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    Star Global Family Radio 4 - Birthing the New Consciousness with Christ-o-bel

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    Tonights hosts are John von Nuding, Ralf van der Duin, Joanne van Wijgerden, Elaine von Nuding, Jaap Vermue, Jules Brandts and Astrid de Wolff. 

    Unversal Mother Love 2013 New Creational Fields are operning in readiness for new ways of living or being. We are preparing for 2014. What does this mean? 

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    Energetic High Season - Star Global Family 3 Galactic Radio Show

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    Episode 3 - Star Global Family Galactic Radio Show: 

    A High roller coaster of expierences, emotions and energetic journeys is what we experience at the moment. 

    This brings us to last weekend where the group of Young Masters Global (YMG) from our summer camp came together for follow-up. In these 3 days we experienced a change in our love frequencies, a new understanding of the meaning of love. Not simply for male or female, but universal, part of the new connection template.

    "Sometimes it feels as if in modern society love is only pointed at a relationship with a men or woman. As if we should get our portion of love from one person in the whole world. My sister and I believed in the past (when we had not met YMG) that we had to fill ourselves not only with love from one person but from a lot of persons (family, friend, co-workers and other people). We called it filling our love vessels. I wanted to share with all of you that my love vessels are filled from top to bottom. Thank you all for being who you are. Love you!" Katie de Haas

    "You all represent something unique to me, which interestingly enough comes back to me at different times in different situations. It’s like I see your face in front of me, radiating an energy that is very characteristic of you." Ardjan Vermue

    We are Universal Mother. This came forward through our recent weekend camp. Young people could easier reconnect with their younger inner child-selves using the Universal Mother field. We shall feature this too as well as music by co-creative composer Cedric Vermue.

    Tonights hosts are John von Nuding, Ralf van der Duin, Joanne van Wijgerden, Elaine von Nuding Jaap Vermue and journalist, Astrid de Wolff. 

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    Living the 'Free Your Way'

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    After our first programme a month ago, introducing the work of Star Global Family, with hosts Ralf Van Der Duin, John von Nuding, Joanne van Wigerden, Elaine von Nuding and Jaap Vermuë. Your hosts are returning for further conversation, loosely focussed around Living the 'Free Your Way'. This title is inspired by a new Healing Arts energetic frequency and it is indicative of how we may choose to live more freely... How youngsters (and all of us) have the choice to live from the heart. They often can't take the regular route, so they and we will explore different routes to finding out who they (we) are and what their (our) place is in the World. You are invited to join the show and share you own experiences if you want to call in. To call in you have to register and then you will can connect on Skype.   

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    Third Eye Cinema 9/15/13 with Mat Sinner of Primal Fear

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    Coming soon to Third Eye Cinema: a Teutonic power metal legend! As bandleader, bassist and vocalist for Sinner, he's been putting out AOR influenced traditional metal since 1982.  Joining forces with former Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers in 1997, he's been the driving force behind one of power metal's most long running and respected acts, the legendary Primal Fear!  And with bands like Kiske/Somerville (featuring famed Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske and vocal coach and performer with such gothic/symphonic bands as After Forever, Epica, Kamelot and Serenity, Amanda Somerville) and the Whitesnake influenced Voodoo Circle (featuring Pink Cream 69's David Readman), he's been at the center of European traditional and power metal circles for decades! Also famed as a producer on most or all of these bands' releases as well as the international debut of Argentina's Dio-flavored Helker, please join us as we speak with Mat Sinner, only here on Third Eye Cinema! http://thirdeyecinema.wordpress.com/ http://www.facebook.com/ThirdEyeCinema

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    Introduction to Star Global Family

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    An introduction to the work of Star Global Family, with hosts Ralf Van Der Duin and John von Nuding chatting with Joanne van Wigerden, Elaine von Nuding and Jaap Vermuë. You are invited to join the show and share you own experiences if you want to call in.

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    Episode #265 - Afterhours at Make Music Pasadena 2013

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    Live from the Old Towne Pub, we stream the afterhours of Make Music Pasadena and get the opportunity to interview Squarefish, some locals, and Ralf from Berlin. 
    I've always been thirsty for culture and tonight, I get my fix via Ralf, the Berlin rep. 
    Big shout out to Ralf who brought the music and culture straight from Berlin!

