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    Join the roundtable for an open discussion of  the latest on the murder of Qaddafi and a few recent events. Also, the latest from Mrs. Jurline Gates Hollin.
    Show Links About Libya and Qaddafi:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trNFYUiN2EM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj6Mi0nA9sI Show Links About Pedophilia, Dep. of HHS and Bisphenol A (BPA): http://www.theblaze.com/stories/after-hhs-says-children-are-sexual-beings-psychologists-push-to-decriminalize-pedophilia/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3_cYZKksvI   Contact Jurline Gates Hollin@: http://www.jurlinegateshollins.com http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jurline-gates-hollin  

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    Ed Ross Radio #25 Qaddafi, Iraq, and Republicans

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative talk radio from the outskirts of the hub of Western Civilization. 
    Killing Qaddafi - Who are the hypocrites? Ending the War in Iraq - Was it worth it? Are Republicans in another circular firing squad? Readers and listeners comments about doing what's necessary to bring about a change of government in Iran.

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    The Matchup Zone interviews Alex Owumi

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    A weekly sports show starring former professional basketball player Kevin Owens and legendary sports guru Michael Gould.  Join us tonight as we interview Alex Owum, a professional basketball player who lived through the uprising in Libya.  He is the author of the book Qaddafi's Point Guard.  He tells an unbelievable story from pro basketball player, to survivor.

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    Episode 39: Obama Calling DOMA Unconstitutional, The Wisconsin Union Uproar, Qaddafi, Egypt, Etc.

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    In the thirty-ninth episode, Todd and his guest panelists pro-Liberty activist/pundit Joy Waymire, Libertarian Party activist and pundit D. Frank Robinson, and pro-Liberty pundit and LiberaLaw blogger Gary Chartier discussed Obama calling the Defense of Marriage Act "unconstitutional," the uproar over the Wisconsin state legislature's bill to end "collective bargaining rights" with state employees via their public sector unions, GOP blogger posing as a donor to dupe the Wisconsin governor, a cold anti-union draft reaching Wisconsin's Capitol Park, the Kochtopus allocating $1.2 million to elect governors who are crushing unions, Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder's controversial budget proposal drastically slashing the state's film (tax) incentives, protests against dictator Muammar Qaddafi's government begins in Libya, Obama pressuring Qaddafi to "end" the dictator's violent crackdown on the Libyan protesters and sending Hillary Clinton to handle the affair, the recent Egyptian protests and Hosni Mubarak's surrender of his political power, Bill Maher and Tavis Smiley facing off on Real Time over whether American women are treated better than Egyptian women, and Adam Carolla chiming in on the Maher-Smiley face-off.

    [*Note: The show went very well tonight for its return from its hiatus. Jim wasn't able to make it due to his phone being disconnected, although he tried. Kelly Owens wasn't able to make it because she thought it was next week and was super-busy tonight, so I'm gonna have her on next week. Gary Chartier left earlier than he would have because of things he had to do. Frank's cell dropped and had no chance of coming back, so it was me and Joy for the rest of the show. Otherwise, it was an awesome show.]

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    Qaddafi, Obama 12 and Nikki D LIVE on Doctor MO

    in Entertainment

    Guest Host Nikki D<br>
    Adina Howard’s Wedding Story<br>
    Kin of Missing Black Girl Pleads for Attention<br>
    Republican Slate is Obama's secret weapon<br>
    President Obama Calls Home Troops in Iraq<br>
    NBA Labor Talks Turn Nasty as Negotiations End<br>
    Colonel Gaddafi dead<br>
    And More!

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    Qaddafi Loyalist Attacked Embassy In Benghazi

    in Politics

    If you are a listener of "The Perry Steele Show' then you are on the cutting edge of news reporting.I can tell the real story on my show before you hear it on main stream media.
    I've got a new campaign I want to tell you about that is going nation wide and you are on the ground floor.We'll talk about that and many more subjects as well.The phones are open and all I need is your calls.
    I'm putting the show on "cruise control' tonight and your are welcome to drive.

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    Justice 101: Qaddafi, Libya, Middle East, Israel & Reagan

    in Politics Conservative

    Hillary Clinton recently filed a letter (here) with the DOJ & Attorney General Erica Holder to arrest & try Qaddafi for ordering the bombing of Pan Am 103. Is the Former Deputy AG to Bill Clinton - Eric Holder - fit to try a radical terrorist? Afterall, Holder represented a Chiquita (here), who admited to funding a AUC - an organization that was placed on the terrorist list on Sept 10... 2001! Note To Ron Paul: this is a direct link of the murder of innocent Americans to the current Libyan ground swell. A PROPER US response is needed to set the tone for Libya, the Arab Spring, Israel & WORLD PEACE for years to come. Also, a recap of the Radical Wisconsin Unions & their tainted-by-conflict of interest (here) Judge Sumi  vs. the American Taxpayer. Finally, remembering the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan on the anniversary of his being shot. John Hinckley is sues (here) for MORE FREEDOM?!?

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    Baldwin/McCullough Radio: Obama's PRAISE songs, Qaddafi/Chavez/Ahamd

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    Coming up tonight with Baldwin/McCullough:

    Stephen Baldwin is freshly curious about the following:
    1.Iran says, "Forget You," on the issue of Iran having nuclear weapons!
    2.Chavez says he hopes "Obama will avoid the bullets, of JFK."
    3.Lybian leader Qaddafi sleeps on U.S. Soil
    But Hollywood still embraces Chavez, the other Nations of the world applauded Qaddafi, Chavez, and Ahmadinejad, bristled at Obama and walked out on Israel. So, why is the President trying to befriend those who hate us? And ignoring those who are our friends? 800.345.9622.

    After all the ruckus this week, raised from the surfacing of a video tape in which an Obama sycophant forced children to memorize praise and worship songs to the current President, the principal of the school says she would do it again. What should the reaction of the community be? Is the outcry just racism thinly veiled as "parental rights violations?" And what is the difference in singing songs to past/dead Presidents and currently ones that are still alive. 800.345.9622. Maybe we're missing something, you tell us if we are tonight. 800.345.9622.

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    TONIGHT: On "NU DAY" Sat. Nov. 10, 2012  The Spirit of NAT TURNER is with us. Hear an example of that when we share engage in a LIVE Dialog with Prof. James Small on the "LIVE LINE" speaking "TRUTH TO POWER
    Prof. Small will be joining us LIVE for a powerful dialog that will include the legacy of Malcolm X , the identity crisis of Africans in the United States and the effects of enslavement, the necessity of culture, and the assassination of Lybian head of state President Qaddafi.
    AND: The Chat Room and Open Forum topic and question for tonight is:  " IS IT NOT TIME TO EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN OURSELVES?"

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