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    In the Tutor period, alchemists practiced their arts. To this day, we know scientists are protective and secretive about their work. Across Canada, the scientific community has been targeted for a decade by the current federal government pushing an ideological agenda. But think back to the tutor period and governments had less leverage and more obfuscation with those pesky alchemicalists.   They did and did not keep their work secret.  Yes, they did not want others to replicate their findings. This is from the same protectionist thinking that gave rise to passwords and signs of recognition about operative masons. The alchemist had to keep track of his work which he did by developing and writing in code.  Dyspher the code- follow the research.  

    Within the Craft we have often heard what I like to think of as the declaration of the uninformed. We are not a secret society, but we do have secrets.  There are 27,000 languages in use on this blue globe orbiting our star. We happen to use an obscure langage to keep track of our work.  Study the language for yourself. The information becomes obvious.   A mason with a loose waggy tongue can't be of much use. The 'rosetta' stone to translate these glyphs has yet to be found.  Isn't it curious that alchemists have continued to practice and no one sees fit to indict.

    To all those who cannot control their emotion, you will look for an apology for the frustration this causes to blindly rage around the lodge.  So here is a bone;  if you desire what alchemists seek, if you can commit, if you have the ability to go beyond your familiar logical mind, find a book about the Khabbalah.  If your mind is settled enough to know that the alchemists secrets are anything but the revelation of truths- the path may open.


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    The Dynamic Dojo Show, w/ Guest Soke Gregg Wooldridge

    in Sports

    Sunday December 30, 2012  6 pm PST
    Join Sifu Restita and Sifu Robert as they welcome Soke Gregg Wooldridge to the show!
    Soke Gregg is 48 years old with 38 years in the martial arts. Doke Gregg was recently elevated to 9th Dregree Grandmastership of his life-time art by the Grand master Walter Borkowski on his death bed. Unfortunately Shoshihan borkowski passed away that next week. Two years after the passing of Shoshihan Borkowski, Soke Wooldridge was asked by the widow of the Grand Master to officially step up and accept his 10th Degree Grand Mastership of Kang Chaun Do (The Way of the Iron Fist).
    The rank became official in July of 2011. Soke Wooldridge is a retired Medal-of-Valor recipient Police Officer from Inglewood PD, Los Angeles California. Soke is likewise a highly respected and sought after executive protectionist, having protected some of the most influential personalities in the world.
    Soke started his professional warrior path bouncing in some of the toughest bars and night clubs in the countru at 20 years old, ranging from los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. He has excelled in the real life hands on world as bouncer, protectionist, or police officer for over 25 years.

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    Episode 3 - Prohibition and Protectionism

    in Politics

    Alex Merced hopes to discuss the effects of prohibition of goods and services in the economy, and the dangers of protectionist policies on an economy.
    Learn more about Alex at AlexMerced.com

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    True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #152

    in Business

    Its Baller Friday!  Equities markets up once again posting major gains in today's trading, commodities markets are up as investors buy back some of yesterday's sell-off, Obama tries to sell his jobs bill as Canadian PM calls it protectionist, Governor Rick Perry attend fashion week in New York, teachers strike in Tacoma goes into its 4th day, Gaddafi loyalists make Libyan forces retreat, Palestinians will seek full membership at UN, Obama's decision to sale arms to Twain could strain relations with China, Turkey's PM touts its Democratic model as he tours 'the Arab Spring,' and another 15 dead in Syria as Bashar-Al-Assad continues to kill his own people.  Ghost goes off on 2 idiots in Colorado taking out their friends corpse out on the town, Tareq Salahi wife leaves him in an embarrassing fashion and Chinese made condoms to small for Africans.  News, True Capitalist commentary and Radio Graffiti on this edition.  Follow on Twitter @ghostpolitics

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    Conservative T & T- The Nightmare of the Public Schools

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight on the show: A school in CT tells a kid he cannot go to prom and wait until you hear why. Also, a high school lacross player is suspended for goofy reasons, a discussion on the school system and why it is so protectionist with the children, I will take your calls and much more! Make sure to check out Conservative T & T's blog as well for updated news and analysis even on days when there is no show.

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    Liberty Talk - Friday Free For All

    in Politics Conservative

    The "War on Drugs" is making you suffer through cold season and NAFTA (and other protectionist policies) are making your life more expensive. Anecdotal follow-up of yesterday's rant.

