Jewelry Artist--it's about how I choose & create the shapes to contour to one's body, to accent one's essence. I use Gem Stones in my everyday life & enjoy the benefits along with the Beauty.?  Copper is also a Natural Resource that I utilize because of its many potential health benefits and it enhances the energy of the stones. But the main reason I wrap with Copper wire is that intrinsically, INTUITIVELY this is the metal my gut whispered to use.  

    I write A Bird Blogs About Gems where I riff about the Gems that are crystal as well as Life.

    That's what it's all about for me.  Shapes and Energy.  I create & shape SilkWire Jewelry: Adorn YourSelf With Art & The Power Of GemStones which manifests as JewelryArt 4 Your WellBeing.  They're bendable, adjustable, washable. One-Size-Fits-Many Conversation Pieces." - Jacquie Bird

    Learn more | http://www.silkwirejewelry.com/

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    Tarhaka Presents Professor James Small on Research and Africa

    in Education

     Prof. Small taught for nearly twenty years at the City University of New York, including 17 years at the City College of New York's Black Studies Department, thirteen of those years also serving as an administrator and two years at New York City Technical College. Prof. Small has taught courses on Malcolm X, Traditional African Religion (Prof. Small is a priest in the Yoruba religion), Pan Africanism, Crime in the Urban Community, Urban Crisis and Issues, and African Folklore. Prof. Small has also appeared on a number of network talk shows and newsmagazines. These include the Phil Donahue Show, The Rolanda Watts Show, The Geraldo Rivera Show, Matt Lauer Nine Broadcast Plaza Show, The Charlie Rose Show, Tony Brown's Journal, Like it Is with Gil Noble as well as numerous cable programs and local, national and international television and radio shows.

     Prof. Small has lectured at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world. Among the many colleges and universities where Prof. Small has lectured at are the University of Manchester, Manchester England. University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, V.I. University of the West Indies Porte-Spain, Trinidad; University of West Indies; Kingston Jamaica, Princeton University Princeton, N.J., Harvard University Boston, Mass., Yale University, New Haven, Conn., Columbia University and New York University of New York, N.Y. to mention a few.

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    Indy Power Rankings: Tag Team Top 5 Reveal ft @FringeWrestling #Revelations Hype

    in Wrestling

    The Indy Power Rankings team returns to the air on the Elite Podcast Network to count down the top 5 independent professional wrestling tag teams for the week of January 24th, 2016. Also on this episode, we're talking Fringe Pro Wrestling & their upcoming event, 'Revelations' with special guests Bill Chase, Cameron Banks, Jeff Goodridge, Alessandro Del Bruno, Marc Hauss, Will White, Eric Cairnie, Scotty O'Shea & Ethan Page!

    @IndyPowerRankin @elitepodcastnet



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    The Book of Revelations ch. 21 pt 26

    in Religion


    Re:  Keep studying the Book of Revelations with me; we are almost done!

    In the book of Revelations, chapter 21, the Apostle John is describing the heavenly scene. He we see the Holy City, the New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. Verse 3: And I (John is talking) heard a great voice out of heaven saying, behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God....In the new heavens there will be no more crying, sorrow, as God will wipe away all tears!

    Visit the website: http://www.InspirationalCornerOnline.com

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    E-Mail: jones.keturah95@gmail.com

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    10 Revelations You Need To Know To Stay Focused And Not Get Stuck

    in Motivation

    Tune in Tuesday at 8pm EST to "On Fire To Inspire" as we help you move into the greatness that's on the inside of you. Our special guest is author, motivator, certified life coach, Ekene Onu. Make sure you tune in so that you can gain more insight on making 2016 a great year of success for you. Dial 929-477-2178 or click www.blogtalkradio.com/onfiretoinspire

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    Gratitude Gems Meditation February 2016 - Courage

    in Self Help

    Courage is the ability to stand up to adversity and to hurdle the obstsacles in life.  Be it achieving a goal or getting through a challenging day, courage and gratitude gets us there...courage to face the challenge and gratitude for getting through it, or not!  