    Call in - 7148887437

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    Big Players Making Major Moves in mHealth

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    Hear hosts Ben and Corey in a conversation with the big players who have made major mHealth announcements in the past week: William Pence, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer at WebMD, Don Jones, Vice President of Global Strategy and Market Development at Qualcomm Life, Tony Titus, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Numera, David Haight, Vice President of Business Development, Emerging Devices at AT&T, Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Head of Research at research2guidance, and Dr. David McCallie, Jr., Vice President of Medical Informatics at Cerner.

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    “The Golden Age Music Show”- Ralf Illenberger’s-Love Intense

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    Join Andrew Aloha “Live” with “The Golden Age Music Show” featuring Ralf Illenberger’s “Love Intense”
       ***The Aloha Special - the first three callers to make a song request receive  a copy of “Love Intense” autographed by Illenberger.   “The Golden Age Music Show” is dedicated to featuring spiritual/inspirational music with the focus of sending love, light, blessings, healing and Angels of Light/Love to your family, friends, etc. in the form of song requests…so stop by and make your song requests.   This month we’re featuring w/Illenberger’s “Love Intense”. His orchestral acoustic guitar-stylings create a unique woven tapestry that places him in the category of guitarists whose sound and technical mastery form a recognizable individual genre. His accessible instrumental guitar music borrows from classical, jazz, folk, blues, world, and ancient traditions.   In “Love Intense”, Illenberger teams up with Sandro Gulino on bass and Bodo Schopf on drums and percussion. The High energy instrumental music touches Rock, Jazz and Classical styles while keeping up with Illenberger’s unique acoustic guitar....for more on this story go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/TheGoldenAgeMusicShow   For more on Ralf Illenberger go www.ralfillenberger.com   Visit Us @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events   Blessings, Andrew Aloha

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    Guest Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear, and Ricky Warwick of Thin Lizzy

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    The Devil Knows He's Here....Tonight An Interview With Ralf Scheepers Of Primal Fear. Ralf Just Released His Long Awaited Solo Record And Is Hitting The Road With Primal Fear This Month. Thin Lizzy Frontman And Guitarist Ricky Warwick Talks About Joining The Band And Their Upcoming Tour Plus His Years With The Almighty.

    Episode 254

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    01. Koyoto Jazz Massive - Mind Expansions (Blaze Shelter Vocal) 
    02. The Rurals - Strange Ways (Jazz Funk Mix) 
    03. Raphael Saadiq - Can You Feel Me (Charles Spencer Mix) 
    04. Ralf Gum feat Monique Bingham - Kissing Strangers (Frankie Feliciano Vocal) 
    05. Dwele - Hold On (Soulmekanikz Remix) 
    06. Soul7 feat Cheryl Porter - Say Yes (Dj Fopp Mix) 
    07. The Realm Feat Darien - One Step (The Realm Original Vocal) 
    08. Wes Clark feat Maxine Hardcastle - Another Chance (Original) 
    09. Julius Papp & Dave Warrin feat Lisa Shaw - Looking Up (Vocal Excursion) 
    10. Allan Zax - Stylish Black (Album Mix)(Grouper Recordings) 
    11. DJ QT pres Black Motion feat Xoli - Set Me Free (Original)(United Music Records) 
    12. Djeff Afrozila feat Sandy Spady - One Night (Filipe Narciso Single 4 The Night Remix)(Tribe Records) 
    13. Monocles & Slezz feat Vusani - Still (V Underground Mid-day Mix)(Vialocal) 
    14. Ndinga Gaba & Dj Spen feat Marc Evans - Until You (Dj Spen,Gary Hudgins & Irvin Madden Mix)(Quantize) 
    15. Oleg Soul - Feelings (Original mix)(Deep Nota Records) 
    16. M&S feat Shaun Escoffery - So Sweetly (Kenny Carpenter Big Apple Mix)(Tony Records) 
    17. Kiko Navarro feat D7 - Let You Go (Rocco & Kiko Club Mix)(Centric Music) 
    18.Submantra & DJ Umbi feat Tanya Louise - This Love (Original Vocal Mix)(Look At You) 
    19. Bobby Trenton feat Silvio Gigante - Strange Taboo (60 Hertz Project Deep Taboo Remix)(Daddy Funk)

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