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    The Power of Groups Collaborating in Reentry

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    Our Guest will be Susan Burton. Susan is the Executive Director of A New Way of Life, Reentry Project, in South Los Angeles.
    Susan was recognized globally in 2010 as a CNN Top Ten Hero. This award spotlights everyday people who are changing the world. For the past 13 years, Susan has been serving Women coming from prison.
    Susan will share some of her knowledge and experiences in her role as a veteran Service Provider in Reentry. She will tell us why group efforts to get things done, on the community level is more effective than individual efforts.

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    Reentry Programs

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    Reentry involves programs targeted at promoting the effective reintegration of offenders back to communities upon release from prison and jail. Reentry programming, often involves a comprehensive case management approach and is intended to assist offenders in acquiring the life skills needed to succeed in the community and become law-abiding citizens. A variety of programs are used to assist offenders in the reentry process, including prerelease programs, drug rehabilitation and vocational training, and work programs.
    Tune in to Reentry Radio and be prepared to take down information about reentry programming in your area.

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    Reentry Resources - What? Where? How?

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    Dr. Bradford will talk to us about:
    Online Resources Potential Funding Sources Official Identification Post-Incarceration Dr. Jannett Bradford has served as a full-time Federal employee since February, 2001. Her federal civilian experience includes conducting training needs assessments, curriculum development, strategic planning and federal budget formulation and execution.
    Prior to her civilian Federal employment, Dr. Bradford was an active duty member of the US Air Force, culminating in her assignment as Director, Strategic Planning and Policy at Joint Interagency Task Force West. She retired from the Air Force in 2000 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
    As an independent consultant, Dr. Bradford taught Strategic Planning for Mid-Level Supervisors at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. She has conducted strategic planning sessions for the Coastal Georgia United Way, the Brunswick (GA) Weed and Seed Steering Committee and the National Training Council of the Gang Resistance Education and Training or G.R.E.A.T. Program. Dr. Bradford also served as the program evaluator for the Brunswick Police Department’s “Targeting Violent Crime Initiative” grant and for the Brunswick Weed and Seed Community grant.
    A native of Alexandria, LA, currently a resident of Camden County, GA, Dr. Bradford was the founding President of the Satilla Classic Scholarship Foundation, Inc., a GA Charitable Organization formed to raise funds to support Camden County High School graduates and Camden County residents in their pursuit of post-secondary education and training. She sits on the Glynn County (GA) Literacy Council Advisory Board and is a member of the Brunswick Job Corps Community Relations Council. In addition, she serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the G.R.E.A.T. Foundation.

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    Reentry Court: One Community's Model to Help Youth Returning Home

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    After spending time in a correctional facility, youth are often released without family, system, or community support.  For a myriad of reasons, these youth face high rates of unemployment and education failure, have limited viable housing options, and are unable to access the assistance they require. Many now realize that in order to achieve long-term success, that reentry planning must occur way before a youth returns to his or her community. In order to address this disconnect and increase chances of success, the Juvenile Court in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Youth Services, Division of Parole, and community-based services, created a reentry court. Using evidence-based practices and with a goal to reduce recidivism and re-incarceration of youth, the project begins to work with youth several months before release and the support continues post-release. Guests on this episode will discuss the development and implementation of the collaborative effort, provide an overview of the mechanics of the reentry court itself, and share lessons learned.


    Karl M. Cetina, MPA, LICDC-CS, Director of Juvenile TASC for Cuyahoga County Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland

    Ian Fraser, Cleveland Regional Parole Administrator, Ohio Department of Youth Services

    Magistrate Terease Neff, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division 

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    Certified Re-Entry Life Coach - Breaking New Ground - Rebuilding Reentry

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    Certified Re-Entry Life Coach - Teresa Hodge - Impassioned and Focused on reducing the harm of incarceration Founder of Mission: Launch, Inc.

    Breaking New Ground - the Incarceration Experience

    Rebuilding Reentry - Social Justice Hack-a-thon

    News that Matters - Texas Judge and the Death Penaly

    HollyDocs - The Penalty

    Prisoner's Perspective - When to plan reentry

    Inclosing -  with Laurin Hodge, Founder and Executive Director of Mission: Launch, Inc.