    Matti C is back with more sound logic and witty musings to tie all the lefties' brains in knots. Libertarian radio at its best.

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    0018 2011 Conservative Latino Talk Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    0018 2011, Tues, Feb 15, Conservative Latino Talk Radio is a production of LatinoTalk. Our mission is to promote Republicanism among Latinos and to promote Latinos among Republicans. Help us at www.latinotalktexas.com. Today, powerful commentary, history and condemnation of the radical movements trying to redefine Republicanism and seize control of the Republican Party. These forces: the isolationist/protectionist crypto-libertarians have allied themselves with the nativists and white supremacists of the anti-immigration movement resulting in political and actual movements in America. The political movement can be seen at CPAC recently and the actual movement manifested in "Minutemen" and Border Watch groups has enabled bigots to live out their hateful antics which has culminated in the murder of the Flores family of Arivaca, Arizona. Somos Republicans calls for the investigation of these persons and their organizations as they appear to be nothing but armed mobs.

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    Callywood's Day 9 of Black History with the History of Plantations

    in Entertainment

    A plantation is a large artificially established forest, farm or estate, where crops are grown for sale, often in distant markets rather than for local on-site consumption. The term plantation is informal and not precisely defined.

    Crops grown on plantations include fast-growing trees (often conifers), cotton, coffee, tobacco, sugar cane, sisal, some oil seeds (notably oil palms) and rubber trees. Farms that produce alfalfa, Lespedeza, clover, and other forage crops are usually not called plantations. The term "plantation" has usually not included large orchards (except for banana plantations), but does include the planting of trees for lumber. A plantation is always a monoculture over a large area and does not include extensive naturally occurring stands of plants that have economic value. Because of its large size, a plantation takes advantage of economies of scale. Protectionist policies and natural comparative advantage have contributed to determining where plantations have been located.

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    0145 2010 Conservative Latino Talk Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    0145 2010, Thurs, Aug 26, Conservative Latino Talk radio is the leader in conservative talk from the Latino perspective. In today's show we explore the secessionist movements in North America and their roots in Libertarianism and its various iterations found in isolationist/protectionist and nativist agendas. Also I contrast the nationalist movement in Texas, for example is anti-federal government, whereas the Nationalist movement in Vermont is anti-capitalist and, apparently, socialist and environmentalist. There are movements in Alaska, and South Carolina.

    It seems that the disillusionment felt by many Americans over the failure of both Republicans and Democrats to restrain either spending or (federal) government power is so great in some circles that simply "voting the bums out" is not enough. They, in Vermont certainly, not only want out of the Union, they also want the Union dissolved!

    Interesting! More research is called for, I think.

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    0112 2010 Conservative Latino Talk Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    0112 2010, Wed, July 7, Conservative Latino Talk Radio is America's only daily conservative talk from the Latino perspective. After a long break for Independence Day, LatinoTalk is back. Today, I read a news article describing the federal lawsuit against Arizona and its SB 1070. I then read segments of my piece entitled "If you hang 'em all, you get the guilty" which discusses the unconstitutionality of that law. Further, I discuss my disappointment with Jan Brewer and Russel Pearce of Arizona who have demonstrated themselves to be clear liars with regard to this topic. I also commented that this activity, nativist, is related somehow to the isolationist/protectionist agenda of the crypto-libertarians. Both seem to have infiltrated the Republican Party.

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    0096 2010 Conservative Latino Talk Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    0096 2010, Mon, June 7, Conservative Latino Talk radio exposes the connection between the crypto-libertarians and the culture of death profiteers. This is an all week long topic as the evidence of the agenda behind the isolationist/protectionist and nativist agenda has become clear. With the Texas Republican Party convention coming this week, I will try to dispel the myths and expose the deceit and lies of the infiltrator crypto-libertarians. Don't believe them, don't trust them and don't support their agenda as it is in direct support of the culture of death!

    International Planned Parenthood receives more funding from the UN to promote abortion and "sexual rights" among young people worldwide in an effort to increase their blood money profits. I also set up my discussion on this week's initiative by re-reading my seminal piece, "Power and Political Identity in the GOP" which explains the identity of the crypto-libertarians, their leadership and their agenda. What is new is how this movement has coalesced in the Tea parties and in the Arizona Republican Party and now threaten to destroy the national party from within. They are the greatest enemy the party has ever faced as they insidiously work from within. The pro-life agenda of the Republican party faces extinction as a result as does the Republican party as we know it.

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