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  • 02:24

    The Reality is Real Hip-Hop Show: The "Web and Women" Edition

    in Hip Hop Music

    The Hip-Hop Show is back! WIth the 12th being the nniversary of the World Wide Web, and March being women's history month, we decided to dedicate this episode to those two specfic topics

    The Internet and Hip-Hop
    How do you feel the internet has effected HIp-Hop? From the artist perspective? From the Consumer perspective? From the business perspective? For the better, or for worse? How do you get your HIp-Hop? Thoughts about Hip-Hop based media and blogs on the internet..

    Women and HIp-Hop
    With it being iInternational Women's History Month we decided to discuss women in Hip-Hop. Have things changed for female emcees? It appears there are less present in the mainstream, why have they been removed from the public's eye? Who's dope? Are female emcees held to a different standard?

    Like the last Hip-Hop Show, and as you can come to expect, we'll have "Vida's HIp-Hop Headlines" to discuss top stories of the day/week as well. 

    The Hip-Hop group can be found here

    Realityisreal.com.... content is coming. Like,..content other than these shows. 

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    Reality is Real: Real Talk- The Thirst is Real "Sex, Dating, and Social Media"

    in Lifestyle

    With one of the longest titles we've ran with,  we bring you the "Real Talk" show. While other shows lock us in to specific topics, "Real Talk" allow us to talk about whatever the hell we want. March 12th is the birthday of the World Wide Web...alledgedly. So in honor of that, we'll be discussing communication online.

    1. Trolls, Online Thugs, and Keyboard Killers
    Do people talk differently online then they do in real-life? Why? What annoys you most about these characters? Do you ever catch yourself talking differenly online? How do you deal with these individuals? 

    2. Online Dating

    Statistics show that the internet has changed how we interract with the opposite sex with now 1/3 of marriages being started through online dating. Do you/we have experiences with online dating? Crazy stories and expereinces....

    3. The Thirst and Thirst Traps...

    The Real Talk Group can be found here. It's closed...so you can't just peek in...you gotta step all the way in. So join up. 
    RealityisReal.com....there will be stuff on the site...

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    Reality is Real Radio: Real Talk on Interracial dating

    in Relationships

    We're back again with the Reality is Real: Real Talk show...and this week should be interesting. 

    So recently, I was having a discussion with one of the Reality is Real co-hosts...and he said something that made me think "Damn...we need to do a show on interracial dating"...so BAM! Here it is.We'll be attacking the subject from various angles

    1. Speaking from personal experiences...

    We'll speak on our histories when it comes to interracial dating, and compare our expereinces to the stereotypes often in forumulating racial preferences. This should be interesting

    2. Opinions vs Facts of Interracial dating

    Other people do surveys and studies...we take the information they got through hard work and compare it to the bullshit and beliefs people pull out of their ass. 

    3. Closeout

    As always, the website is Reality is Real is the website...and you can request to join our Real Talk group on Facebook here.

    I am @Brillyance on Twitter...she is @VidaStarr 

  • 02:52

    Reality is Real Sports Talk: Athletes and the Media Edition

    in Sports

    Recently there have been a lot of issues revolving around athletes and the medias coverage...whether it be Desean Jackson and his "gang affiliations"...Kobe and his "lack of support for Trayvon Martin" or Ray Rice and his sitaution with his NOW wife.So we've decided these issues are worthy of discussion.

    Desean Jackson and the story that won't quit

    We talked about the issues with Desean Jackson on the last joint, but we had some technical difficulties. Well...now that we're doing another show, the issues has still been lingering. Desean Jackson, now, a Washington Redskin still has a lot of the media questioning him, and, a couple of media personalities questioning the Eagles..but who's questioning the media and their handling of the situation?

    Kobe Bryant and the New Yorker
    So...recently a website I won't name but you can check the link (http://alturl.com/re4n2) ran a story in which they quoted Kobe Bryant from a piece in the New Yorker. (http://alturl.com/ornch  which you can't see unless you're a subscriber, and I hope you aren't a subscriber cuz that would make you a questionable individual) While I don't have enough characters to tell you what exactly Kobe said...you can check the quote, and based on that quote, the internet went nuts...including "black twitter" (that's the dumbest shit ever) We speak on this, and the new piece in the New Yorker (http://preview.alturl.com/f6otk)

    Ray Rice
    I don't have too much to say about the case, but I do have something to say about the media, and my guest will respond




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    Reality Is Real Sports Talk: The Manipulation Joint

    in Culture

    Guess who's back? While our favorite Cowgirl's fan is out Trini...@Brillyance is back 

    In this week's joint we'll be talking less stats and scores, more issues

    New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants to increase the NBA age limit to 20


    The NFL wants to penalie players for using the "n" word

    15 yard for droppin N bombs. Use it twice? You're ejected...yea. We'll also talk about ESPN's special on the "n" word...btw, I only say "n" word because that covers nigga and nigger...I say nigga all the time.

    Jonathan Martin, Michael Sam, Jason Collins, professional atheltics and the media

    Oh what a tangled web they weave...smh. 

    Also, we'll look to speak on Raymond Felton getting "caught" with guns in New York...yikes.

    This weeks guests...@Gwiz1, @eyez_sticky, and @vidastarr



  • 01:52

    The Reality Is Real Hip Hop Show: TDE edition

    in Culture

    If you've been following what's going on here, you know today is our HIp Hop Show. The subjects for today will be TDE heavy, and we'll be playing a bunch of dope tracks. As for subjects we'll be covering...

    Isaiah Rashad's Cilvia demo

    What do we think about it? How does Isaiah fit in with the rest of the TDE camp?

    How will ScHoolboy Q stack up against the bar set by Kendrick Lamar?

    Our predictions on how the project will be received. Our thoughts about the songs we've heard so far. Where Q ranks in terms of the whole TDE camp,and is the project being promoted properly?

    Grammy Talk

    Our reaction to the whole Grammy thing thing...

    Also, we'll hit you with the Reality is Real Hip Hop Headlines as presented by Vida (@vidastarr on Twitter). Other guest hosts include our favorite asshole Ray (@themixtapekids on Twitter) and Watt's favorite Antwan (@eyez_stickey on Twitter)

    Want to talk hip hop with us? Catch us all on facebook over at

    RealityisReal.com (most likely to be updated sometime today...)