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    QTI Power Hour: Construction, Scary Quiet or Scary Busy? Pick Your Poison.

    in Entrepreneur

    It's Politics ala Jason today on the QTI Power Hour.

    There have been a lot of changes and some surprises along the Presidential campaign trail. Host Jason Lofton weighs in with his thoughts and predictions.

    Plus an update on QTI, and with Spring around the corner it could be time to reap what Jason and Steve have sewn over the winter months with potential prospects.

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    Pittsburgh Softball Preview

    in Sports

    #196:  Holly Aprile, Head Coach, University of Pittsburgh.  Pitt will spend more than half of its season on the road, playing 31 of its total 42 games out of state. The remaining 11 matchups will be played at the Petersen Sports Complex and will feature four ACC showdowns.  Pitt’s schedule is highlighted with six opponents from the 2015 NCAA tournament, including five ACC rivals. Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, and Notre Dame all competed in the opening round of regionals alongside the Panthers, while Florida State and NC State reached the second round before concluding their seasons. In total, a conference-record of seven teams earned NCAA bids last season.  The Panthers kick off their spring season with four consecutive weekend road tournaments, beginning with an outing at Macon, Ga. (Feb. 12-14). Scheduled games for the weekend include matchups against St. Bonaventure, Central Michigan and host Mercer.  The second week of March marks the official start of conference play, which Pitt will begin on the road at Tech Softball Park (March 12-13). The Panthers will take on the Virginia Tech Hokies in a very familiar setting as Tech hosted the 2015 ACC Tournament, where Pitt advanced to the ACC Championship Game.  Panthers Twitter, Panthers IG, TCRS Twitter, TCRS Facebook

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    Christmas Special

    in Comedy

    Our Annual Christmas Special! 

    Helping Hand Christmas Special 

    Welcome to the Help Hands Christmas Show! 

    We did a great Toys 4 Tots show last year and helped quite a few people with holiday gifts. 

    This year we are doing the same! 

    100% of the money raised in the auction will be donated back to people in our online community that have reached out for help with the holiday season. It gives us great pleasure to help out again this year.

    How It Works

    Take a look at the great auction packages below and bid on them during the show. You may bid in the show chat or tweet your bids to @RebelutionRadio w/ the package number and your bid. It is that easy! 


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    GOTRPodcast: Latest College football playoff ranking reaction

    in Football

    The last batch of college football playoff rankings are expected Tuesday night and the guys will react to them Wednesday at noon. What are the scenarios? Who's going to be on the outside looking in? Who deserves the bids and who doesn't?


    Have an opinion? Feel free to give us a call (646) 787-8478, tweet us @GOTRPodcast like us on facebook: Facebook.com/GOTRPodcast, follow our stream here on blogtalkradio or email us guysoftheroundtable@gmail.com We will read any and all feedback live on the air. 

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    Frat House Saturday #61

    in Sports

    What’s more “relaxed” than a “relaxed” Frat House Saturday program during the “relaxed” Thanksgiving weekend? But, as you might expect, in keeping with the holiday, it will be stuffed with football

    It seems the Philadelphia Eagles have dominated the NFL football discussion arena, and we’re no different here. First comes a conversation from our weekly all-NFL Frat House Sports’ Red Zone Blitz program where Frat House Mike & Brandon got into what happens with Chip Kelly.

    Then our good friend Eric Purdy joins us LIVE to trash talk some college football as we wind down to the end of the seasons and now we’ll be looking at Bowl bids.

    Ray Moffo of WNJC 1360-AM Yahoo Sports Radio joined us on our “flagship” Frat House Sports Show talking about, what else? The Philadelphia Eagles! THAT’s a MUST listen.

    And finally, you do not want to miss our always classic, Frat House Sports’ NFL Picks-of-the-Week: Philadelphia Eagles – Detroit Lions / Carolina Panthers – Dallas Cowboys / Oakland Raiders – Tennessee Titans / New England Patriots – Denver Broncos.

    It’s a doubly “relaxed” Frat House Saturday reviewing the week in sports and taking your calls as well to 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    Lisa Mann Co-Hosts with Rae Gordon & Kevin Selfe - In Benefit Of Aly

    in Music

    Show # 295 - Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    Back in July 2015, Lisa Mann was a guest on the show.  During our talk she mentioned her niece Aly and her battle with cancer and a benefit, which was going to be held.

    I told Lisa to include a silent auction item from me…the chance to co-host and select two guests. 

    Well in the end Lisa was the winning bid – not sure there were any other bids or Lisa has had this deep desire to fulfill her Robin Quivers Radio Role!

    The two musicians she selected are also from the Portland area…Lisa showing love to her peeps in the northwest.

