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    Refuge and the New Sanctuary; The Superior Sacrifice

    in Christianity

    Refuge OTM Radio discussing the current events of the day and week. Looking at what is happening with the perspective from Christian worldview.

    Study of Hebrews 9. Our priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ who is a priest after theorder of Melchizedek. Presented to us two ministries which are in contrast. We will study the new sanctuary and how it compares to the sanctuary here on earth and study the superiority of Christ sacrifice. 




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    All new PUB*CRAWL with special Guest Philip Hernandez & the Cast/Crew of REFUGE

    in Sports

    In the business of entertainment, its hard to find a first class talent.  On the next PUB*CRAWL, we'll get to meet one.  All the way from NY, we bring aboard the multi-talented Philip Hernandez (Actor/ Musician) With all the headlines from the NBA, NHL and MLB we'll have plenty to talk about!  Including our "Sports Movie of the Week", minus the Sports part, Refuge the Motion Picture  This week we welcome with us, members from the Cast & Crew to talk about this new Indi flick!  So come on down and join us for last call at Mannheim Social Club, downtown Brentwood.  



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    The Conservative Refuge

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight’s show:

    Continued reaction to the Governor’s budget and debate whether it actually cuts funding to education.

    Some Maryland legislators continue the quest to legalize marijuana.  We’ll discuss.

    Our friend, Wesley J. Smith notes that France reclassifies animals as “Living Being Gifted Sentience”. What does that mean for animal rights?

    And since people judge you by the words you use, we dispel 10 grammar myths.

    Read more at http://redmaryland.com/2015/02/conservative-refuge-radio-tonight-8pm-11/

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    The Conservative Refuge

    in Politics Conservative

    Another installment of Conservative Refuge Radio tonight at 8pm.

    On tonight's show:

    A follow-up to my appearance on the Marc Steiner show talking about the First Hogan Budget.  I will also share some initial reactions in the media.

    A closer examination of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.  How pro-business is it really?

    Some discussion of the efforts to bring Oregon style euthanasia to Maryland.  I am not a fan.

    We return with our popular "Get Off My Lawn Segment" discussing this nonsense from a cyclist insisting that we need to "share the road".

    All this, your phone calls to 760-259-2711 and much, much more tonight at 8pm on Conservative Refuge Radio.

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    Conservative Refuge Radio 4-6-2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On this installment:

    As the Maryland General Assembly session winds down, the fight over the budget and tax relief continues with Governor Hogan submitting his supplemental budget.
    An extended discussion of the defeat of doctor assisted suicide in this session.  While we should cheer this victory against a tide of hostile press and misleading claims, the issue will not go away and it is more important than ever that we continue to educate the public.
    Following up on our recent marijuana discussion, it seems even the modest efforts to decriminalize marijuana paraphanalia (and ban outdoor pot smoking) may be running out of time.
    And in tribute to the recent April Fool's holiday, we discuss the 11 Greatest Pranks of All Time.

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    The Conservative Refuge

    in Politics Conservative

    The Conservative Refuge is back!

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    Your Place of Refuge

    in Religion

    Are YOU

    In Distress?
    In Debt?
    In Pain?

    Do YOU feel like your whole world is crashing down around you? Well, you are not alone.Did you know you have a place of refuge? Yep, you do. And your place of refuge is in our Lord Jesus. 

    Plus, we will have special music, and for a little fun, reveal the top 25 candy bars of 2013. Come and join us, LIVE Tuesday @ 6pm Eastern.

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    Conservative Refuge Radio: 3/16/2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    With the open United States Senate seat drawing plenty of Democratic contenders, the primaries for vacated House seats opens up as well.  We'll discuss the latest. 

    I will share some thoughts on my appearance on today's Marc Steiner Show where we discussed, among other things, the growing ideological divide in the American electorate? What is the cause and what can or should be done about it?

    Governor Hogan and Senate President Miller have reached an agreement to put off the issue of getting rid of judcial elections until next year.  Good idea? We'll discuss.

    As I predicted, the "conservative ally" of Larry Hogan, Comptroller Peter Franchot, is opposing Governor Hogan on tax cuts.

    And I invite out of control cyclists to "Get Off My Lawn".

    Tonight's episode brought to you by the Maryland Federation of College Republicans (MDFCR)  annual convention.  For more information on this great event click http://mdfcr2015.eventbrite.com/

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    The Conservative Refuge: 4/20/2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    With the 2015 General Assembly session over, the media is coming out with their lists of winners and losers.  Do these lists reflect what actually happened in Annapolis or just the bias of our state's media.  We'll discuss.

    The Attorney General of Maryland finds a recent bill passed by the legislature and pushed by the LGBTA community as discriminatory while simultaneously opining that all traditional marriage laws are based upon hate.

    As we continue our discussion of the evils of physician assisted suicide, I share a piece from Wesley J. Smith on the suicide advocate's argument regarding "rational elder suicide".

    And we couldn't record a show on 4-20 without mentioned marijuana.  We'll discuss how the burgeoning marijuana industry is like the tobacco industry of past decades denying the truth about the health effects of marijuana use.

    We end the show with a very special "Get Off My Lawn" featuring my daughter, Samantha Kline, getting some things off our chest.  Definitely a must listen.

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    The Conservative Refuge

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight’s show:

    Some discussion of Governor O’Malley’s real record on crime and punishment.

    More fallout from the appointment of Delegate Kelly Schulz to lead the Maryland DLLR. It seems party unity not a priority with some. We’ll discuss.

    Larry Hogan is planning a different kind of inauguration.

    I share an article on the under reported point that one of the biggest polluters in our state is government.

    The Christmas season is wonderful, and frustrating.  I invite some of those engaging in the stupidity of the holiday to “Get Off My Lawn”.

    We will also have a preview of our Christmas special “Best of Conservative Refuge Radio: Get Off My Lawn Volume I”


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    Conservative Refuge Radio 2-23-2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

     A list of candidates has been released of those seeking to fill the legislative vacancy in District 33.  We'll discuss.

    While gnashing their teeth over state "cuts" to education in Baltimore City, City leaders admit they have a $60 million deficit they cannot account for;

    The guys at CenterMaryland are all in for legalizing weed, but know it won't pass.  We'll discuss.

    Some follow up thoughts on my piece at RM "In Defense of Life".  I also share some feedback.

    A little fun, I share 42 Old English insults.