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  • Hulk confirmed in Thor: Ragnarok! S.H.I.E.L.D. S03E05

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    Matt and Jeff talk all the Marvel things and this week's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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    Ragnarok, the Day After, Open Chat / Open Topic.

    in Current Events

    Another disappointing turnout I predicted, was I Right? Not that Nobody showed up, But that Everybody's still HeRe! Ragnarok was supposed to end the world, right? Well don't be a Thor-head about it, we're anything but Loki about this.

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    O.G.T. Jarvis Database: Mark Ruffalo in for Thor

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    Welcome O.G.T. listeners and guests to the Jarvis Database. Tonight our main theme is The Incredible Hulk comes to Thor: Ragnarok and what's the next step in Marvel's game? Also there is news on Streetfighter V, X-Men: Apocolypse, Starwars: Battlefront, Toonami's current lineup, the grand opening of Third Eye Games on October 17 and much more. Call in to join the convo or to listen in live at (347) 884-9299 8pm Eastern Standard Time part of the Tru Radio Network. Give us like on Facebook

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    The Solar Storm: Seana Fenner of Odinia International

    in Religion

    Kyle speaks to Seana Fenner of Odinia International. They discuss the importance of our ancestors, communion with the dead, connecting with the gods, the possibility of reincarnation, the role of Ragnarok, Seana's recent articles at VikingAlthing.org, and much more.

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    Comic Movie Universe: News Flash

    in Film

    -BvS rumors: Discuss the rumor that Affleck is not actually Bruce Wayne in the movie.


    -Batman solo movie: Discuss the rumor of the Batman solo movie being based of Under the Red Hood


    -Batman showing up in Wonder Woman: Talk about the new Wonder Woman movie taking place over 3 time periods


    -Ant-Man & The Wasp: React to the new movie announcement 


    -Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok: Discuss the news of the Hulk possibly teaming up with Thor 


    -New Joker pictures from Suicide Squad: React to the new set photos and cover photos of the Joker and Enchantress 


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    Ragnarok Now

    in Radio


    Sieg oder Bolschewismus!

    It has been one year in the fray for the host; and an eternity of abuse it seems by the Yiddish media to make sure our people are made last-class citizens in their own countries.

    Join Siegfried for a broadcast dealing with;

    political theorizing and planning
    Demographic stability in the USA and in the world
    The Jewish Media Behemoth; broken down and the degree of energy squandering explored
    The Hero Generation?
    Ragnarok Now religion

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    Ragnarok Rising: The Awakening - DA Roberts

    in Books

     DA Roberts was born in rural Missouri to a working class family.  His early life centered around family, the farm and school.  Early on, his mother instilled in him a deep love of reading, which continues to this day.  His mother always encouraged his writing, even as a child...when it wasreally bad.   Hopefully, it’s gotten better. 
        Throughout a diverse career, DA has been a soldier, a factory worker, a security officer, a bouncer, a lab technician, and most recently... a Corrections Officer.  DA loves being a C.O. almost as much as he loves writing.  Ragnarok Rising gave him an outlet for both.
        DA has been married to his wife, Annette, for nineteen years.  They have three great sons, Nathan, Nicholas and Noah.  They also have an English Mastiff named Xander.  He thinks he’s one of the boys, too.
         When not playing C.O. or writing, DA enjoy geo-caching, role-playing games, reading, riding my mountain bike, cooking, camping and most of all...spending time with his family.
    Connect with DA http://ragnarokrising.weebly.com

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    Aug. 5, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Sci-Fi with Author D.A. Roberts

    in Paranormal

    From D.A. Roberts:

     I've had a pretty diverse career. Well, maybe career is the wrong word choice. I tried a lot of different things along my path. Let’s go with that. I was good at some of them, not so good at others. The job I have loved the most was as husband and father. It has been by far the most rewarding. I’ve worked in factories, warehouses, restaurants, bars as a bouncer, laboratories as a QC technician and even drove a forklift. I hate to brag, but I can drive pretty much any kind of forklift that they make. It’s a skill that has come in handy more than once. It’s helped to put food on the table and a roof over our heads, along the way.

    Most recently, well by recent I mean for the last several years, I’ve been a Corrections Officer. It’s a stressful, dangerous and oft-times boring job, but it’s also rewarding and I’ve met some amazing people that I’m proud to share a uniform with. It’s been an honor to work with them. I’ve been injured in the line of duty and seen brother officers carried out on a stretcher. It’s dangerous and thankless, but it does get into your blood. I’ve been proud to do it.

    As an author, I’ve only begun my journey. I hope to be doing this for years to come. I love writing. It’s my passion and my legacy for my family. I want to show my children that you should never give up on your dreams, no matter what. I’ve met some pretty amazing people along this journey, too. Writing has taken me places that I never thought this hillbilly from rural Missouri would ever go. Thank you for making this journey with me. Let’s see where it takes us, together. Shall we?

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    Doug "D.A." Roberts, Author of "Ragnarok Rising"!

    in Books

    D.A. Roberts and BarnCat shamble on about Zombies, Literaturely, about the Ragnarok Rising Saga. Riots are breaking out all around but with a sinister edge, some of the "protesters" are Eating people! D.A. Roberts, a man with a varied career which seems to have Culminated into Writing, takes us into a World where it Seems Chaos has erupted from the bowels of Hell itself, and Ragnarok arises, hungry for all of us. Avoid the Zombie Shoppers of Black Friday and take Refuge with Us this evening instead! Barricades are Up, but there's Room for Chat, and the Line's Open at 323-443-7201 Black Friday Nyte, Lyve at Nyne Pm PsT.

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    SupaFi Interview #1: Author D.A. Roberts

    in Entertainment

    In the very first of MANY SupaFi interviews of all things Fiction and Nerd related, we talk to Author D.A. Roberts about his popular book series Ragnarok Rising! His newest book: "Ragnarok Rising: Damnation" is currently being worked on so its the PERFECT TIME to get caught up with the first 4 in time for the newest book to come out! On top of talking about his book series we also will get into what other Nerd lifestlyes he's into, from gaming to anime we are taking it to the next level. Check out his Main Website here: http://ragnarokrising.weebly.com, and his Merch website here: http://www.zazzle.com/ragnarokrising+gifts,  Its Time To Get Real With Fiction!

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    Ragnarok Rising: The Awakening and December 21, 2012

    in Paranormal

    Tonight I'll be talking with Author Doug Roberts about his zombie fiction novel, Ragnarok Rising and later we'll be discussing December 21, 2012; what to expect and what to do in case of a zombie apocalypse.