    First is Rae Gordon. She was awarded a Muddy Award in 2014 for Best Female Vocalist and is a constant presence in the Northwest Music Scene.  I look forward to learning more about Rae during the show.

    Kevin Selfe is a Couch Kid and would have been booked for a Couch Kid New Music Segment with the release of his latest, Buy My Soul Back.  When Lisa mentioned his name it was a done deal!

    As Co-host, Lisa will be asking a lot of the questions and I can guarantee there will be fun galore.

    Of course we will hear some music from each of these folks.

    photo of Aly: Tori Ava

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    Frat House Saturday #60

    in Sports

    A “relaxed” Frat House Saturday program is coming your way (after a few weeks off) and, it couldn’t be too soon. But, be warned, it’s football-centric as one would expect for nearing the end of November.

    We start it off with a conversation from our weekly all-NFL Frat House Sports’ Red Zone Blitz program where Frat House Mike & Brandon got into a conversation about the “Golden Age of Mediocrity” we’re living through right now in the NFL.

    Then our good friend Eric Purdy joins us LIVE to trash talk some college football as we wind down to the end of the seasons and now we’ll be looking at Bowl bids – and, the stupid College Football Playoff Selection Committee.

    The legacy of Peyton Manning came up on our weekly Frat House Sports’ Fantasy Friday show. THAT’s a MUST listen. And finally, you do not want to miss our always classic, Frat House Sports’ NFL Picks-of-the-Week: Dallas Cowboys – Miami Dolphins / Denver Broncos – Chicago Bears / Green Bay Packers – Minnesota Vikings / Cincinnati Bengals – Arizona Cardinals.

    We’re giving thanks for the fact Frat House Saturday is back! . . . and, taking your calls as well to 347 – 826 – 9964!

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    Merger Monday & Investing in Batteries

    in Finance

    Marriott bids $12 billion for Starwood Hotels.  Tim Hanson analyzes the deal and the online travel industry.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and discuss investing in the battery industry, international exchanges and how we each fared in a national 12-kilometer race.

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    54: The Walking Dead S06E01 Z Nation S02E05 Plus Special Guest Sara Louise Coates, “Serena (Pie Girl

    in Television

    We chat with “Pie Girl” herself, Sara “Serena” Coates of Z NATION, as she bids farewell to the show in a wild blend of comedy and chaos called “Zombaby!” And besides the latest doings on that series, let’s not forget that a certain pop culture phenomenon known as THE WALKING DEAD is back with an … Continue reading 54: The Walking Dead S06E01 Z Nation S02E05 Plus Special Guest Sara Louise Coates, “Serena (Pie Girl)” of Z Nation →

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    Practical Christianity & What Doesn't Work

    in Christianity

    3) Most of us don’t know what we believe.

    4) We need to be practical — God is!

    5) Wholeness, freedom and life are God’s provision for us — NOW!

    6) We are often fighting the wrong battles.

    7) A lot of what we have chosen to believe is because it fits our temperament, how we feel, our history, and how we perceive our identity.

    8) We are all dealing with the same basic problems. There are only two kinds of people in the world; those that are spiritually dead, and those that are spiritually alive. Once we get beyond this, we can look at what is really keeping us from entering into life: the flesh.

    9) How Do You Spell “Success”? Our true calling is to “live in the spirit,” yet we often don’t even know what that means.

    10) Is what you’re learning practical? Can you apply what you’re being taught to your daily life? Is there something we can actually do to live in that promised peace and rest today? YES! And it’s simpler than you might think.

    11) Man likes to make complex what God has made simple. Keep your ears open for what the Spirit is saying to you, the church, and when He bids you to come up hither, Come!

    12) Accept what God reveals, even if it doesn’t answer all your questions or doesn’t seem to fit in with your other beliefs. We like to understand everything before we accept it, and will try to carry to logical conclusions that which God has only revealed in part.

    13) Is what you’re believing working for you? Or are you counting the days until you can be whisked away to your reward? This is not what God intended for us — He has a purpose for our time here.

    14) Avoid Religious Jargon. Instead re-phrase the concepts into something that will mean something to all of us. We trust that the Lord will witness to you personally what He wants you to know.

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    Women & Politics

    in Politics

    Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina are both seeking presidential bids for 2016. Popular actress and Fiorina supporter Janine Turner will talk exclusively to Shana about the role of gender in politics. Respected psychologist Dr. Frieda Birnbaum  will share her professional research on the perception of women in leadership roles. This special news segment will inform all of us.  Do encourage the youth to tune in. 


    Visit www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com. Thank you for tuning in.  #LTA 

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