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    Go-Rilla Warfare's The Crown 2 Recap

    in Entertainment

    Recap of The crown 2 event from the GW Press crew featuring call ins from your favorite battle rappers and fans.please dont forget about The Crown 2 PPV at rapgrid.com/thecrown2

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    Crown 2 recap w/ Big Linx

    in Entertainment

    The Bar Dar recaps The Crown 2 weekend with special guest Big Linx


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    Episode 11: How to be your personal best!

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    Crystal Cavey, wife of Billy Cavey and mother of Tori (13 years) and Raymond (8 years) has been employed with Altria Group Distribution Company (formerly Philip Morris, USA) as a Sales Unit Manager in Illinois for the last 15 years.  A graduate from Northern Illinois University with a double degree in Corporate Communications andOrganizational Communications and English, Crystal is a speaker for state and national level organizations and writes her own “Be Your Personal Best” Blog. Crystal Cavey still gives back to the NIU community as an active NIU alumni, active in her sorority~ Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc, and recruiter for her company.


    She also volunteers actively in the Kendall County community, Illinois and nationally at organizations such as Yorkville Grade School, the Fox Valley YMCA, assists with the Yorkville Daddy Daughter Dance, Feed My Starving Children and Caring Hands to offer volunteer work at their Yorkville IL location.  Crystal also led the fundraising efforts which built the new playground at Yorkville Grade School two years ago.  This year Crystal was also part of a team that installed a new baseball diamond in Little City Foundation in Palatine, IL. Most recently Crystal was asked to be the headlining speaker at Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority’s 25th Annual Women’s retreat on July 11, 2015 where Crystal will present her “Be Your Personal Best” platform to college aged women across the US.


    To read more about Crystal's Bio, please visit our website.


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    Stacks reporting live from The Crown 2

    in Entertainment

    Londie, Stacks, Co Co & HipHop Syko breakdown The Crown 2 card and give predictions


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    Tom Gagliano debuts Don't Put Your Crap in Your Kid's Diaper

    in Lifestyle

    Tom Gagliano debuts his latest book on parenting. Thomas Gagliano, author of the best seller,  “The Problem Was Me”, a motivational speaker and respected leader in the field of self-help therapy has just authored his second book: Don’t Put Your Crap in Your Kid’s Diaper (Amazon CreateSpace, August, 2015). Thomas challenges parents to take ownership of and deal with their own crap thereby decreasing its negative impact on their children and families. His advice is dispensed with humor and examples from his own experience as a son and a father.


    In Don’t Put Your Crap in Your Kid’s Diaper, Gagliano opens with a simple admission; When we [parents] think we’re doing our best, it can be unpleasant to hear someone say we can do better. Parenting may be the most difficult responsibility any of us will undertake. Even our best parenting efforts have distortions and can be improved. This book will help parents recognize which areas of their parenting skills are strong and which areas need attention as well as giving parents the tools to keep them on track.


    Let’s face it; families today are met with challenges that generations before were not. More frequently both parents must work, having less time than ever to nurture their own intimate relationships and to parent. This often leads to grandparents and extended family members becoming primary caregivers. One-third of grandparents today are asked to step into the role of parent. Additionally, electronic entertainment by way of smartphones, video games and computers occupy much of our children’s attention. Families have become disconnected.


    This show is presented by Gracefully-Yours greeting cards and journals. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for more information on Church Kitchen Ladies brand.

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    At Eye Level - Put Up or Shut Up!

    in Entertainment

    This episode is dedicated to our new campaign that we're calling Put Up or Shut Up! 

    To those who say we should be taking care of our own before we help refugees. Now's your chance! Put your money where your mouth is. We're going to share GoFundMe campaigns as well as links to various charities and opportunities to help veterans and the homeless.

    We have our own concerns about admitting refugees into this country and we expressed them last week. We just feel that the majority of people claiming that they'd rather help Americans over refugees are full of it, so we're calling them on it. We will not be advocating for either side, we're just calling attention to the causes these people can support if they really feel that way.

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    3 Ways to Put Your Best Face Forward When You Feel Like Crap!

    in Health

    You can stay in the crappy or do these three tips to putting your best face forward today.  What is your choice, because it is yours and only yours to decide.  We are here to get you motivated!


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    Website vs. Social Media Profile. Where Should You Put Your Time and Effort?

    in Marketing

    To be as successful as possible, your business needs an online presence. But where should you put your time and effort to build one? Is having only a website enough or do you need to be in the social media game to get the most out of your online presence? And if you dabble in social media but have no website, are you able to capture everyone who might be interested in what you offer?

    In this episode, Bill, Steve and Rick discuss the important of websites and social media profiles for creating a strong internet presence for your business.

    Steve Smith – GrowthSourceCoaching.com

    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com

    Rick Moscoso – Captivate365.com



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    Diabetics...Wear Your Crown

    in Health

    Please vist our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org

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    Mother/Daughter Team: Success to the Crowns

    in Entertainment

    Lindsey Pearlman Bio

    This outgoing, honor roll student who is currently in 8th grade, loves spending time with her friends and family and of course her iphone!  Lindsey has been competing in pageants since the age of 6 and has held titles both at the state and National level with the Miss America Organization, National American Miss and currently holds the 2015 Miss Royalty International Jr. Teen Title. Lindsey has been donating her time to children with special needs since 2008, and just this past year hosted her first annual “I Am Me” special needs pageant, where over 20 boys and girls participated, all receiving crowns, trophies, banners, and gifts. Lindsey also enjoys golfing, singing, and has been a member of her middle school volley ball team and Poms squad for the last two years. She is looking forward to High school, getting her drivers license and yes, she is already even looking at colleges!

    Joey Pearlman Bio

    With over 2 decades of pageantry experience, this mother of 3 is no stranger to the stage. A beloved state level and National title-holder for many states including Hawaii and Illinois, Joey currently holds the title of “Miss Illinois Classic 2015” for the Miss Royalty International Pageant system. She not only teaches her children the importance of empowerment, but also mentors the young and old alike to love everything about them selves using her platform “Love The Skin Your In”. Ms. Pearlman generously uses all the proceeds from her platform to help special needs children, and to educate homeless women and children in Illinois on how to live a healthy, independent life.  A proud pageant momma, philanthropist, former pageant director, and current title holder, Joey also feels spending quality time with family and finding time to relax is key to maintaining a balanced life.

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    Transform your life with Kellie and Lisa

    in Self Help

    Each week we talk about ways to live a more peaceful and successful life.  This week is no different.  As the US prepares to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday we decided to take a look at how the holidays create unnecessary stress that really become overwhelming to many people. For a holiday with a name that actually tells you to give thanks, so many people really forget to do just that.

    Sit back and listen in as we talk about Thanksgiving from a standpoint of getting through the holidays with gratitude and love in your heart rather than stress and acid indigestion!

    As always thanks so much for listening!