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    Finding Hidden Gems at Home

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight to discuss what hidden gems may be lying about your home that could actually amount to cash in your wallet. There are often many items in our closets, attics, and basements that can be extra cash for you and your family.  Whether it's a yard sale, eBay auction, or RealSimple or LifeHacker, have a scrounge around and let's make some money.

    Call us with your ideas, your successes, and to learn some great ideas to make some money, (646) 668-2620, 7-7:30pm for news and sports, and then we engage.  We're excited, hope you are, too.  Call us, we'll be waiting.

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    Real Talk Revelations : The Love of God and Todays Youth; Where is it?

    in Christianity

    Butler and Tanya try to tackle a very tough topic in "The Love of God and Today's Youth."  In discussing the Love of God and how it affects today's youth generation both Butler and Tanya try to provide answers and solutions to why their seems to be a deficiency in Love for young people which isolates, ostercizes and pushes away our youth of today.  

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    Update With Kate Episode 70 Revelations Revealed, The Mark of the Beast I'Max

    in Education

    The updates will be an ongoing clarification of the legal name fraud all of humanity has been duped into being a part of and thus, serving all manner of evil and harm in this reality we call "normal". How incredibly ruthless mirrored only in its' simplicity, legal name fraud is the crux, literally, of all man's woes. It is the only thing that separates you from YOU and thus, all of creation. You can serve only one master, the master of life, truth or, the master of death, legal sorcery. The greatest trick the Devil ever played wasn't convincing you that "he" didn't exist, it was convincing YOU that you didn't exist. Legal Name PROVES you don't exist if you worship this fall-se' I.D.-doll thinking it's you or you're I.D./it.....kate

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    Your Online Visibility…&…Relationship Revelations – All on Read My Lips Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Read My Lips Radio – LIVE January 25, 2016:

    "If I can’t find you in 3 seconds, you don’t exist," says Maria Serbina – and that's the title of her book. "Visibility is the KEY to success. Although 81% of consumers search online before buying anything, 52% of small business owners DON’T have a website!" But with so many social media platforms and mobile apps, what really works in online marketing and making business brands visible? At age 27 Maria owned one of the first private businesses in the former Soviet Union. Today, as an international business and marketing mentor with a "serious" IT background, Maria has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create visibility, expert status and social influence online. Even if you're not a business owner, tune in for Maria's advice on amping-up your personal visibility. www.MariaSerbina.com

    Femi Ogunjinmi turns conventional relationship advice upside down! Femi is a relationship expert for Examiner.com, a radio host and author of the book, Revelations of Relationship: What You Don't Know About Finding True Love and Sustaining Relationship. Known as Gfem, he was recognized as the Best Outspoken and Motivational Speaker by the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking School he attended. Femi's plain-spoken and unusual ideas include how romantic relationships are like business relationships…Why men cheat with U.G.L.Y. women [eye-opener for any woman with an unfaithful man]… Why men take their time to propose and how to encourage your man to do it sooner. www.gfemspeaks.com

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    Is Love in Our DNA? (Research Studies, Culture, Appearance) & FREE PSYCHIC READI

    in Spirituality

    Is Love in our DNA?  This is very interesting as research studies have been performed by scientists on this topic. How big does culture play a role in Love?  What about appearance?  Many scientists say appearance does play a role regarding who we are attracted to.  This is rather intersting and you are going to find out a lot about yourself and of the opposite sex.  You wil find out why someone may not have been attracted to you and why you haven't been attracted to someone else   Many women especially want to see a karmic lesson happen to a man who has left them for another woman.  Is this right? No, it's not. I will explain in detail.

    FREE PSYCHIC QUESTIONS TODAY ON 2 HOUR SHOW!!! fOR A PRIVATE READING CONTACT ME AT Mia0899cs@gmail.com.  Telephone readings are very affordable.  You need to know the truth!!!! Contact me today!!!