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    RSS Feed: What is Rachet?

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    Please join Raina on the RSS Feed as she dissects the following conundrum.  "What is Rachet?: understanding how some labels are dehumanizing"
    This promises to be a very enlightening and informative conversation.  Please dial in to 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the host.  You can also Skype into the show.

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    Ratchet People: Men and Women Talk the Mars/Venus Show episode 34

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    In episode 34 we talk about Ratchet people. You know those classless persons who you can not stand.

    Ratchet http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Ratchet&page=2

    a tasteless, classless individual (most often a female) who does vile and off color things on a frequent basis while still maintaining diva status in her own mind.
    Context: In the workplace-

    Girl One: "I was waxing my butthole." 
    Girl Two: "Damn! Didn't that burn?" 
    Supervisor: "Ya'll are ratchet! Get back to work!"

    Hosts: Kinte IndyShowcase Acuminous Watanabe 

    Norma Mena

    Olaf Barbosa
    Fin Buenas Noches
    LaPiscean Liberty

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    are you bout that life? Has Rachet living taken over our soc

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    In a day and age of self gratification and instant pleasure, many of today's individuals are throwing caughtion to the wind and are going for broke. Open drug use, multiple sex partners, and other obscene acts are acceptable in today's society. Join us friday 6:30pm as we discuss "Are you bout that life? has Rachet living taken over oursociety?'

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    A gun is a normally tubular GUN or other device designed to discharge projectiles or other material.The projectile may be solid, liquid, gas or energy and may be free, as with bullets and artillery shells, or captive as with Taser probes and The means of projection varies according to design but is usually effected by the action of gas pressure, either produced through the rapid combustion of a  GUN or compressed and stored by mechanical means, operating on the projectile inside an open-ended tube in the fashion of a piston. The confined gas accelerates the movable projectile down the length of the tube imparting sufficient velocity to sustain the projectile's travel once the action of the gas ceases at the end of the tube or muzzle. Alternatively, acceleration via electromagnetic field generation may be employed in which case the tube may be dispensed with and a guide rail substituted

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    Tune in as Audiofix interviews music artist, Jazz Will

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    http://Instagram: @Jazz_Will

    "Born and raised in Missouri City, TX (in the Houston metropolitan area), the 26 yr-old producer & artist Jazz Will brings a unique twist to the style & culture that is Houston.

    Jazz Will keeps a steady balance of lyrical prowess and sharp witty rhymes in his music as well as exhibitions of story telling. He has music for any demographic which makes him able to perform at any type of arena or event and leave a long lasting impression.  The only thing he asks of the world is to listen with an open heart & mind, the rest will take care of itself."

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    Time To Start Dat Show Kid

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    Yo Episode 3 Season 2 we hittin hard don't miss a beat Lite Wave on the air this Saturday lets do it last episode got mad rachet dis episode gonn be even better. Nobody does it better wetake care of business yall allready know the new Lite Wave Show is in full swing and we got the ill topic set up already lets do it.

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     His new hot single RACHET Featurung LIL BOOSIE ....

    download the ustreamradio app go to www.ustreamradio.com

    also available @Google play/Amazon/Apple store 

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    The Conversation!!!

    in Self Help

    Today on this special edition of "the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison and Michele Gilliam-Morissey we have an amazing line up planned for you:

    Carvin Haggins- The Grammy award winning producer joins us to talk about his platform fighting against the Ills of the music Industry "Rage Against the Rachet"!

    Raphael Ashanti- Singer Raphael Ashanti is Back!!! This time is allow our show to be his platform for his Debut Album release party!!!!

    Nicholas Steele- known as the Unbreakable Man is here to talk about his unbelievable story of how a lightning struck tree fell on top of him and paralized him and how he fought against all odds to WALK!

    All this and more!!!

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    Variety Show

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    Making Life Fun By Making Fun Of Life

    Favorite Rachet Songs

    Man You Can Be So Stupid Sometimes

    Come Get Your Kids

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    I Need a Little Rachet in my Life

    in Current Events

    It's time to wind down and shoot the breeze.  The girls admit that they are slightly social media disabled.  Boughetto forgot how to log on to Twitter & Lavinia feels like she's too old for Instagram.  (6:25) --Apparently people don't Tell the Truth on Tuesdays anymore, but we now have Woman Crush Wednesdays.  Thursdays continue to throw back. (7:30)-- Strange holidays for February. Lavinia takes issue with Ground Hog's Day.  Valentine's Days is the 14th, but did you know Singles Awareness Day is the 15th.  Heartbreak and candygrams.  Boughetto felt the pressure to live a lie on Valentine's Day.  Next week:  Hoodie Hoo Day, but not the hoodie hoo we know.  (14:25)--Lavinia laments their podcast identity crisis & their recent sudden f bomb drops. Boughetto has the revelation that we're sophistiratchet (19:25)--The RHOA brawl.  What the hell is wrong with Christopher Williams.  Apollo went Incredible Hulk on T-Boz. Kandi Burress got to rep for the little people.  Old people don't need to be fighting. (37:40)  Boughetto comes with a sip of tea.  TI's rumored to have an "outside" baby.  Lavinia does her very tired Tiny impression.  Robin Thicke done lost his damn bit of mind.  (42:30) Being Mary Jane, the bottom scurge with redeemable qualities

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    Rachet TV: Do Not Try That At Home, Part II

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    We enjoy many programs, but most of the things we see on tv should come with a disclaimer: do not attempt at home. Reality tv, in particular (we watch some of it too) or any of it that's popular, has the potential to influence decisions of those whose personal code of ethics is not established. Is yours? Well we're talking about entertainment, rachetness and how it often becomes REAL life for the observers. Join us, and tell somebody to join you.

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