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    Los Angeles Real Estate Expo - A Preview & Talk with Sensei

    in Real Estate

    We are Real Estate Investors, Agents and Publishers

    who have purchased  MILLIONS in Prime California

    Real Estate, and we invite you to attend our FREE Real

    Estate SUCCESS Expo in Los Angeles. This 1-Day

    CONFERENCE will feature the Most Successful Speakers

    in this Industry! ** All Guests Receive Our 3 Investments Publications **

    FREE event but you must register to attend.

    RSVP @ Realty411Guide.com/events



    "Sensei" of Black Belt Investors

    The founder and CEO of Black Belt Investors began his investing endeavors in 1995.

    Since that time, Sensei has created cash through wholesale real estate, obtained wealth through rental properties and continues to teach his methods through workshops, seminars and club meetings helping people to achieve their financial dreams.

    Through martial arts Sensei has learned the discipline it takes to channel his energy toward achieving personal goals.

    SENSEI is well-known for building WEALTH through wholesaling without using any money or credit and even without taking ownership of the property sometimes.

    Join us for this interesting discussion and a preview of our Expo in Los Angeles.


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    Garner MILLIONS in Business with FREE Media Publicity. Tips by Robert Smith

    in Real Estate

    Our company is experiencing fast growth thanks to our newly expanded marketing, sales and publicity teams. Now we want to help you expand your business too!  TODAY we are having a special webinar with our PR specialist Robert Smith. He is going to teach us how to generate Millions of Dollars In Free Publicity.

    Robert Smith is a self-made entrepreneur who has started over 7 successful companies. He is a publicity expert who has gotten over $5 million in free publicity on TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

    He is hosting a free teleseminar to teach you his highly guarded secrets that have landed clients on Dr. Phil, Lifetime TV, Fortune Magazine, CNN, USA Today, and many others.

    You will learn:
    * How to raise up to $500,000 using free publicity
    * Self esteem and millionaire mindset tips of billionaires
    * Using the Hollywood PR model to dominate your market
    * 10 ways to add up to $10,000 each month
    * A Million dollar joint venture formula
    * How to get on cnn.com and rank highly on Google
    * Secrets to getting free publicity in your local newspaper in less than 24 hours 3 ways to grow your business
    * Get $5000 a month in free radio airtime every month
    * How to get your own 30 minute tv show for less than $50


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    Benefit From Cliff Gager's 22 Years of Real Estate! Learn from an RE Insider

    in Real Estate

    Cliff has been in the real estate business since 1992, when he starting in the residential mortgage lending world as a loan officer for a national mortgage company. Struggling to make commissions doing loans for Realtors clients, he soon discovered he was in a business dominated by much older, more experienced, and more established mortgage lenders and brokers, Cliff basically fell into a niche market opportunity and created his own client base in the private lending world.
      Working with several non-institutional financial investors, he originated private mortgage purchase money loans for real estate investors that were buying, fixing, and selling residential houses. Cliff was instrumental to these real estate investors, by providing funding for both their acquisitions as well as the end user financing for the buyers when the completed and sold the finished homes!
      After watching them make money, he saw the profitability and started to buy, fix, and sell houses too. In 1994, Cliff opened Galleria Investment Group and in 1995, Galleria Realty Group, then in 1995 opened Galleria Mortgage Group, a mortgage brokerage business.
      In 1997 he suffered through a divorce, but started working in the seminar industry for many of the late night TV infomercial gurus!  Since then he has worked as a real estate mentor fulfilling their expensive real estate training classes. Now you can benefit from Cliff’s 22 years in the real estate investing - mortgage - private lending - investor training without all the insane guru training prices. Cliff will teach his best strategies to help increase your business and help you close more deals!!!

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    "Invest Wisely" - Do You Really Need A Mentor?

    in Real Estate

    Do You Really Need A Mentor?   It seems that everywhere you turn these days, it seems there is always someone wanting you to part from your hard earned money to "Mentor" you in the Art of Creative Real Estate Investing, right?

    In our next episode of "Invest Wisely", your hosts Scott L Moyes, "TheSmartREI" and Linda Pliagas, "Editor Realty411 Magazine" are going to be discussing...

    - Who Really Needs a Mentor Anyway?
    - How do you know if YOU need a Mentor?
    - How do you go about chosing the right Mentor for you?
    - Where to find the right a Mentor.
    - What is the difference between a Coach and a Mentor?
    - Getting the most out of your Mentor.
    - And Much More!

    Hey, did you know that all "Invest Wisely" Episodes are recorded and available to download on iTunes for FREE!