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    Mat Chat

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    Dameon Steel joins Ace Diamond to talk about his career, past, present, and future.

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    Superfriends 099 - Unbreakable

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    Refridgerators with Keys, Pixie Sticks, and Handsome Gerbils present Superfriends 099 – Unbreakable

    It's the final stop before the 100th episode of Superfriends - Super Mania. It's Superfriends 099 - Unbreakable and on this edition, we go back to what brought us to the game ages ago - pro wrestling. The Emperor Big D, the creator of Superfriends, will be joined by his son, Chess Army, the host of Wrestling Roundup, the newest show of the Superfriends Universe, and formerly QCW Radio to talk pro wrestling. We'll talk Mania, we'll talk Rock, we'll talk ideas and storylines, and generally be an open lines show talking wrestling, so feel free to call in at 347-677-0873 and join us as we prepare for Super Mania!

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    Superfriends 072 - I Hate The Indies

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    It’s bad enough that pro wrestling sucks a turd in 2010, but it seems like the entire wrestling community has taken a nosedive. On this edition of Superfriends, The Emperor Big D will be joined by The One and Only Dennin, co-host of Monday Night’s QCW Wrestling Radio on SuperfriendsUniverse.com, to talk about what it is about independent wrestling that irks us so bad. Okay so, we don’t HATE the indies, but there are certainly things about the indies that I hate. This is the first pro wrestling-themed show of Season 3, and we ARE taking calls, so you will not want to miss it LIVE!

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    TQO's Two Scoops Podcast

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    Speak with QCW Radios cohost, The Quintastic One as he rants and raves about the most random subjects possible for 30 minutes each and every week! Sundays 10PM Pacific Time.