    Share the show - http://bit.ly/MissionLaunchInc

    Events of Interest

    Share the show site - http://bit.ly/mommieactivist



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    Offender Reentry - A Police Perspective

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    "Prisoner reentry today presents significant challenges for communities and the ex-offender." "We know that most people who are incarcerated will eventually be released, and we know that an increasing number of offenders will be released without having received adequate employment skills or substance abuse counseling. We also know that recently released offenders are estimated to account for 20percent of all adult arrests made by police. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the best possible outcome for the community and the ex-offender can be achieved more effectively when police are proactively involved in supporting the reentry process.
    ...COPS Director Carl R. Peed.

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    Human Rights for Prisoners March: Successful Reentry vs. Recidivism

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    Human Rights for Prisoners March, hosted by Mary Neal. 9pm Pacific Time. Call (818) 572-2947 to speak on air.

    Fighting mass incarceration must also include reducing recidivism. Prisoners face challenges being released from prison, including (a) the loss of good time programs, (b) unresponsive pardons and parole boards, (c) mandatory sentencing laws. Some released prisoners face tremendous challenges getting acclimated back into society, including (1) poor employment prospects, (2) lack of family and community support, and (3) expenses related to their release, i.e., ankle bracelets, probation fees. Ex-convicts who served sentences for certain offenses may be denied voting rights, and many are ineligible for government programs offering subsistence assistance and educational benefits. America's recidivism rate is over 65 percent. Recidivism is even higher among released inmates who have acute mental illness and were released from prison without arrangements for their continued psychiatric treatment.

    Human Rights for Prisoners March provides:

    Advocacy for adequate defense, fair trials, drug courts, mental health courts, post-conviction DNA tests, safe and humane incarceration, and successful re-entry.

    Advocacy against prisoner abuse, avoidable deaths caused by police and corrections officers, solitary confinement, children tried and sentenced as adults, criminalizing mental illness, inadequate health care, wrongful convictions, law of parties, three-strikes law, enforced prison labor, and capital punishment.

    Guests include people who have experienced, or who have specialized knowledge about, prison conditions and overuse of force by police or correctional officers, or any subject related to crime and punishment, including improvements proposed or realized.

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    HOUSE OF DREAMS - BREAKING CHAINS- Reentry Preparation-Reunification Planning

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    HOUSE OF DREAMS  "Where Ex-Offenders are BREAKING CHAINS-

    Reentry Preparation from INside and OUTside 

     Reunification Planning.      Where does it start?

    News that Matters

    Prisoner's Perspective - MOU ( moments of understanding) NACDL Collateral Consequences Project

    Events of Interest - National Association of Criminal  Defense Lawyers


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    Domestic violence and prison reentry

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    domestic violence and prison reentry

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    2nd Chance for ex-offenders w/Vicki (guest Parole Director Mrs. Hayes-Jackson)

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    Special Guest Texas Parole Director Mrs. Andrenette Hayes-Jackson.

    Vicki's radio broadcast provides an open forum discussing support services and real issues for individuals who have been arrested, convicted or incarcerated and trying to re-establish themselves in society with housing, career, family, community and church.

    Special Guest: Andrenette Hayes Jackson, Assistant Regional Director, TDCJ-Parole,

    Vicki Hallman-Bowman, a native Dallas Texan who retired from TDCJ Parole after working 32 years in case management and executive leadership, is now the Program manager for Oasis Center, a 5013C non-profit organization where she coordinates the collaboration and communication with partners who provide reentry supervision, programming, and treatment for the formerly incarcerated, the disenfranchised, and the vulnerable persons in Dallas county and surrounding areas. Her additional responsibilities also include the supervision of the case managers and the oversight of the case management process to include all facets of programming provided to the clients and their families.

    She served as Regional Director for the Parole Division in the North Texas area. Her tenure in this capacity allowed for her to manage the development, implementation, and planning of all parole related functions in this area.  She has been the instrumental force in developing programs for the 22,000 parolees that reported in her area.  Programs that were gender based, cognitive restructuring, cultural based life skills, anger management and other influential curriculums that have provided impact and as result has received many recognitions throughout the country

    In July of 2014, the History Makers proudly announced that her documentary has now been made a permanent part of the History Makers Collection at the Library of Congress. 

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    Women and Reentry - One Size Does Not Fit All

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    Susan Burton CNN's Reentry Hero will be our very special guest speaker on today's Reentry Radio Show. Susan is director of A New Way of Life, located in Los Angeles, CA.
    Burton's program -- A New Way of Life Reentry Project -- gives to just-released female offenders. By providing a sober place to live and other support services, she's helped more than 400 women get back on their feet.
    Due to the time difference in Los Angeles we will broadcast at 9:00 a.m. Eastern time instead of 8:00 a.m. Eastern time.
    You don't want to miss this episode.

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